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Value For Money In Healthcare

Today’s world is driven by money. Even when we don’t have any, the focus is on the lack. Very little attention is given to value for money especially in healthcare, which is often ‘free’ in many countries. Of course it isn’t really free as you probably paid handsomely for it in taxes, levies and/or insurance premiums.

value for moneyBut the perception remains.

Most people invariably go to their GP when they have a health issue and only turn to holistic health when Continue reading


Vaccine Side Effects Are Often Treated As Mental Disorders

Vaccine side effects are a lot more common than either doctors or government agencies would like you to believe. In fact, most deny they even exist, at least after the initial hour or two post vaccine.

vaccine side effectsDespite this denial, more and more independent, scientific studies are proving they do exist. Parents have also known they exist. It would take an idiot not to appreciate what had happened when a happy child turns into a distraught one and the only out of the ordinary occurrence was a vaccine.

Homeopaths have always known they exist. But homeopaths are rather an unusual lot as we are trained to look for causes of problems. Any cause, even if it is our Continue reading


Alzheimers And Diet — Neal Barnard MD

The connection between Alzheimers and diet is unheard of in medical circles. Here, Neal Barnard MD covers the well established research showing a diet heavy in animal products and bad fats (from junk food) dramatically increase your risk of Alzheimer’s. In this short excerpt, Neal Barnard MD discuss some of the evidence. You can get Dr. Barnard’s full talk on Alzheimer’s — and a dozen other life-saving presentations — on the Get Healthy Now BRONZE DVD set — at this link:


How To Deal With Emotional Blackmail

It’s important that you know how to deal with emotional blackmail. I think there are few areas where it is more rife than in health care. Conventional health care. You will be unlikely to find it in natural health care, perhaps not impossible, but unlikely because the whole area is much more relaxed.

emotional blackmail,emotional blackmailing,

You have probably witnessed this yourself at some stage. Doctors, veterinarians and their staff feel that Continue reading


How To Stay Healthy – Three Important Ways

If you are truly earnest in how to stay healthy, then there are some facts that you need to understand. Without appreciating these basic facts, you can be easily swayed into doing things that will not be in your long term interest, health wise.

how to stay healthy
First, you need to make sure you allocate both time and money just for you. Many people feel that is being selfish. Far from it. If you are doing well, in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health areas, you will be an inspiration to those around you. You will be the light that attracts.

This is particularly true for mothers. Mothers are usually the centre of the family. By that I mean when a mother is healthy Continue reading


Natural Health Solutions Begin With Respect

I write exclusively about natural health solutions, for people, for dogs and cats, for every imaginable disease or health problem. I try to empower people so they can take control of their life. This obviously means their health, too.

natural health solutionsI focus on homeopathy and diet as I find these two areas cover virtually all health problems, and these are the areas I have specialised in. But the other day Continue reading


Natural Blood Thinners

If you are looking for natural blood thinners, then congratulations on being a deep thinker! Obviously, you are not content with taking a dangerous medical blood thinner for life. Instead, you want to take control of your own life and health. This is something everyone should do, as only you know how you feel and what any substance does to or for you.

natural blood thinner

Blood clots tend to happen without Continue reading


Homeopathy in the UK and India

Rajan Sankaran compares the use of homeopathy in the UK and India and how homeopathy used to be most popular in the UK but now in India it is more widely used.

About Rajan Sankaran
Dr. Rajan Sankaran is a world famous homeopath. He is renowned for his groundbreaking ideas and for his visionary way of thinking in homeopathy.

Whether it is in the domain of philosophy or materia medica his deep insights have profoundly affected the way Continue reading


Grief And Loss – How To Move On Compassionately

Grief and loss are common feelings when a loved member of the family or close friend dies. Some people even feel it when someone close moves away. It takes us all differently. But they are expected emotions in todays world. You can even be judged as ‘cold’ or ‘hard hearted’ if these feelings aren’t displayed publicly.

grief and loss

My question to you is – are these feelings natural or are they part of the synthetic ‘civilised’ world of today? You may feel this is a strange question, but please bear Continue reading


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