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Perth Homeopath - Holistic medicine with homeopathy in Perth, Australia


Welcome to Perth Homeopath, Providing Holistic Medicine To The Whole Family

yourroadMy aim is to offer all members of your family (both two legged and four) a way to achieve vibrant health through whole health solutions with homeopathic treatment and healthy life style choices.

To help you understand the complexities of true health care, I want to draw your attention to the differences between homeopathy and other disciplines of health care.

Every Part of You is Considered

In medicine, you may be seeing a variety of health specialists, such as a cardiologist, a dermatologist and a rheumatologist. All may be prescribing you medications without fully appreciating the way they may be interacting with each other.

In homeopathy, we consider all your ails at the same time. No part of you is separate. The prescribed treatment is aimed at you, at restoring your whole health, to restore order and balance in all areas at the same time.

In hands on healing, such as osteopathy and chiropractic, incredibly valuable though they can be in your overall health care, they are limited to the physical body. Homeopathic treatment is not limited to any area of you. It works very well on the mental and emotional planes as well as on the physical body.

Herbalism, another invaluable modality in the overall scheme of things especially to organ health, is also limited to the physical body. The beauty of homeopathy is that it goes much deeper than almost every other health care modality.

You Are More Than A Physical Being

In most common health care disciplines, especially in medicine, the focus is on the physical. In homeopathy, we appreciate that we are much more than physical beings, that we are energetic beings. In other words, we have a life hrtaltforce. So our medicines are based on energy.

Mainstream medicine tends to look upon the body as a faulty organism that needs drugs to help it. Most natural health care disciplines understand that we are already perfect, that we already have the potential to heal ourselves. But something is stopping us. In homeopathy, we simply remove that obstruction, allowing your body to restore order and balance.

This means that homeopathy has the potential to successfully treat any and every condition. It is not limited to conditions.

Women Tend To Have More Health Issues

That means that most homeopaths don’t specialise in any one area. Inevitably menosympsthough, each practitioner will attract a certain type of person more than another. In my case, I tend to see a lot of women with the whole range of hormonal issues, from puberty to menstrual problems (including cramps, pain, irritability, PMT), from infertility to menopausal symptoms and especially to helping women come off HRT or hormonal replacement therapy. Good homeopathic treatment excels at rebalancing hormonal problems and at relieving period pain.

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If this has spiked your interest, you can book a complimentary 15 minute evaluation consultation with me. This can take place by telephone, at my clinic or through Skype. There are no ties, no obligations, no sales pitch.

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