How I Remove A Splinter

The other day, I somehow managed to get a splinter embedded under a finger nail. Fingernails are very rich in nerves, so getting any sort of injury there is really painful. The torturers knew what they were doing when they pulled out fingernails!


Actually, I think this was more like a piece of wood, than a splinter. It was HUGE! A full 1 cm long (about 1/2 an inch) and wide.

Whilst I am no fan of pain, I cope with it quite well, although I’m sure that’s because I have homeopathy by my side. Truly, it’s a life saver. I just never worry about any injuries I manage to sustain, as I know I have this wonderful system of medicine to call upon.

It’s never let me down.

It’s fast, efficient and so cost effective.

So, of course, I took the most appropriate remedy for the injury as well as to remove a splinter, or more accurately, to expel it. The pain immediately subsided and I was able to carry on with my tasks of the moment.

I didn’t cover it up in any way. Injuries generally do better when the air can get to it. The only problem is when you are exposing the injury to dirt or chemicals. Even then, it makes handling anything clumsy when the affected area is your hand. And of course, it was my dominant hand!

Although I advice others to be careful, I rarely am myself! I just watch for signs and symptoms I may have overdone things.

At no time did the area swell, throb, become red or hot, or discharge pus, all signs showing the body’s reaction of inflammation to an injury. For a day or two the area was slightly warmer than the surrounding areas.

I dosed myself another couple of times over the next few days, because this slight warmth did show more help was needed.

For the first couple of days, there was just a slight discomfort. And it did worsen into pain if I pushed at the end of the finger, which would have been pushing the splinter in further. After a couple of days the discomfort vanished and I took no more doses of anything.

The splinter was well embedded under the nail and I couldn’t get a purchase on it to draw it out. So it had to stay there while the body did what it is so capable of doing – heal us. Or. in this case. remove a splinter.

Periodically, as the splinter started to emerge, I was able to chip away at it and remove some. But never enough to grasp it.


On the second week to the day, I managed to grasp it with tweezers and out it came.

There was never any pus. Just some bruising where it had been.

I have had smaller splinters come out much more quickly. Generally, when the pain disappears, I forget about it, so am never quite sure how long it takes. In the past I might suddenly remember I do, or did, have a splinter, check the area and find there’s no sign of it.splinter

I love the fact that I just take a remedy, rather than make a big deal about it. There’s no major drama, no interruption to my day. It’s all so low key. Just as it should be.

I so appreciate the wonderful health promoting system of homeopathy. Daily, I am in awe of its capabilities. Daily I feel so blessed I discovered it.

It works with animals just as efficiently and effectively.

How I Deal With Snake Bites, etc

It’s always good to be prepared for snake bites, etc if you live in an area with snakes, scorpions, deadly spiders, etc. The homeopathic snake bite protocol can save you so much anxst, not to mention dollars. The following incident is just one of the many, many reasons I am so glad I found homeopathy. Daily, I appreciate it.

sanke bite

On a normal evening walk around a paddock, with Sadie my energetic boxer and two cats, something unusual happened. Sadie looks to be a pure bred boxer. In my opinion, purebreds are never as savvy as a Heinz 57 variety. But what she lacks in common sense, she makes up for in energy, joy and enthusiasm. She grins a lot. She’s always happy, even when in trouble.

Her normal routine is to gallop around, exercising those long legs, roll in the grass, eat horse poo, explore new smells and then come galloping back to us on the home stretch.

She was a little late in joining up with us and when she did, her gallop was a slow canter, lacking her normal spark.

As she neared us, she fell over. But there was nothing that could have caused her to fall.


Never known her to fall over before. One thing she is, is sure footed. She seems to be able to cavort her way around anything.

Even more weird is she didn’t get back up. She just lay there with a back leg jutting out at an unnatural angle.

What the….

I encouraged her to stand and we walked the short distance back to the house and she slumped into her bed.

It was an unusually hot day for spring. A perfect day for the snakes to emerge from winter. In general, if you leave them alone, they will leave you alone. They don’t look for a fight.

But Sadie doesn’t have that normal radar animals have for danger and she probably just stumbled across one. Or went to have a look at one, in spite of any warning signs.

I suspected she had been bitten.

I started her on my normal snake bites protocol. A few minutes after the first dose, she got up and wandered around in her normal behaviour, interested, tail up, alert.

Over the next few hours, I did give her a few more doses, just to be sure, although I don’t think I needed to, as she didn’t relapse.

A few days later, I saw her very focused on something in the paddock. As I got closer, I could see a large dugite, one of our local poisonous snakes, coiled up, with head raised. I guess she had learned her lesson as she wasn’t close enough to anger the snake enough to strike. She came readily when called.

The next day, the same thing happened. After that, she lost interest in the site, so I presume the poor dugite had to move house to get some peace.

I used this same snake bite protocol for a cat some years previously. I found her walking around with a baby dugite hanging from her mouth. Although baby dugites are considered more poisonous than the adults, I didn’t interfere for two reasons:

1 – you can make the situation worse
2 – I knew how to treat her successfully

I just hoped the baby dugite got safely away.

Some hours after I saw her, she came into the house, very wobbly and unsteady. I figured she had been bitten, so started her on my normal homeopathic treatment for snake bites. This was a bit different from Sadie’s treatment as it was an older bite.

She had no interest in food that night, but was back to normal the next day. Both she, and I, slept soundly that night. I didn’t need to watch her or keep dosing her.

Such wonderful quick, inexpensive, effective ways to deal with a potentially fatal problem, where you don’t even need to know the type of snake, scorpion or spider. A miracle? Miracles happen regularly with good homeopathic treatment.

Consider the medical alternative…

Recurring Headaches And How To Stop Them Permanently

Recurring headaches are disruptive to one’s life. But they are also an invaluable symptom your body has of alerting you to the fact that you are doing something that is in direct opposition to your ongoing well being.

recurring headaches

They may be hormonal headaches, chronic tension headaches, even chronic migraines. It doesn’t matter what the name is. They are all telling you something is not right.

To deal with a severe headache, most people will pop a pain killer. This is understandable when you want to continue doing what you are doing. But it will create a greater problem, although maybe not immediately.

Here are some common causes of headaches, which is by no means exhaustive:

  • not drinking enough especially when hot and/or sweating
  • focusing too long on one area, such as when studying, without breaks
  • sleeping near your home’s meter box, mobile phone, in a wi-fi soup
  • not enough quality sleep
  • around menstruation
  • using your mobile phone close to your ear
  • inhaling chemical fumes for an extended period
  • medical drugs

These causes are really triggers. The real causes of migraines and headaches go much deeper. It has to do with your gradual deterioration of health, the gradual inability of your immune system to support your health.

What does this mean, especially when dealing with recurring headaches?

The body is always trying to maintain homeostatis, or equilibrium. It can call on reserves to do this. So the odd deviation from a healthy lifestyle won’t cause you too much of a problem.

The problem arises when this becomes commonplace, when you are constantly deviating from a healthy lifestyle. Then your body is simply unable to maintain the natural state of well being and you will start to experience ailments, health issues.

The major areas that are in defiance of a healthy lifestyle, ones that ensure your body is simply unable to deal with the stresses that are so common in today’s world include:

  • a bad diet – processed food, junk food and/or animal protein
  • medical and/or social drugs (which suppress)
  • a lack of exercise
  • a lack of adequate or quality sleep
  • a lack of exposure to the sun’s healing powers
  • a lack of contact with the Earth’s healing powers
  • a lack of connection with Nature

Recurring headaches or migraines are only one way to express these imbalances. Any physical symptom can indicate the same thing. These physical symptoms are generally unique to you, but are inherited from the imbalances of your ancestors. It’s your weak link, so will show up as one of the first signs.

To mask them with drugs is not dealing with the root causes. To continue to do so will inevitably lead to more serious problems. Increasingly, sooner rather than later.

Learning to stop and/or heal any health problem starts by examining what the deeper cause could be. Sometimes it can be a simple addressing of the obvious, being vigilant and alert, that brings permanent resolution.

Other times, the harm has gone on for too long and outside help is needed. The most effective way to resolve any health issue, be it recurring headaches, or any chronic disease however serious, is good homeopathic treatment. It is far reaching and can ensure a return of your health stability.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Treatment That Works

Multiple chemical sensitivity treatment, to be truly effective, needs to look at the cause, or more likely causes, and to undo this. This is best done with holistic treatment.

multiple chemical sensitivity treatment

Multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome means that the sufferer is acutely sensitive to any, sometimes all, chemicals in the environment. This is particularly true of the chemicals used in buildings and furnishings where there is little air movement. New buildings are a particular problem for those suffering with this unenviable condition. But chemical treatment for termites or the like, petrol fumes, paint, printing chemicals, till receipts, washing powders, fabric softeners, air fresheners can all be particular problems.

Multiple chemical sensitivity symptoms vary according to the individual, but for most there is a strong feeling of malaise and fatigue. There is often a disconnected feeling between the mind and the body. You can’t think or concentrate. You can become short tempered and irritable. Your sleep may be affected. Not surprising, you can become anxious or depressed.

You may have perfume sensitivity.

Physical symptoms include bad headaches, migraines, hay fever symptoms, flu-like symptoms, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, muscle aches, bladder or renal symptoms. In fact, all the organs, all the systems of the body can be affected because this is systemic. That is, it affects the whole of you.

Because this is a chronic condition, these symptoms may persist permanently, but flare up during exposure.

Doctors label this problem idiopathic. This means they have no idea what causes it.

With our massive increase in chemical production in the last few decades, the world has become so much more polluted. But 100 years ago, there were also chemicals in use, often in large quantities. These were mostly the heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

Lead was used in wall paper, in face powders, in the printing industry. Mercury was used liberally. No one really escaped. Factories were a chemical soup with no thought to health and safety, or controls of the chemicals used.

So if doctors don’t know the cause and our world is so badly polluted what multiple chemical sensitivity treatment will work?

It’s obvious that chemicals are the cause, but why are some more affected than others?multiple chemical sensitivity treatment

There are two basic reasons. One is that everyone is different. Some are much more sensitive to anything than others, so these will be the most affected. And the other is that our inheritance affects us. So if you have a strong familial history of exposure, you are likely to be more affected. Put the two together and the combinations can be most unpleasant, to put it mildly.

Our bodies are always trying to keep us healthy. They will do this by any means they can. Sometimes, this means throwing out a symptom in one area of the body to save another, more important one.

When you have chemicals coming down through the generations, the symptoms change as the body tries to deal with the problem. No longer will there be, say, wrist drop so common in those who suffer with lead poisoning. You could say the symptoms ‘mutate’, rather like pathogens do.

What this means to you is that you are very toxic. You are likely to be toxic from two sources – your own environment and your inheritance.

All medicines are chemical, so it makes no sense to take these. And many report that they can’t, as it makes everything worse. Which is what you would expect.

The homeopathic approach to multiple chemical sensitivity treatment is to first address your personal load of toxins. Once this has lightened, then we go in to heal those that you have inherited.

The end result can be a vibrantly healthy person with no health concerns. If you would like to discuss your particular problems with a view to consulting me, feel free to check out my contact details.

Homeopathic Remedies For Joint Pain And Stiffness Depends

Selecting the right homeopathic remedies for joint pain and stiffness for you is not that easy. You can’t just read a couple of articles then buy the remedy over the counter and bingo – you’re cured. There is so much more to healing than this rather slap happy approach.

homeopathic remedies for joint pain and stiffness

This article attempts to inform you of what a good homeopath needs to consider in your treatment. That is, if you want the condition to be totally healed, to go and never come back. Preferably in the shortest possible time.

Just to be clear, doctors will tell you that arthritis, the medical term for joint pain and stiffness, cannot be healed. Certainly they can’t heal it. But doctors deal more with disease management than restoration of health, so it’s not their role to heal.

Homeopaths work in very different ways.

The very first consideration is when it started. And what happened before it started. This is likely to be different for everyone. Here are four common examples, but there are multiple variations of each one.

For example, sometimes joint pain is a result of an injury. It could be a sprain, a strain, a fracture, concussion (of the spine, which has a lot of joints). The joint pain and stiffness could have come after this and has gradually progressed over the years. But the injury was the original cause.

It could be as a result of chronic inflammation which can be caused by an inappropriate diet. This is SO common in our current world, with the take away meals or packet and microwaved TV dinners, that contain no nutrition and lots of processed, toxic and unhealthy ‘food’.

It could be because your body is so toxic that it can no longer function properly.

It could be because your family has a common trait, although this is much less common than you have been lead to believe.

Once the homeopath has explored and established the likely cause or causes, then the next exploration needs to be how your particular body expresses this.

For example, the pain may only be in the morning, or the evening. Or when you are lying still. Or when you are moving. It may improve somewhat with hot applications or weather. Or cold.

Which joints are targeted is also a personal expression. Is it just on one side? Is it just the small joints such as your wrists or fingers, or is it the large joints such as your hips? Perhaps it’s all your joints?

joint pain

All these considerations are important to evaluate before prescribing the most suitable of the homeopathic remedies for joint pain and stiffness that pertains to you.

Once the treatment is started, which may only be a single remedy, and a single dose, then how you react to that is vitally important. Homeopaths need to monitor your progress, not just select a suitable prescription. So many people forget this important aspect then wonder why things don’t work out.

For example, dosage is very individual. While one person may need repeated doses over a long time, another person may only need that initial, single dose.

Some people may need a totally different homeopathic remedy after a certain time.

Your healing journey may not be a smooth run. You may have a few problems along the way. You would not know if these problems were a ‘healing crisis’, that is best left alone, or a worsening of the condition, that needs attention. Why would you? You haven’t been trained how to manage natural healing, as homeopaths have.

The fact is, everyone needs support on their healing journey. Otherwise you’ll flounder and probably end up either back at square one, or worse.

Don’t skimp on your health. It’s the best asset you have. Without it, you are helpless and dependent. With it, you can move mountains and inspire others. That means that if you are looking for the most appropriate homeopathic remedies for joint pain and stiffness, find a good homeopath you can work with. You may need them for a while.

Natural Remedies For Epilepsy – Prevention and Reversal

The best natural remedies for epilepsy are those that will reverse the condition in a gentle, safe and rapid way. But epilepsy is not a condition that you should attempt to treat yourself. So rather than look for the natural remedies for epilepsy, I suggest you look for the best natural health system.

natural remedies for epilepsy

First, you need to understand what epilepsy is.

What Epilepsy Is and its Causes
Epilepsy is a neurological condition. This means your nerves are affected. It’s the nerves that cause the muscles to jerk, giving rise to spasms. Nerve actions are controlled by the electrical activity of the brain. In epilepsy, this is abnormal.

There are various ways this abnormality can come about, the major ones being:

  • a brain tumour
  • a brain/head injury
  • absorption of a neurotoxin, such as mercury or aluminium
  • a strong genetic predisposition

The Common Types of Epilepsy
The common types of epilepsy include the grand mal or tonic/clonic seizures which commonly begin with bilateral jerks of the extremities. There is usually a loss of consciousness. Often there is incontinence during the seizure. Afterwards there is confusion and drowsiness.

Another type is the atonic or akinetic seizures where there is a loss of body tone which leads to a nodding of the head, weakness of the knees, sometimes with total collapse. Normally there is no loss of consciousness.

There is also the petit mal or absence type where there is a lapse of attention for a few seconds, or absent mindedness, often with twitching around the eyes or mouth. This is more common in children, often disappearing during puberty.

Preventing Epilepsy
Before looking at the best treatment (natural or otherwise) for epilepsy, let’s first look at prevention.

One of the common causes of a brain tumour today is the use of your mobile/cell phone. Holding it close to your head and speaking are both triggers. As is sleeping with it on your bedside table. Having your wi-fi switched on all night is another bad move.

So text more, use the speaker (or landline for a lot of talking), keep it a little way from your head when in use and move it into another room at night.

Some head injuries can be avoided, such as vacuum extraction at birth or forceps delivery. These are often used more than is absolutely essential in some delivery hospitals.

The common neurotoxic metals are what is known as the heavy metals, especially mercury and aluminium. Mercury can be found in fish, in amalgum and composite dental fillings and in vaccines. The highest levels are currently found in the flu vaccine.

Aluminium is found in anti-perspirants, cooking foil, some cooking utensils and vaccines.

There are likely to be many other products where both mercury and aluminium are found, but these are probably the main areas of most toxicity.

Finding Alternatives
You might think that there is nothing you can do if you have a strong genetic predisposition for epilepsy, but you’d be wrong. Looking at health from an epigentic approach means appreciating that health is turned ‘on’ or ‘off’ by our environmental factors. The most influential ones are our diet, our toxic load and the stresses we daily struggle with.

This means that you are very much in control. Eating according to our evolution is critical to maintaining good health. Eating fresh, organic food helps reduce the toxic load.

The health system that provides the best natural remedies for epilepsy can

  • help unload your toxins
  • can help you manage your stresses much better
  • can undo the damage from a head injury
  • can help support the healing of a brain tumour
  • can help you keep your genetic predisposition latent

All this can be obtained through good homeopathic treatment. Obviously it may take time, so you’ll want to find a professional homeopath you resonate with. Call for a chat to see if we are a good fit.

Whatever you decide, know that you are in control. You can take evasive action for the common causes. And you can work with someone who uses the best natural remedies for epilepsy.