People often discover homeopathy as a last resort.
Maybe you’ve become desperate. Your illness knows no cure (medically speaking) and no one seems able to help. You’ve tried “everything”, but it’s lead nowhere. Physically, this can affect your ability to work, to function. Mentally, this can too, but it can also make relationships difficult. Outbursts and aggression can become increasingly common.

Holistic health care looks at the whole of you, including causes, events that affected you deeply (and perhaps lastingly), how you handle stress, your diet, your living conditions, and more.

The difference between medical ideas and holistic/homeopathic ideas:

  • the medical system focuses on a reductionist approach to dis-ease, whilst homeopathy looks at the whole of you
  • the medical system focuses on disease management, whilst homeopathy focuses on the restoration of health
  • the medical system focuses on killing pathogens, homeopathy focuses on strengthening your immune system
  • the medical system seems oblivious to causes, homeopaths can see causes often very clearly
  • the medical treatment can have adverse effects, the homeopathic approach is gentle and kind
  • the medical system is unable to resolve chronic issues, good homeopathic treatment can
  • the medical system is firmly rooted in the old germ theory, whilst homeopathy has always been in the modern terrain theory

Homeopathy works by strengthening your immune system

This means that any and every condition can be healed fully. In anyone. Not necessarily every being, as that may not be their path. There is a difference.

We all have wonderful and innate abilities to heal ourselves. All we have to do is to provide the right conditions for this to succeed.

I’m here to assure you that it is possible to turn your health around.

But you need to start thinking differently.

Einstein is famous for saying, “A problem cannot be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Deeper, long term healing takes time and patience, unlike medicine which can mask the problem and cause long term damage that pops up later as a new problem.

It doesn’t matter if the health condition is an acute disease, a chronic disease, an autoimmune disease, a behavioural problem, an inherited problem, a rare disease. They can all be improved, often dramatically, if not completely, by the holistic approach.