The best chronic fatigue treatment is a natural one, one which supports your body’s best efforts to cure itself. Chronic fatigue syndrome, or cfs, is also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis, or me.


ME/CFS is a complex and often severe illness. Common symptoms include the dysfunction of various systems, including the digestive, the cardiac, the immune and the brain.

However, it is most commonly known for the overwhelming fatigue that sufferers experience, especially after any exertion, whether mental or physical. Other symptoms include:

  • insomnia
  • body pain
  • memory loss
  • sensitivity to light, sound and touch
  • excessively long lasting flu like symptoms

ME/CFS often occurs after a serious illness such as fibromyalgia, glandular fever, respiratory illnesses, overloaded with chemical exposure and so forth. Normally the original problem has not gone when the fatigue and accompanying symptoms appear.

The medical diagnosis is poor because there are no tests available, so it relies on your symptoms. It can be hard to find a practitioner who will definitively diagnose this condition.

The medical treatment of chronic fatigue is limited. Medication may help limit some of the symptoms such as pain, but this ends up worsening the problem, due to the toxicity.

What are the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome? This becomes obvious when you look at the overall picture.

A body will start to exhibit symptoms in an ascending intensity when the cause is not addressed, or indeed increased.

First, these symptoms may be mild or simply uncomfortable and are normally limited to the physical. If you ignore these, or seek a quick fix, then the symptoms will worsen. In effect, your body is trying to tell you something is seriously wrong.

When you continue to seek quick fixes, the symptoms will intensify. When you have reached a low level of energy, you have lived many years of suffering without giving your body any relief.

Finally, if you still fail to listen to your body, mental symptoms start to develop.

Your body is perfect just the way it is. But during life, you can experience incidents which effectively block its ability to cure itself. By understanding this simple explanation, you can not only prevent disease, but you can cure it too. The best chronic fatigue treatment comes in appreciating what your body is trying to do, and understanding where you may have been going wrong.

Your health is all about your immune system. If you indulge in unhealthy practices, then you must expect your body to fail you, in time. The most common unhealthy practices include diet, health care and lifestyle choices.

Diet is critical to your health. Yet the mainstream medical system completely ignores this obvious fact.

Your choice of heath care will reflect your ongoing health. Quick fixes are common in mainstream medicine. Yet every medication is toxic and lowers the immune system. Every surgery knocks the immune system badly.

People who are unhappy or unfulfilled in their lifestyle choices, such as partner, job, career, etc, will be heading for a serious health crisis.

Honour your body. Understand that when it ‘talks’ to you through symptoms, it is serious. Take time to appreciate what it is trying to tell you.

One of the most amazing health care systems is homeopathy. Good homeopathic treatment can undo those blockages that cause your body to dysfunction. Good homeopathic treatment can seem to work like magic, because it releases the power of your incredible immune system.

Chronic fatigue treatment can be powerful, and curative, when you choose healthy options.

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