Using corticosteroids can lead to long term damage even though there seems to be improvement of the condition in the short term.

This concept is known as suppression. And it’s very common in the medical world.

This can happen with the topical treatment of steroidal cream, nasal sprays or oral drugs.

When this steroid group of drugs first came out, there were strong warnings by the researchers to only use it when the condition was terminal. They knew how dangerous they were.

However, because they are such effective suppressors, now they are used indiscriminately across all conditions, even mild ones.

That doesn’t mean the dangers have gone away. Far from it.

In a nutshell, the researchers found that this group of drugs can lead to irreversible organ damage. That, of course, leads to an early demise. Not to mention a painful and debilitating life prior to the inevitable end.

They can be difficult to wean off because now, unbeknownst to you, the original condition has continued to worsen. That most likely lead you to increase the drug dosage.

When that happens, it’s time to raise alarm bells, it it didn’t before the prescription.

When you appreciate that using corticosteroids can lead to long term damage, then you’re likely to start doing some research to find healthy alternatives.

Understanding Health Problems 

People are used to having suppressive treatment any time they’re concerned about their health, although they may not be aware it is suppressive.

What’s actually happening is that the body is struggling with something and needs help. It doesn’t need to be silenced, as suppression does so effectively. It needs to be understood.

For example, if someone has a terrible diet of junk food, processed food, fast food could anyone with half a brain cell be surprised when their health deteriorates?

If you live in a terrible relationship that makes you nervous, anxious or frightened most of the time, wouldn’t that have an impact on your health?

Corticosteroids Can Lead To Long Term Damage

By Madeleine Innocent

Suppose your job irritates you, makes you mad, angry a lot of the time, don’t you think that would impact your health?

The thing is, humanity has been lead by the nose to ignore many emotional and mental disharmonies. Yet these very symptoms can be your best guide to what decisions you need to make.

Animals understand this very well. A woman told me her horse would never allow her and her boyfriend to be together in his presence. He always managed to manoeuvre himself between them, when he was free to do so.

She finally realised her boyfriend was no good for her and ditched him. Some time later she met her husband-to-be. Her horse had no issue with him.

I suggest that we should learn from the wisdom of animals.

When you make a poor decision, one that doesn’t have your best interests at heart, you can almost see the body saying to itself, “OK I need to ramp up the anti. Maybe they will do something if I send them a physical condition they can’t ignore.”

It’s Never Too Late To Change

Whether you’ve just started the corticosteroidal slippery slope or are a long time user, it’s never too late to make changes. However, you’ll need help. Help from someone who understands what’s going on.

Good homeopathic treatment can undo much of the damage already sustained. It can re-balance that lack of harmony within so you can take control of your life and make decisions that serve you.

You’ll find the need for the drugs lessen until you are painlessly able to stop them altogether.

We ate not corticosteroid deficient. We are vital beings with the full capacity to heal ourselves given the right conditions. Honour that. Empower yourself with this knowledge and start to take action.

Once you fully appreciate that the use of corticosteroids can lead to long term damage, it can inspire you to take more appropriate action, action that supports you as the sovereign being you are.

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