fighting a disease

Let’s examine the idea of fighting a disease, or fighting cancer. It’s a common feeling.

Fighting, such as between individuals or groups, is a pointless exercise. It doesn’t achieve anything. It is possible to win a fight. But there’s always a loser. And that loser isn’t happy. That loser will spend time creating a fuss, gathering supporters until there are enough to create another fight.

And so on, ad infinitum.

It doesn’t even make the winner feel that good. It’s rather a hollow victory.

Whilst there may be a temporary truce, there is no dynamic gain to either party. No one evolves or grows.

If there is any benefit, it tends to be precarious and short lived.

You can say the same of any health condition.

Fighting A Disease Leaves You Feeling Powerless

People with cancer or any life threatening disease often want to fight the cancer, fight the disease, the problem, whatever that is.

You get the same result as with people fighting each other. Any benefit is likely to be short lived as the cause has not been dealt with.

A better approach is to accept responsibility.

YOU created your health issue.

That’s good news as that means YOU can heal it.

Blaming something outside of you leaves you helpless to do anything. You’re at the mercy of the outsider, who, apparently, doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

Should you lie down and accept the situation?

Absolutely not!

Fighting A Disease, Fighting Cancer

By Madeleine Innocent

A Healthier Alternative To Fighting A Disease 

By accepting responsibility, you’ve just opened a very important door. A door to self discovery. A door to ways of healing you’ve never heard about. A door to a whole new world you didn’t know existed.

To get to this point, you very often have to be desperate. People tend not to listen unless the issue threatens to disrupt their lives. It doesn’t have to be like that, but it is for many.

When you get to the point that you are prepared to do anything to get better, look within. That’s the most scary part because that’s where your demons are. The demons that you’ve been pushing away and trying to ignore forever.

Bring them out into the open. Give them a good airing. Examine them. They often are nothing like as scary as you thought they were. The emotion of fear can immobilise you. You freeze. But on closer examination, you realise there’s nothing there. It’s empty.

However, there is a thread. The thread connects you to something that badly affected you earlier in life. Something that still has sway over you, but should have been discarded long ago.

For some reason, the impact was too much for you to deal with at the time, perhaps from a lack of maturity to be able to. So you pushed it away, to appear ‘normal’.

Now you may need help dealing with that trapped emotion.

Fighting a disease comes from a base of fear. Neither are helpful. Neither take you to a place of clarity, overview or potential healing.

Know that you are a powerful being, that you have the potential, and ability, to heal yourself. Of course, you’re likely to need help. The right kind of help that supports you in your new understanding as well as your body in its infinite wisdom to heal itself given the right opportunity.

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