Before getting into the nuts and bolts of natural heavy metal detox and all that involves, lets first look at what heavy metals are and where they come from, so you can avoid further contamination and exposure.

heavy metal detox

Heavy metals are those metallic elements that have a relatively high density and can be toxic to the body at low concentrations. They can’t be easily expelled from the body. So they accumulate. With many toxins, your body can eliminate them, especially when you stop allowing them entry. This is not so with the heavy metals, especially in an ailing person.

Example of heavy metals are mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, thallium, chromium. Aluminium, although not technically a heavy metal, has the same qualities of bioaccumulation.

However, there are also heavy metals that are essential to the body, but in very low concentrations. These are trace elements and include copper, selenium, nickel and zinc.

Heavy metals cause all manner of damage to our bodies, especially to the neurological system. Examples include dementia, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, learning disabilities, aggression, hyperactivity, arrhythmia, weakness. They can also inhibit the uptake of nutrients.

This list of where the heavy metals can be found is not exhaustive.

Aluminium can be found in baby formula, processed foods, anti-perspirant deodorants, medications as a binding agent, antacids, personal care products, aluminium cooking utensils and foil.

Cadmium can be found in floor coverings, car seats, fertilisers, fungicides, furniture, silver polish, cigarettes, black rubber, ceramics, motor oil.

Lead can be found in canned food, cigarette smoke, glossy newsprint, ceramics, lead paint, lead water pipes, refined chocolate.

Mercury can be found in dental fillings, vaccines, some fish.

Arsenic is found in many foods that have been grown in very polluted areas. China is just one example. Any area that has been continuously sprayed with fertilisers, insecticides, pesticides, etc can have higher than natural levels of arsenic, which the plants will uptake.

Even organic food can contain heavy metals as these are not tested for. Traces from previous malpractices can remain in the soil for many years, sometimes decades.

As we live in an ever increasingly toxic world as industry seems to have no bounds, limits or controls, we will be ever more subject to high levels of heavy metal toxicity. Which means we need to be vigilant in our heavy metals detox.

Particular heavy metals can be detected by a hair analysis.

Chelation is the common solution to this perplexing problem. Chelation works by one nutrient or substance binding with the problem source, then carrying it out during any one of the body elimination processes. Examples of common chelations include charcoal, cilantro, chlorella, bentonite clay and others.

Unfortunately detoxing heavy metals this way can produce some unpleasant, if temporary side effects. These include nausea, dizziness, headaches and the like.

Homeopathy is another way to detox heavy metals. Homeopathy can be used in a variety of different ways. One way is to target the problem and eliminate that, just as the chelation methods work. Another way is to restore balance to the person, which then gives the body its natural ability to restore health.

Homeopathy provides one of the safest and easiest natural heavy metal detox methods, with few if any side effects. Many consider homeopathy to be the best heavy metal detox, the most thorough, the safest and easiest on the patient.

Another side of heavy metal toxicity is that which we inherit. If one of our ancestors suffered with these before our conception (such as lead), then it is likely that we inherit, if not exhibit, symptoms related to this toxicity. I am unsure whether a hair analysis would be able to pick this up. I suspect not, as they ‘mutate’ or change form. However, homeopathy can also tackle this problem effectively.

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