India is so proactive! In this article, a power utility is shown to care for the community by organising a free homeopathic health check-up centre. Wouldn’t it be great if all power utilities around the world followed suite?

Tata organises homeopathic health check-up centre for residents of Naraj Martapur Project in Odisha

The FINANCIAL — Tata Power, India’s largest integrated power utility, has continuously endeavoured to improve the quality of life of its communities.

In continuation with this philosophy, Tata Power’s Naraj Marthapur Project team has regularly organised initiatives for the well-being of people located in the vicinity and has taken steps to provide them quality healthcare.

As a part of its healthcare drive, the team at Naraj Marthapur organised free homeopathic health checkups for residents of the area. The homeopathic health checkups are now being held every Sunday in Marthapur and Talagarh villages.

As Tata reported, the initiative was started at Naraj Marthapur and subsequently extended to Talagarh and other villages around the project.Presently, a total of 2,290 patients have registered and availed the facility, of which around 70 percent have been women.

Speaking on the occasion, Purushottam Thakur, head, Odisha Projects said, “This project has provided a platform through which around 600 patients belonging to this area are provided free health checkups and good quality healthcare facilities.

The initiative has been very well received and has benefited the community, especially the aged people living in the surroundings. This initiative has helped augment the health care standards of the residing community.”

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