How Can Homeopathy Help?

How can homeopathy help you? What ailments, diseases and/or health problems can it help restore? Can it help with acute problems such as a headache, a rash, period pain or a fever? Can it deal with chronic disease such as heart related problems, arthritis or damaged organs?

What is Disease or Poor Health?

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I’d like to start this article by explaining that a medical diagnosis for a condition does limit your understanding and your belief. For example, a headache or fever is almost always treated medically with analgaesics. A diagnosis of cancer tends to limit people to thinking they will die in a short time.

Of course there are always times when a medical diagnosis is useful, even essential, but often, especially in chronic disease, it is a very one sided view. It is used because it makes life a lot easier for doctors and veterinarians, as once a diagnosis is made, they are limited to only a handful of drugs. This means a consultations can take just a few minutes.

However, health is usually much more complicated than that. Your whole life, all your life experiences, your childhood, your diet, any big impacts will all shape who you are. It is impossible to condense your life into the 6 – 10 minutes a doctor or vet typically gives you.

It’s not their fault. This is how they've been trained.

But there are better ways.

How Can Homeopathy Help You?

Homeopathy is a complete and natural form of health care that always looks for the origin, or cause, of the current problem. For example, if someone experienced a life threatening situation, such as a serious car accident, they may still be in the shock of the situation. They may or may not have been injured. This is immaterial to shock. The shock can remain, for your whole life, in the form of high blood pressure, palpitations, easy sweating and a highly anxious state.

Not everyone or every condition can be traced back to a single incident as a cause. Many people can inherit problems their parents or other family members have. This is not uncommon, but in my view, the explanation is much more simple than your fixed genetic codes or DNA. And eminently fixable.

Although I believe diet to be extremely important in maintaining good health, as well as to repairing poor health, I am constantly amazed at how good homeopathic treatment can cut through even this, to restore health.

Don’t let that last statement tempt you to maintain bad dietary habits!

Natural health care practitioners are trained to appreciate that our bodies are already perfect. That we already have incredible abilities to restore health and to prevent ill health, but that something stops us from this very natural process. If you like, a blockage is created.

Going back to the example of shock, this can be the blockage. It isn’t really, it’s just that the symptoms are misunderstood. 


Your body is exhibiting the symptoms of shock, telling those who understand this, that this must be treated before anything else. This is the priority.

Homeopathy deals with whatever you are currently experiencing or exhibiting. If it’s shock, when this is addressed, the blood pressure automatically comes back to normal, the palpitations disappear along with the abnormal sweating and the anxiety. Good homeopathic treatment doesn’t look at your high blood pressure separately from the anxiety or the palpitations. It’s all you.

Balance and order are restored to how you were before the accident. And sometimes that is enough. That was all you needed. Other times, there may already have been an established problem that was masked under the more intense shock symptoms. Now these symptoms are able to return, to be addressed.

Homeopathy Works From The Terrain Theory, Rather Than The Germ Theory

Homeopaths generally don’t specialise at do medical doctors, as we treat the whole of you, rather than a single part. However, I do see a lot of women with various ails, from puberty to menstrual problems, from infertility to natural birthing, from breast feeding issues to HRT alternatives and everything in between.

So there are a few things to appreciate:

  • medical diagnosis often limits your thinking and beliefs
  • your body is already perfectly capable of healing itself given the right circumstances
  • the symptoms your body exhibits indicate how and what it needs help with to restore order
  • homeopathic treatment respects your individuality and what you currently need help with, as a whole person rather than as separate issues

This means homeopathy can help everyone, with any condition. Yes, there are times when all it can do is to palliate as your health has declined too far. But even here many have been pulled back from ‘the brink of death’ as it were.

Homeopathy can help with any physical problem as well as any mental problem. Even if someone doesn’t believe in homeopathy, it doesn’t mean they won’t derive benefit from it.

However, homeopathy does tend to attract those who are already on a spiritual journey of self discovery, of self development, who take responsibility for their health.

Those who have yet to start this journey often find homeopathy too difficult to comprehend.

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