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Two bites in two days! Could there be a message there somewhere? I love the way things work – I have to write about this! Someone somewhere will benefit.

Homeopathy works wonders at animal bites, insect bites, any bites. In fact any puncture wound, whatever the cause. How people manage without homeopathy is hard to imagine. Except that they do suffer a lot more than those who use it well.

I have various nests of wild bees around. Sometimes I come across them, but mostly I am just aware of their presence. Occasionally I get a whiff of their wonderful honey and long to help them eat it. They come to the bird bath to drink, and never bother me when I top up the water.

I didn’t see one as I unlatched a gate. But I did feel the sting. It was still embedded in my hand. I removed it and loosely wondered whether to continue on my way. Then thought how foolish that would be. My hand was already beginning to feel the effects of the sting. I’m no more immune to these than are most people.

So I dosed myself with the appropriate homeopathic medicine, then went on my way.

I didn’t give it another thought until the next day, when my dog, Zoe, suddenly stopped mid walk and started furiously licking a paw. I bent down to see what had occurred and saw a large ant making its escape. Large ants can have painful bites.

We weren’t far from home, so we returned and I gave Zoe a single dose of the same remedy I had taken the previous day. I decided she would prefer to continue her walk, even though she was still limping. I knew the effect of the remedy would be fast. So we slowly ambled at Zoe’s pace for the first few metres.

It wasn’t long before she was trotting to catch up with my other dog. Before we turned for home, she was fully back to normal, with no trace of a limp. Her paw never swelled up and she didn’t resume any licking. Just as I had, she forgot all about it.

You can only do that when the cure is quick and complete.

The alternatives are very harsh. Antihistamine and pain killers only mask the symptoms as your body slowly repairs the damage. Each sting will be worse than the last one. Until you are allergic to the stings, as is so common today. Then you can suffer with anaphylactic shock, which can be fatal.

How can you compare the two scenarios?

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