It's Not Your Hormones At Fault

By Madeleine Innocent

The medical system likes to blame every ‘problem’ related to female fertility as a faulty system. Nature/God got it wrong. And you need the medical system to put it right. Only they can’t.

“It’s your hormones”, they all shriek at you for every little issue.

They are so wrong. It’s not your hormones at all! Well it is, but they are misunderstood, not faulty.

The Wisdom Of The Female Hormone Cycle 

There is innate wisdom in the female cycle that is rarely addressed and almost never taught. Yet when you understand the wisdom of the female hormone cycle, everyone, including men, can benefit.

It is well known that when women live together as a group, they all menstruate together, at the same time.

What is less well known is the reason behind this.

Understanding The Female Hormone Cycle

Starting with the first day of the period, or menstruation, the time up to day 14 is known as the follicular phase. From day 14, the start of ovulation, to day 28, the phase is known as the luteal phase.

In fact every two and a half days, women change slightly. This rhythm is tied to the lunar cycle, which has a 28 day cycle.

In the follicular phase, women are active, magnetic, dynamic, creative, productive, attentive, give service to others. The outer world dominates.

In the luteal phase, woman slow down, become self critical, more fatigued. It’s a cleansing, de-toxing time, working out what to keep and what to reject from the previous fortnight. This is important so as not to accumulate that which is useless or harmful. The inner world dominates.

Everyone loves the follicular phase of women. They are more attractive, more magnetic, more sexual as ovulation approaches. However, it’s really important for women to appreciate that this is only half of their cycle. It’s not possible to live like this permanently. And it’s ONLY possible to live like this when the resting luteal phase is honoured.

The luteal phase is not the right time to party, go for a job interview, try a new look, have an important meeting. It’s a time to slow down and allow others to do more of the work.

This can be a disturbing time as it’s when your body will show you what it needs. Allergies, food intolerances, irritability can be more obvious. Dissatisfaction with oneself, one’s partner, one’s job/home can become more obvious. It’s a time to reflect rather than to take action.

Having reflected in the luteal phase, then any necessary action should be taken in the follicular phase.

It’s not your hormones at fault! It’s a vital time you need to be compassionate to yourself.

Today, women have lost their autonomy over their bodies. The wisdom of the female hormonal cycle is relegated to the bin. Drugs, expectations from society have taken away women’s autonomy, to their, and society’s, detriment

The follicular stage is also the oestrogen phase, when oestrogen dominates. The luteal stage is when progesterone dominates.

In traditional cultures, when all the women menstruate together, the men take up the reins of running the show, while the women have a break, giving them support and protection. It is to the community’s advantage, as during this time, the veil between the seen and unseen worlds grows very thin. Intuition and insights are strong and women carry them back to the community for discussion and action.

When women are denied this protective luteal phase, they become oestrogen dominant. And this is when problems occur, Problems like PMS, PMT, PCOS, menstrual cramps, fibroids, sore breasts, 

its not your hormones

endometriosis, weight gain, insomnia, anxiety, infertility, fatigue, adrenal fatigue. Even thyroid dysfunction can occur as oestrogen interferes with the uptake of your natural thyroid hormone. It’s not your hormones that are faulty! You don’t need a synthetic drug! You need to recognise the wisdom of your cycle. And where oestrogen is in your environment.

How To Avoid Oestrogen in Your Environment

All animal protein in the diet is high in hormones. If it’s not natural hormones such as with a lactating and pregnant cow or goat supplying your dairy supplies, it’s synthetic hormones fed to livestock to fatten them up more quickly.

Whole food plant based diets are more healthy for everyone, not just menstruating women.

All synthetic drugs, such as the oral contraceptive pill, the depo injection, the menopausal drugs, but also the steroids and many others, are hormones. And interfere with your natural cycle.

Plastic containers and many furnishings are hormone disruptors.

How Can A Woman Honour Her Cycle?

Simply by being aware of the phases can be very empowering. However, by having a separate diary/calendar just for this, can be illuminating. Jot down anything that is relevant to you, on the day.

Make sure you re-schedule any important or highly active pursuits in your luteal phase. Keep these for the follicular phase.

Over several months, you may notice a pattern.

If you don’t menstruate or are in menopause, use the lunar phases. The new moon is day one, the full moon day 14.

For women on synthetic hormones, you can still do this to your advantage, but the information may not be so obvious. Your own hormones have been subdued.

When women do this all their menstruating life, menopause will be a breeze. They have cleansed their bodies of all the unwanted clutter and trash along the way. There is no huge crash at menopause as women so commonly experience.

The men in your life need to understand and appreciate this time, so they can support you. They benefit from this, too.

It’s not your hormones that are broken! You are not dysfunctional or damaged. Your body knows exactly what to do, if you give it a chance. However, to right the wrongs already established, homeopathic treatment excels where others fail.

The sacredness of the sexes needs to be understood and honoured for a better world. The sexes are equal. They just have different roles to play. An honourable interaction and appreciation is needed to move forward.

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