Are Mental Health Disorders Real?

By Madeleine Innocent.                                                                                        June 26th 2024
are mental health disorders real

Mental health disorders are gaining in popularity as far as diagnosis is concerned. But are they really a disorder? Can they be proved to exist with a medical test? Are they definitive disorders?

No-one doubts that there are some people who have problems on the cognitive level. But could these simply be an accumulation of unresolved emotional causes? Or a chronic nutritional deficiency?

Depression is a very common medical condition, and is diagnosed frequently. But it can’t be definitively proved. It’s a syndrome. Which means it’s diagnosed by a collection of symptoms. However, all the symptoms can be symptoms of other explainable issues. So how helpful is that really, especially when you consider these conditions are treated with high calibre, high toxicity drugs?

The body is always trying to remain healthy in spite of the many taxes put upon it. Symptoms are simply the way the body expresses disharmony, or where the greatest issue it has is.

The problems with humans is that we like to ignore these inconvenient symptoms, which are basically early warning signs. We like to cover them up, pretend we are all good. Or we suppress them with drugs. The anti-s. The ant-s of life.

Let’s look at the medical definition of depression, according to the Mayo Clinic in America.

Sadness, tearful, empty feeling, hopeless feeling

These symptoms are really common in the early stages of grief, of loss. That’s a normal reaction and passes in time with almost everyone.

Angry outbursts

This is a really common reaction to being overwhelmed, by having too much to do. Working mothers, single parents, corporate workers can testify to this. They’re trying to juggle too much.

Loss of interest in normal activities

It’s not usual for people to loose interest in normal activities when they’re trying to deal with a difficult situation or toxic relationship. Separation, marriage difficulties, divorce affects most people deeply. A spanner has been thrown in the works.

Sleep disturbance

Everyone seems to want more and more stimulation. You can’t switch off in that mode, so how can anyone sleep?


This can be caused by multitude of factors, including toxicity. Toxins abound in our current world. Some of the worst ones are the medical drugs.

Appetite changes leading to weight changes

There is less incentive to prepare and honour nutritious home made food. A plethora of cheap fast food outlets that can also deliver is attractive especially to children. Fast food is known to be non-nutritious.


When you follow the mainstream narrative on any topic, you can be filled with anxiety or fear. That’s their aim. To get you to purchase their product or service that will ‘save’ you.

Slowed thinking or speaking, concentration difficulties

It can be difficult to focus on what one person is saying to you, or the task ahead when you are deficient in sleep, are fatigued and poorly nourished.

Feelings of guilt, self-blame

Modern society loves to point the finger. It also loves to put everyone into the same box. Women are particularly anxious about being a good mother or carer and often feel guilty where they consider they failed.

Unexplained physical problems

The medical system only focuses on physical aspects it can ‘prove’ with their tests (the exception being mental health disorders - the industry is full of contradictions and inconsistencies). Many, many conditions are blamed on the patient because of this. Yet physical issues occur as a result of unresolved emotional problems. This is outside the knowledge and scope of the medical industry.

Thoughts of death, homicide or suicide

These normally come when the person has come to the end of their tether. They can’t carry on this way any more. They feel they have failed in their duties, responsibilities especially towards their family.

Is there really such a thing as depression?

When you take the time to unravel the life history (as we do in homeopathy) of the person, you can see where they got stuck, where they needed help, where they really struggled as best they could in the circumstances.

Do they need a toxic drug or do they need support?

Or understanding.

Or a lack of judgement.

Or nutritious food.

Or fewer demands on their time.

Or love and appreciation for what they do manage to achieve.

Or a good night’s sleep every night.

Every mental health disorder is simply a collection of symptoms. Every mental health disorder can be explained by one or more of the above factors.

In addition, the lack of exercise, exposure to direct sun and the Natural world, all of which are able to lift the spirits, contribute to all forms of poor health, not just mental health disorders. Add in the high radiation levels, from wifi and mobile/cell phones that now exist in most homes and it’s a wonder humans are still alive.

Do mental health disorders exist? Or are they a figment of the pharmaceuticals over active collective imagination to sell more drugs?

Can homeopathy help?

The way homeopathy works is to restore harmony. Once you’re back in balance, you become aware of steps you need to take to restore your health.

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