The Natural Diet For Humans

There are many ideas about the most natural diet for humans. My approach about diet is that it should match our ancestral diet, it should match what our anatomy and physiology tells us. And above all, it should give us clinical evidence that it does support health and vitality.

As an holistic health practitioner with a love for all animals, I was also interested in the ideal diet for my cats, dogs and horses.

The Natural Cats Diet

Using the above criteria was easy for cats. Cats, all over the world, big and small, hunt their local prey. The only difference is the type of prey.

Everyone knows (except perhaps the commercial cat food manufacturers) that cats are true carnivores.

Their anatomy also tells you this is so. They:

  • have spiky teeth to crunch on raw bones
  • they lack a sideways motion of the jaw as they just swallow chunks of raw meat
  • have short intestines (raw meat in carnivores digests quickly)
  • have super strong stomach acid that meat needs
  • have acidic saliva
  • lack of ptyalin in their saliva
  • carnivores lose excess heat by panting and through their paws
  • lap water rather that suck it up

The Natural Dogs Diet

The diet of dogs is similar to cats, but rather than being obligate carnivores, they are at the carnivore end of the omnivore scale. They do eat plant based food, mostly seasonally.

Their anatomy is similar to cats, with some variations.

Wild dogs rely on large prey animals for most of their food. These herbivores tend to migrate for better food options.

The dogs don't migrate with their prey, so they are often left with little prey to catch. They have to fall back on small prey, but also the local vegetation, such as roots and fruit.

The Natural Horses Diet

We know horses are herbivores and thrive on a diet of green grass and other plants. Their anatomy matches this. It includes:

  • blunt teeth to grind up plant cellulose
  • a sideways jaw action to grind
  • long intestines are needed to fully utilise the food
  • the stomach acid is comparatively weak
  • alkaline saliva
  • ptyalin in the saliva to help pre-digest tough plant cellulose
  • lose excess heat by sweating through skin pores
  • suck water rather than lapping

Looking For Evidence of the Natural Human Diet

Humans have traditionally lived all over the world. So looking for indications here, didn't yield the same results.  People had to adapt to the local conditions, to what was available.

For example, the natural diets of those in very cold or very hot climates had to include animal meat as there are short growing seasons. Staying alive was the main priority.

The natural diets of those who live in temperate or tropical areas are different. In temperate regions, there is a longer growing season. so many plants mature to give food that can be stored for the non productive periods, such as winter.

In tropical areas, there was always an abundance of natural food pretty much all year round,. Picking fruit is one of the easiest way to harvest food.

What Does Our Anatomy Tell Us?

Looking at our anatomy gives us reliable information about the diet that is most beneficial for us. Indications include:

  • our teeth are blunt rather than spiky to grind
  • we have a sideways jaw action for grinding cellulose
  • we have long intestines as plant food is tough
  • relatively weak stomach acid compared with cats
  • alkaline saliva 
  • ptyalin in the saliva which helps to digest tough plant matter
  • we suck water, rather than lap
  • we lose excess heat by sweating through skin pores

All these indications point to a herbivorous die.

What About Clinical Evidence?

T Colin Campbell did his research with cancer, which could be argued as the pinnacle of poor health. In anyone.

His research was with the effect of a high protein diet (16%) versus a low one (11%).on cancer.

He discovered that the high protein diet allowed cancer to grow, whereas the low protein diet allowed it to die.

He has attracted many supporters in health care, among them medical doctors and nutritionalists

MDs tend to have a large patient base,. This means they can see results from any recommendations they make.

You can find Campbell's supporters on the Other Resources page, link below. Discover for yourself what diet they recommend to their patients and the results they see.

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