Best Mothers Day Presents Are Useful and Last All Year

Mothers are special people! So the best mothers day presents should also be special. All mothers, whether human or animal, whether healthy or unhealthy, whether empowered and strong or disempowered and weak, have a special connection with their children. After all, for the period of the pregnancy, there was no separation. They were as one.

best mothers day present

Mothers are the ones who tend to hold the family together. Or not. When the mother is healthy and happy, usually so are the children and father. And the reverse is also true. It is a shame, although understandable, that mothers tend to put the welfare of their children first. If they put their own well-being first, the whole family would be more likely to be healthy and happy.

I’m not talking about selfishness here. I am talking about the mother meeting her emotional and physical needs harmoniously. When she feels at peace with herself, she is much more able to meet the needs of her family. An analogy that I like is when her cup is full, she can share. When her cup is empty, she has nothing to share.

One thing healthy mothers are very able at, is to care for their children. Healthy mothers know instinctively when a child simply needs love and attention, when their child needs to be left to investigate things on their own, when their child may need something more.

Health care is an important part of the life of anyone. Parents are naturally anxious about that of their children. However, many parents are questioning the quality of the current medical system. Should a growing child be given all those vaccines, all those antibiotics, all that cortisone? Aren’t they going to interfere with the growing immune system, resulting is a less than healthy adult?

These are very valid questions, which deserve consideration. A much healthier approach is to look for effective, natural, and above all, holistic health care options. One such is homeopathy. Whereas the medical approach is to use toxic chemicals to bend the immune system into submission, the homeopathic approach is to support a growing immune system on its own terms, to enhance and encourage its ability.

It is impossible to replace the depth of knowledge of a good professional homeopath and this is the best way to tackle chronic or deep seated issues. Find one you trust and can work with.

Once you know how deep homeopathy can work, how easily it can remove family taints, how all encompassing it can be, you may want to know how to use some of the common homeopathic remedies at home. For everyday things such as injury, stings, sneezing, colds, burns, tummy upsets, and so on. Things that can be worrying, but you don’t see a need for in depth treatment.

This is where the common homeopathic remedies come into their own. They give you the ability to treat such things, in the comfort of your own home, at whatever hour the crisis comes up. It’s difficult to put a price on this, because the time saved, the anxiety not felt, the sleep not deprived, is incalculable.

This is so empowering for parents. So if you are looking for mothers day present ideas, look no further. A year long course on how to use the common homeopathic remedies is far more than one of the best and unique mothers day gifts. Along with a small collection of the indicated remedies, and the power at her fingertips will be long remembered.

The best mothers day presents are those that last a long time, both in their use and in her memory. A woman already exploring the benefits of holistic health care is likely to find her forte in this wonderful opportunity. It may open up a whole new world for her, one that affects her whole life. It is certainly likely to have a healthy impact on that of her family.

She will always remember what you did for her, not forgetting her family. Whether or not you are looking for one of those rare and elusive mothers day unique gifts, or simply one of the best mothers day presents you can, giving a mother access to taking control, to being empowered to helping the natural health of her family is priceless.

Honour the mother in your life. And if that is you, honour yourself. And empower yourself to help your loved ones.

Homeopathy For Autism Offers The Most Effective Help

Autism is a highly distressing problem for both sufferer and parent/carer. Of all the health modalities, homeopathy for autism probably offers the best scope, the most effective way to fully recover.

homeopathy for autism

With the enormous increase in the number of children with autism coinciding with the equally enormous push for every child to be vaccinated, it isn’t rocket science to logically connect the two. Any independently thinking person can connect the dots, especially when you investigate the ingredients of vaccines.

However, the relentless push by the corporate controlled media and doctors have made many otherwise intelligent people waiver and succumb, often to the great detriment of their child (or animal). Just to be clear, vaccines are not scientific in any sense of the word. No scientific trials have proved their efficacy. In fact, quite the opposite.

You may say, that’s all good and well, but you have already vaccinated your child and now they are exhibiting signs of autism. What can you do, now?

There is a saying that goes something like this “no problem can be solved with the same consciousness that created it”. This means, if the drug companies create a problem, they cannot cure it. Sadly the majority of doctors (and vets) are now Big Pharma sales reps. They can’t, and don’t, think critically. And they don’t use any other form of ‘health’ care.

So it’s no point going back to them for help. They may diagnose the problem, but their thinking, as well as their associations, do not allow them to make this connection. Even if they did, they have nothing to help.

So what can you do to help your autistic child? Is autism treatment in homeopathy really the solution?

I believe there are always several things which affect a health problem and the subsequent recovery from it.

The first priority is to change the diet, if you haven’t already. A healthy diet, free from processed food, junk food and animal protein, and high in fresh produce can do wonders for the health of anyone. Improvements can be seen almost immediately. Again, the majority of doctors know nothing of healthy diets as they have not been trained in this.

You could start with the T Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, Food Matters and Raw Family. The inclusion of green smoothies is so beneficial for everyone’s health and small children can easily be helped with them.

Good as it is, a healthy diet may not solve the problem completely. And this is where a good energetic health care discipline comes in. And the best energetic health care is probably homeopathy. Homeopathy treatment for autism may be the best hope for your child to fully recover.

What is meant by energy healing? When you consider that all life is energy, then it’s easy to come to the conclusion that real health care should be energy based. Medicine is not energy based, as they only see things from the physical perspective. Yes, we are physical, but with a strong energy focus. A dead body is physical, but without energy. All health problems stem from this energy being out of natural balance. If this is not addressed, then the problems become physical.

This means that if the out-of-balance energy is treated, to bring it back into natural balance, the physical problem will disappear, too.

Another way of putting this is cause and effect. The cause is energy based. The effect is physical. Simply treating the effect will never be more than a rough patch-up job. You have to get to the cause, to get lasting and effective return of good health.

Homeopathy for autism, as for any health problem, works by trying to find the cause of the problem and by understanding the unique and very personal symptoms of the person suffering. This leads the practitioner to the best prescription to restore balance.

For a condition as serious as autism, it is unwise to try treating it yourself. Although I am a great advocate of self help with homeopathy, unless you know what you are doing, you are likely to be met with failure. There are many websites that tell you the best homeopathic remedies for autism, but if you apply the medical approach so common today, I suggest you won’t get very far. Make sure this condition is treated by a professional homeopath.

Homeopathy for autism is without doubt the best health care discipline to support the return of health, along with other healthy measures such as proper food, healthy exercise and a strong, healthy, loving connection with the parents.

I offer complimentary 15 minute consultations for you to assess if I can help you. Homeopathy and autism – the solution to the cause!


How To Achieve Healthy Ageing Gracefully

Healthy ageing is not only possible, it is very easy to achieve. In modern western societies, there is a great fear about ageing. There are many, many products sold in the name of preventing ageing, or more accurately, in the preventing of the appearance of ageing.


Skin creams, anti-wrinkle potions, hair dyes, slimming products, sexual stimulants, you name it; the idea has been planted into people that ageing is undesirable and no-one will like you. However, if you buy this product, no-one will think you have aged.

This is silly marketing based on the fear implanted into people by a sick society and a manipulative (and manipulated) media. In traditional cultures, elderly people are valued for their wisdom and are treated with respect. They contribute to their culture in ways the young cannot. Many are as physically fit as the younger community members.

This article is not about how to retain your looks or other superficial ideas about aging. This article is to show you how to achieve healthy ageing, how to remain healthy all your senior years.

The very first way is to get rid of the normal cultural ideas of the inevitability of becoming infirm as you age. Change these ideas into positive ones, that you can age gracefully, without getting infirm, without going into aged care, without losing your marbles. Life is all about what you make it. And this starts with your mind. You choose what you become.

If you think you will end up in a nursing home, then you probably will. If you decide this is not for you, then it won’t be, if you take the necessary steps.

The next step, after you change your mind (which may need constant reminding) to a more healthy emotional and mental state, is to ensure you remain physically healthy. Daily physical activities are required for this. Walking is good, cycling is good, dancing is good, but I personally feel that the eastern exercises keep you more supple and fit. Yoga, tai chi, qigong (chi gung, chi gong, or chi kung), etc don’t just keep the body physically fit, they also keep the mind fit. Aging and mental health in particular, can be supported and maintained.

You also need to do some weight bearing exercises. You can do these as an exercise or simply do some regular gardening. However or whatever you choose to do, you must enjoy them and make space for them, otherwise you won’t keep up with them. Weight bearing is good for bone health, which is an important consideration as you age.

aging 2

Perhaps the most important step is your diet. Wise and healthy aging needs you to consider what you put into your body. Consider where it comes from. Is it real food or synthetic or processed garbage that passes as ‘food’? Your body is designed to benefit from what you ingest. If you consume sugary products, processed packet food, GM food, food grown with the use of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilisers, food grown without care and love, food grown without a care for the environment, can you really think it will help your health? There is imbalance in the food, which is passed into your body.

Humans are omnivores, but at the herbivore end. There are many physiological indications for this, such as the shape of your teeth, the length of your intestines, the pH of your saliva. So humans need the alkaline pH that fresh produce creates. Acidity is created in the body from processed food and animal protein. Acidity is an ideal breeding ground for any and all disease.

Disease will not allow healthy aging. Quite the opposite!

Finally, good as these suggestions are in helping you to achieve good health as you age, you also have to consider your choice of health care. If you rely on doctors and their (chemical) medications, you won’t be able to achieve this. All chemicals (and medications are chemicals) are acid making. They suppress the symptoms rather than heal the problem. They suppress the immune system. All this adds up to a slippery slope of more health problems. And more chemical drugs.

If you choose a form of health care that supports your immune system, that uses your symptoms as guides to what needs support, that doesn’t even entertain the idea of suppression, then you will be able to achieve healthy ageing. Holistic health care is all about achieving this lofty goal. In particular good homeopathic treatment has perhaps a unique ability to cut through genetic and deep seated issues, to free you from them.

Homeopathy can help you achieve or retain good health as you age, whatever your age currently is, whatever your state of health currently is.

Adults With ADHD – Natural, Effective Solutions

Adults with ADHD are less well known than children with the same condition. However, it is reckoned that around half of children with ADHD still have it in adulthood. This means that an ever increasing number of adults will fall into this category, as the numbers in children increase every year.

adults with adhd

Children with ADHD are normally over energetic, or hyperactive as the name implies. However, adults are less spontaneous. We have learned to compensate our natural tendencies to fit in with society. So restlessness tends to be the dominant symptom for ADHD in adults. Restlessness is a more subtle form of hyperactivity, but both are rooted in anxiety. Anxiety tends to make it difficult for to focus. And herein lies the problem.

Adult ADHD can be problematic in terms of holding down a responsible job, so those with this condition often end up in lower paid work. Accidents are more likely to happen. Substance abuse is more common, with more than normal smoking, alcohol and social drug use. Relationships can be challenging, for both parties.

ADHD is medically termed a psychiatric condition, so those diagnosed are likely to end up on strong medication. For some, this can help with their symptoms, but not for everyone. The medication can only ever manage the symptoms. It can never cure the problem.

In addition, medication will always affect the health of your liver and that of your immune system, as all medications are chemicals. Chemicals are inherently toxic to the body. The health of your liver and immune system won’t be affected immediately, but will be over time.

In addition, you may have to deal with the side effects of the drug.

So what are the alternatives? Are there any other ways to helps with ADHD adult symptoms? Are there any effective and natural ways to help? Are there any permanent solutions?

The answer is a resounding ‘YES’ to all four questions!

Homeopathy is a complete system of natural health. It works by searching for the cause of the problem and by matching the symptoms of the patient to that of the prescribed remedy. Homeopathy works at an energetic level, rather than the physical level psychiatrists work at, as all life is energy. Which means that energy based medicine has the best ability to effect profound change.

Homeopathy works by restoring balance to a challenged economy. It does this gently, easily, effectively and permanently. Because homeopathic remedies are not chemicals, they are not toxic, so no side effects occur.

Adults with ADHD, as well as with children, can finally turn to an honourable, gentle and effective discipline of medicine which can dramatically change their life. Dr Mahesh Gandhi is an Indian psychiatrist, working in Mumbai, who is also a homeopath. He has helped many people permanently overcome many different mental health issues, including ADHD. His works spans some 30 years.

There are many causes of any ailment or condition. The susceptibility of the individual determines what permanently affects them. However, it is widely considered by holistic practitioners, that vaccines are the root cause of many ailments, including this one. Certainly vaccines cause a wide variety of disorders because they so badly interfere with the body’s immune system. See ‘Attacking Ourselves: Top Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn Our Immune System Against Us’ for more on this topic.

What passes for food can also be a trigger. Processed food, white sugar, white flour, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, etc are toxic to any life and can exacerbate an existing problem.

Adults with ADHD do have a choice. They can remain on their chemical medication, probably for life. They can continue to eat unhealthy food. Or they can choose to explore homeopathy and how it can help them. You don’t have to be permanently affected.