Natural Remedies For Autism Spectrum Disorders

Some of the natural remedies for autism spectrum disorders have the best prognosis for reversing this tragic and so unnecessary complaint. But they need to be carefully selected by a knowledgable practitioner and the results just as carefully monitored.

natural remedies for autism spectrum disorders

The modality that the natural remedies come from is important. Some modalities can act much deeper than others. This clearly means a much better outcome.

As a homeopath myself, you could say I was biased in my preference of modality. But this is based on results, too. Homeopathic medicine for autism can give outstanding results, because homeopathy is able to cut to the cause of the problem and reverse it.

It is such a gentle modality. And children tend to love the oral medicines. No nasty taste or effect here:).

Along with using homeopathy as the primary modality for healing autism, you need to be prepared to make radical changes in the diet and to include some natural supplements. This combination is normally unstoppable in returning the sufferer back to normality, be it a child or adult. It will take time. But there will be significant signs of improvement along the way.

The best homeopathic treatment for any and every condition follows epigenetic principles. This means that not only is the diet important, so too is de-toxing the patient. The diet, natural supplements as well as the natural remedies for autism spectrum disorders will handle this important part.

Generally, according to natural philosophies, it is a toxic overload that causes autism, especially neurotoxins. Neurotoxins are capable of crossing the blood brain barrier, so they are capable of causing serious mental disruption. Typical neurotoxins are mercury and aluminium. Both of these are found in high levels in vaccines. Most vaccines are made in China, a country which has appallingly low standards of quality and standards.

The body is very resilient and is capable of putting up with a great deal of abuse. But the vulnerability of children, their growing (and so immature) immune systems and the constant ingestion and absorption of toxins, especially the neurotoxins, can overwhelm children more easily than a more robust and mature adult.

Homeopathic treatment works on an individual basis. No two people are the same. Everyone has different genetics and different environmental experiences. This combination tends to mould how we handle life stresses. It is essential that these differences are given due respect and consideration, otherwise an optimal outcome may not result.

It is important that you find a practitioner that you feel comfortable with. You will be with them for a while, with regular consultations and support.

I offer a complimentary chat via a visit/phone call/internet connection to assess your or your child’s problems and whether we can work together. Selecting the right natural remedies for autism spectrum disorders depends on a supportive and caring connection which can only happen with trust.

Epigenetics and Health, It’s Influence on Your Gene Expression

Epigenetics and health. How do they go together? What’s the significance of this new buzz word and your health?

Epigenetics is the study of environmental factors on someone. Being in the healing profession, I am most concerned about the study of epigenetics and health or epigenetics and disease.

epigenetics and health

A few short years ago, we were bombarded with the ‘gene theory’ from doctors, a bit like the ‘germ theory’ (which is well outdated). You could have a medical test to see if you had the genes that might cause a chronic disease, such as cancer, later in life. Angelina Jolie was used as a great advertising tool by the medical industry.

The medical people only got it partly right. Our genes definitely do have an influence on us. But that influence can be turned ‘off’ as it were, or ‘on’ by what we do in our lives and by how environmental factors influence us.

And that’s what epigenetics is. A grand name for a totally logical theory.

We all inherit our genes from all of our ancestors. But the prominent ones we inherit are those influences that were not resolved before our ancestors died. (This is what is currently considered as inherited factors.) Even more so are those that were affecting our parents at the time of our conception.

Everything after conception, during pregnancy, birth and ever after, will influence us all to a greater or lesser extent, depending on our individuality.

For example, a woman who has a great fright during pregnancy, one that is not resolved energetically (more on this), will almost certainly affect her unborn child for life. A man who is still dealing with the effects of a war he has just returned from, and all that entails, will affect a child for life if he conceives one at this time.

Everything has an influence on us. Some great, some not so great. Examples include

  • a child born by C-section generally doesn’t make the same effort in life as one born normally. The great effort they need to birth themselves shows them how an effort can be rewarding
  • strife, wars and fights have always affected us emotionally down through the ages
  • all toxins and chemicals have an effect on us, especially the heavy metals (lead, mercury, aluminium that were in many products, but are now mainly limited to vaccines), the petrochemicals, the organophosphates and other chemicals used in the agricultural industry, especially glyphosate
  • a family mindset can keep us imprisoned in our outlook
  • an infection that was treated with antibiotics years ago lies latent rather than cured and can flair up again for energetic healing

So what does epigenetics and health have to do with homeopathy?

Homeopaths were practicing the art of epigenetics hundreds of years before the world caught on. We have always been most interested in what serious events have shaped someone’s life – mother’s pregnancy, the birth process, growing up, the ailments and how they were treated, the health history of parents and grandparents, what affects you now and how, and on and on.

We need to know, because that is affecting your health right now. In choosing the healing treatment for you, we are able to set this energy free, so that it no longer troubles you. We don’t turn it off, as that might be turned on again. We set it free.

Now, another switch may come on, ready and waiting in line for its turn to be treated.

Homeopathic treatment is the ideal energetic resolution for environmental factors. Homeopathy is eminently capable of reversing the ravaging effects of vaccine damage, heavy metal toxicity as well as the emotional traumas so common today.

Good homeopathic treatment effortlessly deals with the effects of epigenetics and disease.

Homeopathic Medicine For Depression

Homeopathic medicine for depression is arguably the best way to tackle this increasingly common malady of today. But before I put my case, I want to address two common mistakes people make when looking for ways to use homeopathy for depression.

homeopathic medicine for depression

Homeopathic antidepressant?
First of all, there is no such thing as a homeopathic antidepressant. Why? Because this is a medical term, which has little use in homeopathic prescribing. Medical treatment is based on suppressing your symptoms, not in healing them. So they look at them from a jaundiced point of view – an anti- point of view. Hence the terms anti-this, anti-that. They are anti- the body having free expression, so the idea is to suppress these symptoms, not heal the cause.

Homeopathic treatment is much more friendly towards the body’s free expression. In fact, it is essential to work with how your body is reacting for its successful homeopathic treatment. It is much, much more difficult to successfully treat someone with homeopathy who is heavily suppressed with medical drugs. You are no longer yourself, but rather a zombie.

What is Depression?
Secondly, let’s look at what depression really is because it’s important to know what we are dealing with and what affects you personally. The term ‘depression’ is really far too vague a term as it can cover a multitude of emotions.

We all suffer minor or acute bouts of depression from time to time. It could be from a cloudy sky day after day. It is well recognised that the sun lifts our spirits. So we don’t need to do anything except wait for a sunny day. Or move to a sunnier country…

A chronically bad diet can leave us nutrient deficient, tired, and eventually depressed. Medication can block the absorption of essential nutrients.

An acute bout of depression can come from the loss of a loved one. I would term this ‘grief’ rather than ‘depression’, but the effect can be the same. Most of us come to terms with a loss, given time, so again it’s a waiting game and should be honoured for the journey it offers us.

Some of us can’t come to terms with loss and never recover from the grief. Which would then come under the heading of depression.

Depression can also be a result of a thyroid disorder.

This is where homeopathic medicine for depression can be so helpful. Grief? No problem. Thyroid? No worries. Although you’re responsible for your diet…

Major Depression, or Clinical Depression
Major depression, or clinical depression is a serious state to be in. Typically, you can’t lift yourself out of a sad mood. You have no interest in previously pleasurable activities. Your appetite suffers, with either no interest in food or eating excessively. Sleep is affected. Not surprisingly with all of that going on, you’re tired a lot of the time. It is difficult to think or concentrate so you can’t make decisions. There is a loss of self-confidence, a feeling of worthlessness or guilt. All this can lead to suicidal thoughts or aggressive behaviour.

Serious stuff.

Let’s pause a moment; what causes these feelings, apart from the lack of sun, diet, the grief or thyroid function already considered? It’s all very well talking about the effects, but what’s really behind them?

I believe one of the major causes of depression is our loss of connection to Nature, which leads us to do things (or accept things) which can be disconnected at best and cruel or destructive at worst.

When we are more in touch with Nature and her rhythms, we do things from our heart, rather than our head. We are more compassionate and empathetic. We aren’t selfish. We want everyone to benefit from our actions, not just ourselves. We listen. We pause and stare. We delight in a bird singing. How can we not respond in kind?

An abattoir worker in a small country town with little work prospects, who loved animals and so hated his job, resorted to violence to his family because of his daily actions. It would have resulted in clinical depression had he continued.

He wanted to provide for his family and felt he had no option. His body told him differently.

So we all need to take a good hard look at what we do and see if it resonates with who we are. If it doesn’t, we may be headed towards this unenviable condition.

Homeopathic Medicine For Depression
Homeopathic treatment treats the whole person. That means diet, life style, important aspects of our lives, things that have affected us in the past, previous maladies and treatment, what naturally gives us ease or discomfort, etc. It treats you as an individual. Successful treatment will ease the existing problems, whatever they are. But it will do so much more, too.

Typically, people report that they now consider why they are here, what they need to do, what their core reason for being here is. And they find creative ways to change their lives to embrace this.

I find that incredibly awesome.

What Depression Isn’t
Depression always has a cause. Sometimes a multitude of causes. Post-partrum depression often results from too much medical intervention in what should be a very natural process. The mother loses control, which can make her feel worthless. This can lead to serious depression.

Depression is NOT a chemical imbalance of the brain. Drugs will not fix the cause even if they do temporarily alleviate the feelings. And they can lead to a worsening of the problem. Many murders, both of family members and of groups of people, have been carried out while under their influence.

My suggestion is that you do NOT try to treat yourself. Don’t go looking for homeopathic remedies for depression, obtained over the counter. Take this seriously. Your health is your wealth. Treat it with respect and seek professional homeopathic help.

If you would like to work with me on this issue, I offer free evaluation consultations.

Natural Remedies For Back Pain and Inflammation

So you’re searching for natural remedies for back pain and inflammation. How do you choose between the modalities? Do you try DIY or would a professional be more helpful? How long should you expect to wait before you experience improvement? Will the improvement last? Will it continue to improve until it’s all healed?

natural remedies for back-pain and inflammationAnyone suffering from either back pain or inflammation and seeking natural help, is likely to be asking these questions. Here is my take on the situation and what your options are.

Back pain can come from a variety of causes. It can be an acute situation – ie, it will heal in time – or it could be a chronic condition – ie with you for life.

Probably the most common cause of back pain and inflammation is injury. Not just an injury from an accident or sports injury. It could be from bad posture causing stress to your soft tissue. In many natural therapies, that counts as an injury, although it’s a more mild form.

The injury could cause stress to the soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments). Mostly that pain will be more like an ache. Injury could cause trauma to the nerves, being that the back is rich in nerves. The sensation of that pain can be burning, stinging or shooting, rather like an electric shock. Injury may also cause trauma to the bone, from hairline cracks to compound fractures. This pain would be more evident on the slightest movement.

Stress in the soft tissue can also cause them to contract. When this happens in the back, the vertebrae may be moved out of normal position. If the movement is too much, the vertebrae could impact on a nerve, causing nerve like pain, but the cause is not nerve damage.

This complexity means that the treatment of back pain really should be left to the professionals rather than trying to do it yourself. Working with a knowledgable professional provides you with guidance and support. Otherwise, you might feel you are progressing, but you’re actually going in the wrong direction for total healing.

So my first suggestion for anyone looking for natural remedies for back pain and inflammation is to seek out a professional, rather than trying your hand. It’s beyond the scope of most people.

So what about the modality? Chiropractic? Bowen? Osteopathy? Yoga? Homeopathy?

Being a homeopath myself, I have to say I’m a bit biased, but let’s look at the others first. Chiros, Bowen therapists and osteopaths are all hands-on therapies. Homeopathy and yoga are the only hands-off therapies. Obviously you need to have a local therapist for the hands-on therapies. But for homeopathy, you can consult a therapist by phone or skype. So it’s more flexible.

I used to support chiros, but I am less inclined to these days. So many of them are doing things they know nothing about. To me this indicates that their therapy is not very good, otherwise why search for new ways? I am horrified at how they use homeopathy, for example, with a very clear lack of understanding of what they are doing. Even when they just do adjustments, you often have to go back many, many times before you see results.

Perhaps traditional Bowen therapists and osteopaths are better at their job, as long as they do just that. Their recommended exercises can be useful, if rather slow to help. Yoga is great, but I suggest again, maybe rather slow for the seriously affected.

However, I believe, and this belief is supported by my clinical experience from those who have done many therapies, that by far the best approach for this condition is homeopathy. A good, knowledgable homeopath will be able to work out the best, most indicated homeopathic remedy that is individualised for your particular back pain.

You will be able to re-dose yourself according to instructions, without going back for repeated consultations. The consultations will be more like weekly or monthly depending on the severity of the condition, rather than many times a week.

The most effective, the most economical as well as the most rapid healing natural remedies for back pain and inflammation is a well thought out, individualised, professional homeopathic treatment. Don’t skimp of this. Your health is too important.

Natural Treatment For Panic Attacks

The best natural treatment for panic attacks will totally resolve the problem. That means, you will get to the point when you no longer have them and you are no longer receiving any treatment for them. This is probably the ultimate goal of all sufferers of this unpleasant condition.

natural treatment for panic attacks

Everything that happens to you, happens for a reason. This condition, unpleasant though it may be, is part of your evolutionary process. It is a culmination of everything that has gone before. But now, it has appeared as, perhaps the main problem you have, ready and willing to be honoured, yet sent on its way.

Panic attacks don’t appear out of no-where. They have a cause. That cause will have had a very deep impact on you. Even to knock you off balance. In addition, you were unable to resolve it at the time.

We have a built in mechanism that works to protect us. Sometimes, it can’t work as well as it should.

Suppose you were being chased by a hungry tiger. Your adrenaline (I’m using this name loosely) would kick in, allowing you to run very, very fast. To do that, your heart rate needs to escalate, as does your breathing and your blood pressure. You’ll sweat from the exertion.

If you’re successful and survive, all these symptoms will drop back to normal in time. You won’t be deeply affected, although you might retain a fear of tigers. The running helped to get rid of the adrenaline.

In our society, we’re not often chased by hungry tigers. But we may have been brought up in conditions that caused us constant fear. So we can grow up having the adrenaline triggered many times, but are unable to release it. Life seems to be very dangerous, is the message your body is receiving. So it needs to be on constant alert, ready for action at a micro second’s notice.

The panic is a hair’s breadth away. The heart is constantly beating fast, the blood pressure is constantly elevated, the breathing is always fast – all ready to get you out of danger FAST.

But you can’t act physically. You can’t run away from the attacker. So you can’t diffuse the adrenaline.

Another situation that can do the same thing is being involved in a car accident, but being trapped. Frightening, but unable to act on it.

And therein lies the reason, the cause (or one of them), for the panic attacks.
The only way to permanently resolve this is to resolve the original problem. The current panic attacks are the outcome. We don’t need to treat them. We need to go back to the cause and treat that.

Perhaps the best natural treatment for panic attacks is homeopathic. Visiting a homeopath is very different from visiting a doctor. A thorough examination of all the events that could possibly have lead to this, as well as significant life experiences, are considered.

The treatment is aimed at dissolving these. You’ll start to feel more in control. Sleep will improve naturally (as it is no longer necessary to be on constant alert). People and situations won’t be so threatening. You’ll find it easier to relax.

You don’t have to be a martyr to your panic or anxiety attacks. Get the professional help that you need and let is fade into the past so that you can enjoy life.

Rescue remedy is a wonderful Bach flower essence support that can really help those with anxiety attacks or panic attacks. But it won’t take them away permanently. It will help, and wonderfully so, without any other effect on your body.

But the best natural treatment for panic attacks, for anxiety attacks, well for anything really, is homeopathic. You can permanently heal anything and everything. But you’ll need a good homeopath, one you feel comfortable with, one you can work with. And you’ll need to be patient. But there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Natural Diabetes Treatment – The Best is Holistic

What is the best natural diabetes treatment? Can it even be treated successfully, naturally? Is there, for example, an herbal cure for diabetes? Are there over-the-counter diabetes natural remedies you can buy as a DIYer?

natural diabetes treatment

I suggest that the best solution to any problem lies in finding the cause, and addressing that. If the condition is fairly well advanced, then additional support may be necessary. But until the cause is addressed, you will never find a real solution.

This is why there is no medical cure for diabetes. They only provide a band aid to the problem. Which can be great at prolonging your life and reducing the symptoms, if you do nothing else. But surely it’s always better to find the cause of any problem? When you only patch things up, it WILL progress, usually into something quite bleak.

Although you can help yourself enormously, and I suggest that this is imperative if you really want to resolve the problem, diabetes is not a DIY condition. It’s far too serious. It is, after all, a chronic disease. And you need to know what you are doing when treating a chronic disease. So please dismiss the idea of getting OTC natural remedies for diabetes.

There are two real types of diabetes – diabetes insipidus and diabetes mellitus. Diabetes mellitus is further divided into two groups – type 1 and type 2. Type 2 diabetes is the most common form, with an estimated 85% of all cases. It used to be known as ‘adult onset’ or ‘non-insulin dependant’ and is the less serious form.

Type 1 diabetes used to be known as ‘juvenile onset’ or ‘insulin dependant’ and is the more serious of the two types.

A third type, gestational diabetes, isn’t really diabetes at all, as it is a temporary condition, related only to pregnancy. This condition is normally an indication of a deficiency of vitamin B6, so can easily be treated at home. Green leafy vegetables in abundance are the best source of the complete vitamin Bs.

Diabetes mellitus is a disorder of the pancreas or of the metabolism. In type 1, the pancreas is unable to produce insulin, for various reasons. In type 2, insulin is normally produced, but your body in unable to respond to it, either partially or completely.

The best natural diabetes treatment needs to consider the type of diabetes, the cause and your overall constitution. Most people’s diet, at least in the west, and increasingly elsewhere, is one of the main causes of any type of chronic diseases, including diabetes. Too much processed foods, too much animal protein and not enough natural foods can cause most of the problems in health today. Dr Neal Barnard talks about this most eloquently (and humorously).

This may be all that you need to do to halt the progression or even reverse your diabetes or pre-diabetes.

But for some, especially in advanced stages, you may need an extra helping hand to reverse this debilitating problem. You don’t want the prospect of gangrene or other dire problems looming over your head in years to come. And this is where good homeopathic treatment comes in.

Homeopathy is arguably the best natural treatment for any and every condition. It can reverse serious and generally considered untreatable conditions, because it targets you, not your condition. By targeting you, your balance returns, your immune system is restored to working order, your sense of well being increases. And the problem/s fade away.

Homeopathic treatment takes into consideration what was happening in your life at the time of the onset of your health problem. This can be another trigger to the problem.

Consider homeopathy, as well as your diet, as the best combination for natural diabetes treatment. Or any other problem, come to that.