Hand Foot And Mouth Disease Treatment – Naturally

Before looking at the best hand foot and mouth disease treatment, let’s look at what it is. I guess the name gives it away, as it’s a rash that occurs mainly on the hands, feet and in and around the mouth. It also occurs on the knees, elbows, buttocks and throat.

hand foot and mouth disease treatment

In reality, it’s a mild disease, a virus, that is normally limited to about two weeks or less. However, the discomfort especially, from the throat, can make people seek treatment. Swallowing can be painful. There can be fever. Digestion can be compromised with nausea and vomiting.

It’s an infectious viral disease and is most common in preschool children, although adults can get it, too. Summer and autumn are often when the main outbreaks occur, or year round in the tropics.

Despite the name, there is no connection with the foot and mouth disease found in farm animals. Its official name is coxsackievirus.

Symptoms start usually with a fever, then comes the sore throat and malaise, often with a poor appetite. The rash can become like blisters. Because it’s a mild disease, it’s rare to need treatment. However if the throat is so sore as to prevent drinking, especially in a young child, then help may be needed. Dehydration is the area that needs to be carefully watched. Adults can cope with a day or two of limited liquid intake, but small children can’t so easily.

Childhood diseases help a child develop a strong immune system. It is common for a child to have a growth spurt after recovery. This can be physical, emotional or both. So it’s best to leave it alone rather than to suppress the symptoms.

This means that the only important hand foot and mouth disease treatment, in most cases, is to deal with the sore throat.

Since this is a virus, antibiotic treatment is a waste of time. Steroidal treatment is far too draconian to contemplate in a mild disease such as this, unless severe complications have set in, which is rare.

Good homeopathic treatment can help deal with a sore throat. The treatment doesn’t suppress the symptoms. If it is not helpful, neither is it harmful.

There are no specific homeopathic remedies for a sore throat. It depends entirely on the symptoms of the individual. This may be hard to elicit in a young child. They wouldn’t be able to tell you the characteristics or modalities of the pain. But you can observe what they are naturally doing to alleviate the pain. And the times of the day when it is at its worst.

For example, lying down may make the pain worse. It could be more painful at night or in the afternoon. The pain may extend to the ear, indicated by the child reaching for the ear.

The sore throat may accompany other symptoms. For example, scanty urine (before the onset of the lack of drinking). There may be swollen glands. Speaking may be difficult. Bath time may aggravate the pain.

The child may be more clingy during this time, or more irritable.

These symptoms are easier for a professional homeopath to prescribe on than a novice home prescriber. But any observations on your part will go a long way to help getting the right remedy.

So don’t consider hand foot and mouth disease treatment for this mild virus. Sit it out, but keep an eye on a sore throat that impedes drinking totally, that may lead to dehydration. If the child is sipping, then you don’t need to worry. And sipping on freshly squeezed fruit and/or vegetable juice will ensure some nutrients, in an easily digestible form, are getting absorbed.

If you are worried, seek the help of a professional homeopath.

Food Intolerances – A Natural Way to End Them

Food intolerances have become increasingly common. Which means that something is very wrong with the health care system. Teachers at schools now have to deal with children who show all manner of symptoms of food intolerance. And this extends into adulthood, as they rarely fade aways unless naturally treated.

food intolerancesThe common food intolerances are from wheat or gluten in general, dairy or lactose in particular, nuts but peanuts in particular, shellfish, eggs and the chemical colours, flavours and preservatives.

To be honest, some of these food intolerances really can’t be classified as such. When did a chemical become a food? Who really believes that? And if you do, perhaps you need to examine your idea of food. Isn’t your body being responsible if it reacts to a chemical? It’s telling you very clearly, not to go there again.

Dairy or lactose intolerance is very much more common than it used to be. This is hardly surprising given the fact that the cows who generously give us their milk are fed large amounts of synthetic hormones and antibiotics, to keep the milk flowing. Naturally, as next in the food chain, we absorb this.

The milk also undergoes various de-naturing processes – pasteurisation and homogenisation – both of which make this very difficult for us to digest.

Milk is not a good food for humans, unless it is mother’s milk fed to babies. It may be high in many wonderful nutrients, but these are not available to us after we are weaned as our digestive process matures to cope with more complicated food.

Dairy intolerance extends beyond milk, to cream, yoghurt and cheese. Although yoghurt and cheese, being fermented foods, tend to fare better.

The most common symptoms of lactose intolerance is diarrhoea, stomach pain and/or a lot of phlegm production in the throat. Using lactose-free milk may not bring on the common symptoms, but will do little to enhance your health.

Far healthier alternatives are almond milk, oat milk or rice milk. With or without a food intolerance to dairy, it is not a healthy food for humans. Milk is only a healthy food for baby cows (or goats).

Wheat intolerance is also very common, with gluten intolerance becoming increasingly common. Gluten intolerance extends to other cereals besides wheat – oats, rye and barley. In its severe form, this intolerance is also known as celiac disease. Common symptoms of gluten or wheat intolerance are as above plus skin irritations or eruptions and lethargy.

In many situations, these problems may be as a result of the chemicals used to store the grain. In this case, the problems should not occur when you consume organic or biodynamic grains.

Completely avoiding the foods that you have an intolerance with is not always possible. And making sure your child is not exposed to these foods is almost impossible. Children love to share or swap their food with others.

Even though these foods are often unhealthy, it would be very much better if you were able to tolerate them, so as to avoid unwanted symptoms when you have unsuspectingly consumed them. So much of them are hidden.

Whatever the food intolerances, whatever the symptoms, instead of trying to avoid these foods, it is possible to deal with them, by treating the cause. This brings about an end to the entire problem.

Very few health care modalities can do this, but homeopathy can. It may take time and you would need to consult a professional homeopath, but this is the best way to end your food intolerances. In the process, your overall health will dramatically improve.

Professional homeopathic treatment works by supporting your body’s best efforts, by addressing the cause and by gently stimulating your immune system. It is un-paralleled in its depth and scope of treatment.

The Importance of The Gut Microbiome

The health of the gut microbiome is critical to our health. Before exploring this, let’s examine just exactly what a microbiome is, especially when it relates to your gut.

gut microbiome

A microbiome consists of microorganisms in any particular environment. In the case we are studying, it is those that exist within an area of the body or a part of the body. Our survival, as well as that of every animal, depends on their very existence.

In our gut and other mucosal areas, it is estimated that 100 trillion microorganisms live. Their function, or perhaps just one of their functions, is to support our digestion, prevent pathogens entering the body and synthesising nutrients so they can be absorbed and utilised.

Maybe the microbiome could also be called the immune system. The concept of microorganisms may be easier to understand and intellectualise than the concept of an intangible immune system.

The human microbiome, or that of any other animal, consists of bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa. They exist in any area of the body that is moist, such as the mouth, nose, throat, lungs, gut, anus and urogenital areas.

Interestingly, this is not exactly the same for every person. Health, health care, diet, geographical location, ancestry all play a part in the variations.

A baby gets their starting microbiome from a vaginal birth. Followed by breast milk. When a baby is birthed via a caesar surgery, they lack this vital start of life protection. Wiping them with the mucous from the vagina can in some way restore this.

The health of your microbiome affects your digestion, which in turn affects your mental health, your moods as well as your general health. This includes serious chronic disease, which almost always stems from chronic inflammation.

If the human gut microbiome is so important, I imagine that you may currently be wondering if the use of antibiotics is detrimental to its health. That antibiotics may be the cause of the demise of our health. You would be right if that’s how you are thinking.

However, there are other factors which are detrimental to the health of these wonderfully supportive microorganisms. Refined foods such as white sugar and white flour, chlorinated and fluorinated water, genetically engineered food, agricultural chemicals, animal protein and other drugs such as anti-inflammatory drugs and proton pump inhibitors.

Is it any wonder that the world is so sick at the moment, when you consider that most people are eating the foods and taking the drugs which harm their microbiome?

So what can you do to retain a healthy gut microbiome or to restore one? Probably the most important areas you should address is your diet and your health care.

A microbiome diet consists of a plentiful intake of fresh fruit and veggies, organic wherever possible and as much raw as you can. It also consists of adding fermented food every day. When you make your own fermented veggies, there will be a much richer and diverse variety of healthy bacteria.

As far as health care goes, you will be far healthier if you use natural health care therapies, such as homeopathy. Good homeopathic treatment supports what your body is always trying to do, but can’t always manage – that is to keep you healthy.

Start with professional homeopathic support, then learn to use some of the common remedies yourself. This is so useful for those times when you can’t reach your homeopath – in the middle of the night, on holiday, when you can’t book in immediately.

Honour your gut microbiome and support its health! Bacteria and other pathogens have an important job to do and are not your enemy! Keep your home clean, but don’t go overboard on sterilising. Keep yourself clean but expose yourself, and especially your kids, to germs – in the garden, from animals. You’ll all be a lot more resistant to those harmful infections.

Hashimoto Thyroid Disease – Natural Solutions

Hashimoto thyroid disease is, obviously, a problem with the thyroid. It is also an autoimmune condition. Other names for this condition are Hashimoto’s disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, autoimmune thyroiditis or chronic lymphocyclic thyroiditis.

hashimoto thyroid disease

Hashimoto disease is an inflammation of the thyroid. There is a gradual destruction of the thyroid, over time.

There are three stages – silent autoimmunity, autoimmune reactivity and the autoimmune disease state.

Generally, this condition is slow. It can take up to a decade for symptoms to emerge.

Hashimoto disease symptoms include:
weight gain, cold extremities, fatigue, muscle and/or joint pain, dry skin, brittle nails, thinning hair, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, memory loss, constipation, depression, bloating, heavy menstrual periods, to name a few.

As you can imagine, these symptoms are shared with many other conditions. How does anyone clear the haze to diagnose? I suggest this is difficult.

From an holistic practitioner’s perspective, I am in a fortunate position. Homeopaths don’t diagnose. Diagnosis is strictly a medical practice. And I suggest, not a very reliable, or even accurate one. Some conditions are mis-diagnosed. Some conditions are yet to be named and listed.

The reason for medical diagnosis is to make the doctor’s job easier. If they can diagnose a disease, they can prescribe a drug. Consultation over in the five minutes allowed.

I personally don’t feel that you can take all the details of relevance in any given patient in five minutes. Or 10. Or even 30. Which goes a long way to explain why people are generally becoming more sick, despite regular medical check ups.

First of all, a cause need to be elicited, where possible. This is not easy in a slowly developing condition, such as Hashimoto thyroid disease. But, if you know what you’re doing, you can see a point when a healthy person started to become sick. When things started on a downwards spiral, however slight. Whatever significant that happened before that, could be the cause.

There can be a multitude of causes, sometimes more than one. Basically, there will have been something that caused the immune system grief, so that it could no longer operate in its usual efficient way. We all hold latent problems that can be brought to the surface with the right stimulus.

Common stimulating causes that upset the immune system badly include a severe shock, fright or grief, a long standing life of anxiety or irritation, vaccines, medical drugs and so forth. If we can’t fully recover from an emotional or physical effect, then our health starts to deteriorate.

These causes are not medically recognised. Even if they were, there is nothing they can do with this information. So suppressive treatment is their only option.

In homeopathic treatment, we are much more fortunate. Not only are these causes taken very seriously, we are able to treat them very effectively.

Homeopathy is a complete form of natural medicine which works by gently stimulating the immune system. This results in your natural immunity returning to its full potential. Symptoms melt away and are easily forgotton. You go back to your good old self, or better.

Diet is very important in anyone’s overall health. Many foods cause inflammation, such as junk food, processed food and animal protein. Equally, many foods reduce inflammation, such as fresh fruit and vegetables.

Toxicity affects everyone’s health and the more toxic you are the more unhealthy you will be. Toxicity comes from chemicals, unnatural substances which our bodies don’t recognise. Chemicals abound in non-organic food, in furnishings, in vaccines and in medical drugs.

Use professional homeopathy to treat your Hashimoto thyroid disease to resolve the problem completely! This may take time, but you will increasingly improve under the right treatment. Instead of deteriorating, your condition will improve, reversing the downwards spiral.

Help For Those Allergic to Cats – Naturally

Some people are allergic to cats. Surprisingly, they seem to attract partners or friends who have cats, so often end up suffering a lot or overdoing on allergy medicine. Happily, here is a simple, effective, non-toxic way to solving this problem. Permanently. And no, it isn’t divorce or separation!

allergic to catsAllergies signify an over-active immune system. They are not natural. In fact, they have been created by man. But then so have most ails, in some form or another.

An allergy to cats is normally caused by breathing in the fine particles of their fur or skin that lodges in the fur. Hence the reference to cat dander allergies. This can happen with other animals too, hence the name pet dander allergies.

When we breathe in something our body doesn’t like, the first reaction is to sneeze. If this eliminates the problem, our symptoms stop there. But if the problem remains, as it often will when you remain in the company of the cause, then the body’s next line of defence is to create a discharge, either from the nose or the eyes. The discharge helps to carry out the offending particles.

An itch can also develop.

Taking anti-histamines or other medication to alleviate the symptoms, can bring temporary respite. But as they don’t deal with the cause, the symptoms will return. And normally these symptoms become stronger, showing your body’s distaste at being suppressed. Eventually the meds will no longer work and stronger ones are needed, which will also have a life.

Of course, another option is not to live with cats, but I suspect that may not go down too well with your cat loving partner. And it is far healthier to deal with problems than to avoid them. So what else can you do?

Homeopathy is a complete system of natural health care that works at an energy level. This concept is not in mainstream thinking, so you may not understand what this is. I’ll try to explain.

All life forms are energy beings. The difference between a fresh corpse and a living being is only energy. Our life force. Our chi. Our spirit. Our immune system. Call it what you will.

That being the case, it seems obvious that it is this energy that needs support. So an energy based healing system would be the most helpful. Energy based healing systems support rather than suppress the body’s way of handling problems.

So instead of suppressing the symptoms you may experience from being allergic to cats, an energy based healing symptom strengthens your immune system. So that your body is much more able, much stronger, much more positive in throwing our the problem. And ends up not being affected by it at all. Just like all the other people who are not allergic to cat hair, such as your partner or friends.

For any and all health problems, be they acute or chronic, be they simple or complex, be they non life threatening or life threatening, homeopathy can help. Often permanently resolving the problem.

Being allergic to cats, being allergic to cat fur, is no reason not to live happily with a cat loving partner. Instead of avoiding cats, and so those who love to live with them, get some real health support with this. See a homeopath!

Holistic Healing – The Only Way For Health

One of the most popular and effective holistic healing methods is homeopathy. Hang on a minute, you may ask. What on earth IS holistic healing? If I spelt it wholistic, I’m sure the penny would drop. Who knows why the ‘w’ was dropped.

holistic healing

So holistic health and healing is all about healing not just the part of you that you complain about, such as painful joints, but the whole of you. You are connected to all of you, after all. Therefore a problem in your big toe WILL affect the rest of you, even if you are not aware of it.

Or, to put it another way, you create your problems. No, not consciously. And not necessarily willingly. But you are the cause of most of your problems. (There are a few, but only a very few, that you have inherited.)

If you create your problems, then, yes, you also have the capability of curing those same problems.

One of the most important aspects of holistic health care hinges on what you put in your mouth. If you regularly consume non-nutritious food, food which does nothing to supply your body with all the nutrients necessary for good health, then good health is not what you will enjoy. You will probably also always be hungry and overweight, adding to the problem.

If you regularly shun the sun, you will be low in vitamin D and probably too high in cholesterol. Natural sunlight converts cholesterol (a healthy and necessary hormone) to vitamin D. A lack of vitamin D leads to colds and flus as well as weak bones, amongst other serious problems.

If you don’t exercise, your muscles will go flabby and your heart will suffer. Even doing normal housework, excluding the use of robotic vacuum cleaners, can be sufficient exercise to maintain good health.

Holistic healing includes your mental, emotional and spiritual health as well as your physical health. All are connected. A lack of balance within your mental, emotional and spiritual sides will eventually lead to physical problems. It’s as if your body is giving you plenty of warning, before making it impossible to ignore.

You may just accept your poor memory or your fear of dogs as part of who you are. But they aren’t as they are not normal in a healthy person, and if ignored may lead to dementia or heart problems, sooner if not later. These you can’t ignore.

The holistic approach to health is to involve the whole of you in your healing. That means appreciating that the stiff neck which often leads to a headache or migraine, was probably caused by stress or tension – of work, of family life, of too much to do in too little time…

Sometimes, simply that appreciation of the connection can lead to a return to health, of resolving the health problem.

There are a variety of holistic therapies which offer you this. Homeopathy may be the most effective. It certainly is one of them. Good homeopathic treatment has the ability to overturn all the problems you have had in your life. It also has the capacity to overturn inherited problems.

Homeopathy works at a very deep level. Obviously some things will take time to heal. The more recent the problem, the sooner the healing. The more distant the problem, the longer the cure.

It is curious, and yet it isn’t, that the effect of holistic healing is an improvement in your lot in life. You become immune to peoples criticisms, you get a more satisfying job, your relationships improve, you are not so tense or so easily stressed.

Life is all about evolving, about moving. Problems are encountered to give us this prompt. When we ignore these prompts, they become more insistent. People may look upon this as unlucky, as their lot in life. This is very far from the truth. If you feel life is unfair to you or you feel unlucky, consider that this is a message from your soul to get you moving out of your rut, comfortable though it may be.

Homeopathic treatment, a hands off treatment therapy and an energetic healing therapy, is perhaps the most efficient holistic therapy. It offers you the best in holistic healing, the best life has to offer. Which in turn, has a knock on effect affecting everyone – positively.