Natural Ligament Injury Solutions Can Be Rapid

There are some wonderful natural ligament injury solutions to be found with homeopathic treatment. The process can be rapid, is non-invasive, pain-free and empowering. It is also very economical when you compare it with the medical solution.

ligament injury

It doesn’t matter whether the problem lies with knee ligament injuries, other cruciate ligament injuries (such as the anterior cruciate ligament or the posterior) or any other ligament injury. The right homeopathic treatment can get you back into action far faster than probably any other way.

Mainstream ligament injury treatment can be painfully slow. Use of the affected part is severely affected for many months. But this isn’t the norm with good homeopathic treatment.

Ligaments are those tissue structures that support joints. Ligaments connect bone to bone, such as in a joint. (Tendons connect muscle to bone, so are very similar.) They are made of tough elastic fibrous connective tissue and are responsible for keeping the joint stable and supported.

They are situated well below the surface of the skin, so have no need for nerve cells. The pain common with a ligament injury is more about the affected muscles and joint that the ligament supports.

Ligaments also have a poor blood supply which makes for a slower than normal healing rate.

A ligament injury will generally show up as a weakness in the affected joint as there is now a problem with the support system. So a ligament injury in the wrist, elbow or shoulder may show up as a tendency to drop what you’re holding.

A ligament injury in the foot, knee or hip is likely to show up as a tendency for the leg to give way, for no apparent reason.

Mild ligament injuries such as these are not normally accompanied by pain. It’s just a weakness.

Most severe ligament injuries occur in sports people, who regularly push themselves, often beyond their natural limits. These will generally be accompanied by pain, because the unsupported joint now relies on other parts to keep it more or less stable.

Obviously, the more severe the injury, the longer the time to heal.

This is not a DIY situation. Especially if you are new to homeopathy. You need regular professional help to keep the ligament healing fast. As a very general rule, a ligament injury treated by good homeopathic treatment will take about half the time it will with surgery. Generally, you will not be so limited in your movements as you heal. Additional treatment may be necessary for the muscles to heal and to limit pain. It is unlikely that you will need physio treatment, as the joint will be back in action more quickly and gradually.

The result is a beautiful healing process which does not leave a tendency to tear again. No weakness from scar tissue or a lack of complete healing. In fact, the treatment may well heal a weakness or tendency that was there before. Or an old injury.

Choose homeopathy for all your health needs, including a ligament injury of any type. I can personally testify to its efficacy and speed.

Teenage Problems – Find the Solution Rather Than Manage It

Teenage problems can be a real headache for everyone concerned, not just the parents and other immediate family members. Schools, friends, extended family, animals, property can all suffer at the hands of teenage violence. Some teenage problems can lead to suicide.

teenage problems

When confronted with this problem, most people either consult their family doctor or support from a group dealing with anger management for teens. I suggest neither option will help long term, even though learning how to manage anger can be hugely beneficial.

Teenager problems don’t suddenly occur. They always start at a far younger age. Then, due to puberty, these problems escalate. And they frequently escalate into anger, aggression, even violence, sometimes suicide. What can you do to change this?

Small children are very loyal to their parents. They want their parents approval. It is well known that small children from abused homes would still rather be with their parents than fostered out. Adults who had been fostered or adopted often feel isolated and as if they have no roots. It is common for them to search for their biological parents. This is despite even the most nurturing and stable of guardian care.

When this loyalty is abused, or when the child is not treated with respect, as a real person, problems start to develop. In this age of dysfunctional governments and communities, it is little wonder that it also extends to parents.

Not everyone planned their parenthood. For many, having a child is a burden they could do without. It stretches everything – patience, finances, time, taking care of your own needs, relationships.

Children are highly sensitive and astute persons. They easily sense when they are/were not wanted. This is even when it is hidden from them. Even in fairly balanced families, if both parents work, there is little time or patience for the children. Often the only words parents speak to their children are if they have done their homework or if they have brushed their teeth. Often there is no real connection, no guidance, no obvious love.

This makes the child sad.

This sadness deepens over time. When the hormones arrive with puberty, especially testosterone, this sadness explodes into violence and aggression. Teenage aggression can be all the more harrowing because the teen doesn’t know how to handle these new and intense emotions.

The parents often act in surprise.

“Doctor, my child is aggressive. Give him a pill.”

The ‘pill’ is unconditional parental love, parental respect, time to listen to what the child has to say, rather than telling the child what to do. The teenager has now grown into someone who doesn’t know who they are. They were never allowed to find out, to discover themselves.

A support group for teenage problems can be helpful, although dealing with the problem at its core is better than managing it.

Teenage anger problems, as in any other age group, can also be caused by other factors, although these may be less hazardous to live with.

All medical drugs are chemicals. Vaccines carry an array of highly toxic chemicals and minerals. Chemicals and some minerals are highly toxic to the body and can cause neurological and liver damage. Neurological damage affects the brain, which in turn has an effect upon our emotions. When the liver is badly compromised, anger erupts.

Teen anger or hyperactivity can be caused by chemicals in the food – synthetic additives or the chemicals used to produce the food.

Troubled teenage behaviour can be inherited. Any issue that was not resolved in previous generations will be passed down until it is.

Troubled teens often get into trouble with the authorities and/or join a group of other teens with the same problem and they then egg each other on.

However attractive it appears, punishment is not the answer. Making good a wrong doing may be appropriate. But the real solution lies in either the parent/s taking responsibility for their previous actions. Or the teenager getting help to heal from the traumas of early life.

I am not trying to blame the parents. People normally repeat what their parents did, whether that was good or bad. How does a child raised by dysfunctional parents become a responsible parent themselves?

But we do have a mind. We can think things through. We can try to better ourselves. We can try to do a better job. We can put ourselves in the child’s shoes and look at the situation from their point of view.

Whatever the cause, whatever the medical label, teenage problems can be helped or fully healed with appropriate homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy works by restoring balance. Balance can be adversely affected by a lack of love, a lack of nurturing, a lack of respect, high hormone activity, toxicity, poor nutrition, to mention just a few. Homeopathy can reverse that.

Vaccine Side Effects Are Just The Beginning

Vaccine side effects are under-reported, under-valued, frequently mis-diagnosed and generally swept under the carpet by most of the mainstream medicals. It isn’t in their interest to have such a holy cash cow publicly known to cause truly damaging problems.

vaccine side effects

Their constant denial of any problems with vaccines has had a very positive public reaction; vaccines are now generally being talked about, often hotly argued over, but they have come out of the woodwork. Once the heat has simmered down, which may take a while, then reason and respectful debate with show what is true. You cannot suppress the truth for long.

The fact that vaccination side effects are very real is undeniable. Even some medical professionals are asking about recent vaccinations when a child is admitted with a problem, showing they are, at last, beginning to appreciate the problem.

Many argue that the inclusion of poisons or heavy metals (mercury in thimerosol, aluminium, formaldehyde, etc) have a deleterious effect on the body. This is especially so on the young, immature bodies of those targeted. Neurological problems abound, as do allergies.

The recent media hysteria on the Zika virus conveniently forgets to mention that the mothers of the affected babies have all had the relatively new (with unknown safety issues) Dtap vaccine during pregnancy. It wasn’t long ago that all doctors abhorred the very idea of a vaccine during pregnancy, for very good reason.

Highly damaging though they undoubtedly are, I believe vaccines and so vaccine side effects, are only one cause, albeit a major one, in a long list of causative factors of poor health. Others include:

  • the wide use of very damaging agricultural chemicals (very high use in Brazil) which leads to toxicity
  • poor nutrition (from chemically farmed produce or from poor choices)
  • poor sanitation and/or hygiene
  • dysfunctional societies – governments, communities, parents

However, in all this public argument about the efficacy of vaccines, the side effects of vaccines and vaccine safety issues, one thing seems to have been missed completely. One very important aspect.

Many holistic practitioners appreciate the wisdom and the total safety of Mother Nature. Despite many claims (mostly from those with a vested interest) to the contrary, there is nothing natural on this Earth that will harm us. That is, if we heed and respect the intelligence of everything else on Earth. And this we are not doing.

We are, or should be, evolving beings. Each generation should be growing in consciousness. When we fail to do so, Mother Earth comes along with the solution. This solution often causes us physical or emotional discomfort, even pain, but if we can process it naturally, we come out with greater understanding.

Parents of old or of unvaccinated children notice this. When a child goes through a childhood disease, they come out the other side as more mature beings. Their drawings are more mature, their reasoning is more mature.

Childhood diseases actually help us evolve. They are not the dangerous problems they are made out to be. This is the true of all pathogens – bacteria, virus, fungi. They are not the enemy. They come with a message. But as usual, humanity shoots the messenger.

This continual suppression of disease by medical treatment also suppresses our immune system as well as our evolutionary process. Chronic disease later on is the result. Homeopaths in South America have been experimenting with using the homeopathic remedy people should have had when they had a fever as a child, with great results. For what, you might ask? For cancer.

This means the fever had a purpose. And not just the known purpose of throwing out a virus. A fever well handled improves the immune system, and just like a child, we evolve. We become more mature.

So along with the well documented and well researched (independently) side effects of vaccinations, there is one effect that is not being talked about. The evolution of humanity.

Perhaps one of the greatest vaccine side effects is the holding back of the growth of human consciousness. Is this more damaging than the physical toll?

Homeopathic treatment works by supporting the body in its quest for better health. It doesn’t suppress. So it can replace the need for the pathogen. By using prescribed homeopathic treatment for any acute ailment, you evolve a lot more easily, a lot more comfortably, than with the well intended pathogen.

Natural Treatment For Heartburn

The natural treatment for heartburn offers you the most effective way to eliminate this potentially troublesome problem. However, like everything else, it’s always best to know what causes it. Then you can take proactive measures and quite possibly avoid any treatment.

treatment for heartburn

What is heartburn? Also known as acid reflux, it occurs when a little of the acid in the stomach along some of the contents, are pushed up the oesophagus towards the mouth. The oesophagus is not meant to handle stomach acid, hence the feeling of burning, which is normally felt in the chest. Sometimes, you also have an unpleasant bitter taste in the mouth. Pain can vary in intensity.

Another name for this is gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD.

Heartburn is a very common problem and over the counter heartburn medication is one of the most common drugs used. But this medical treatment for heartburn can create havoc in your body as it doesn’t deal with the cause. Instead it reduces the amount of stomach acid. According to recent research, the PPIs can lead to chronic kidney disease, heart attacks, a higher risk of bone fractures and reduces nutrient absorption.

Reducing stomach acid doesn’t make sense to me as the amount of acid isn’t the problem. It’s the fact that it is being directed in the wrong direction that is the problem. In other words the sphincter, the valve at the base of the oesophagus, is not closing properly.

Heartburn doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. It is an expression of your body telling you it is having trouble remaining healthy. You can ignore the signs and take suppressive medication, which will lead you down a slippery slope. Or you can take note of your body’s innate wisdom and decide to be proactive.

Any health problem shows that your immune system is failing to do its job properly. Your priority should be to restore your immunity to how it should be. Then keep it there.

So what are some of the causes of heartburn? Anything that suppresses your symptoms can lead to any form of illness depending on your susceptibility and sensitivity. Taking medicines does this. Aspirin and ibuprofen in particular are well known for causing or exacerbating heartburn, as are others.

Others causes can be obesity, smoking and excess alcohol. Obviously none of these are healthy in any way.

Any extra stress on the body, such as pregnancy, can also stimulate latent or dormant problems, heartburn being just one.

The fact that this can occur in over weight people shows that the cause can be a poor diet. A poor diet can contribute to two of the major problems in bad health – toxicity and malnutrition. Why malnutrition? Because a poor diet will never provide the body with the necessary nutrients to be healthy, so you will be forever hungry.

The best heartburn treatment starts, not by examining your stomach acid levels or your stomach valve efficiency or even what foods typically give you heartburn. Instead, it starts by scutinising your habits and when they started.

Poor eating habits can come from poor parenting, but can also come as a measure of coping with an emotional upset. Smoking is rarely a habit unless it helps you cope with something that is too painful to face. The same with over drinking.

If you are taking regular medication, there is something going on in your body that shows an imbalance.

All this may be too difficult to manage easily yourself, without any help.

Any truly holistic and natural treatment for heartburn is likely to go far deeper than what you may consider to be a minor affliction. In reality, it isn’t minor. It can lead to major complications later on if not treated holistically.

Homeopathic treatment offers you the most effective, as well as the fastest way, to resolve any health issue, whether it comes from purely physical causes, or deeper emotional causes. Don’t treat your heartburn lightly. Take it as a call for help from your body and address the cause – with homeopathic help.

Don’t go for instant relief. Take a considered approach.

Natural Heavy Metal Detox

Before getting into the nuts and bolts of natural heavy metal detox and all that involves, lets first look at what heavy metals are and where they come from, so you can avoid further contamination and exposure.

heavy metal detox

Heavy metals are those metallic elements that have a relatively high density and can be toxic to the body at low concentrations. They can’t be easily expelled from the body. So they accumulate. With many toxins, your body can eliminate them, especially when you stop allowing them entry. This is not so with the heavy metals, especially in an ailing person.

Example of heavy metals are mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, thallium, chromium. Aluminium, although not technically a heavy metal, has the same qualities of bioaccumulation.

However, there are also heavy metals that are essential to the body, but in very low concentrations. These are trace elements and include copper, selenium, nickel and zinc.

Heavy metals cause all manner of damage to our bodies, especially to the neurological system. Examples include dementia, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, learning disabilities, aggression, hyperactivity, arrhythmia, weakness. They can also inhibit the uptake of nutrients.

This list of where the heavy metals can be found is not exhaustive.

Aluminium can be found in baby formula, processed foods, anti-perspirant deodorants, medications as a binding agent, antacids, personal care products, aluminium cooking utensils and foil.

Cadmium can be found in floor coverings, car seats, fertilisers, fungicides, furniture, silver polish, cigarettes, black rubber, ceramics, motor oil.

Lead can be found in canned food, cigarette smoke, glossy newsprint, ceramics, lead paint, lead water pipes, refined chocolate.

Mercury can be found in dental fillings, vaccines, some fish.

Arsenic is found in many foods that have been grown in very polluted areas. China is just one example. Any area that has been continuously sprayed with fertilisers, insecticides, pesticides, etc can have higher than natural levels of arsenic, which the plants will uptake.

Even organic food can contain heavy metals as these are not tested for. Traces from previous malpractices can remain in the soil for many years, sometimes decades.

As we live in an ever increasingly toxic world as industry seems to have no bounds, limits or controls, we will be ever more subject to high levels of heavy metal toxicity. Which means we need to be vigilant in our heavy metals detox.

Particular heavy metals can be detected by a hair analysis.

Chelation is the common solution to this perplexing problem. Chelation works by one nutrient or substance binding with the problem source, then carrying it out during any one of the body elimination processes. Examples of common chelations include charcoal, cilantro, chlorella, bentonite clay and others.

Unfortunately detoxing heavy metals this way can produce some unpleasant, if temporary side effects. These include nausea, dizziness, headaches and the like.

Homeopathy is another way to detox heavy metals. Homeopathy can be used in a variety of different ways. One way is to target the problem and eliminate that, just as the chelation methods work. Another way is to restore balance to the person, which then gives the body its natural ability to restore health.

Homeopathy provides one of the safest and easiest natural heavy metal detox methods, with few if any side effects. Many consider homeopathy to be the best heavy metal detox, the most thorough, the safest and easiest on the patient.

Another side of heavy metal toxicity is that which we inherit. If one of our ancestors suffered with these before our conception (such as lead), then it is likely that we inherit, if not exhibit, symptoms related to this toxicity. I am unsure whether a hair analysis would be able to pick this up. I suspect not, as they ‘mutate’ or change form. However, homeopathy can also tackle this problem effectively.

Candida Infection and Natural Ways To Deal With It

What is a candida infection? Is candida the same as candida albicans? Are there any natural ways of getting rid of it completely, not just keeping it at bay?

candida infectionCandida, also known as candida albicans, is a yeastlike fungus, naturally and commonly found in the normal flora of the mouth, the intestinal tract, the skin, the vagina, the glans penis, the respiratory tract, as well as other areas. At normal population levels, it causes no problems and is essential in playing its part in keeping you healthy.

Candidiasis is the name given to the candida infection. Infection may give you the wrong idea though, since the candida fungus is a natural part of your flora, which abound in a healthy person.

Infections are really when a natural bacteria or fungus grows beyond its normal population. This happens when the body is trying to deal with an imbalance, that could be physical or emotional. Candida infections can be caused by a poor choice in food (such as acidifying food) or by medications such as antibiotics. It can occur more regularly with diabetes mellitus or during pregnancy.

The increase in the natural flora populations can cause symptoms. Typically these are itching, often severe, especially when it occurs in the genitals. Oral candida or thrush as it is commonly called, can cause difficulty or pain in swallowing.

The medical treatment of a candida yeast infection can be severe and suppressive, compromising an already struggling immune system. What else can you do?

First, you need to understand causes of any health problem, because therein lies the cure. Secondly, you need to know the conditions that any health problem thrives in, because this will obviously encourage it. And thirdly, embrace it rather than fight it. Every health problem gives us the opportunity to learn from it, to grow beyond it, to evolve. Fighting something gives it power – the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

Any candida fungal infection thrives when your body pH is acidic. Foods that make you acidic are animal proteins (including eggs, milk and white meat), processed foods (such as white sugar, white flour, soft drinks, packet foods), artificial colouring, preservatives, flavours, sweeteners and synthetic supplements. Medical drugs and cigarettes also acidify your body pH. As does anger. overwork, stress, jealousy and fear.

It’s possible, but may not be easy, for you to avoid the acidifying foods, but less easy to avoid stress, anger or the medical drugs your doctor tells you are vital for your well-being. For this, you need professional help. Candida natural treatment can come from a variety of natural therapies. But perhaps the most helpful in the shortest possible time comes from good homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathy restores balance. When this happens your anger is no longer needed, stress no longer is a part of your life, poor food choices disappear as your body let’s you know what healthy food it needs. Balance is everything. With it, life runs smoothly and easily. Without it, chaos reins, as your body struggles to regain it.

Get professional, holistic help in the form of homeopathy to help with your candida infection. As balance is restored, you’ll find other problems also disappear, as homeopathy works on the whole of you, not just that part of you that is troubling you.