Chronic Inflammation and Cancer and How to Avoid It

Before jumping into discussing the link between chronic inflammation and cancer, let’s look at what inflammation is and in particular what the chronic version means.

inflammation and cancer

Inflammation is a vital part of self healing when the problem is acute. It stops us overdoing the use of an injured part. It supports the natural healing process. When the healing is well on its way, the inflammation reduces in direct proportion.

Fever is an inflammatory process and fevers are invaluable at preventing a virus from taking hold. The healthier you are, the more severe the fever is likely to be, and the shorter time it will last.

You don’t want to stop this inflammatory process. It’s all in perfect order, even if it does cause you inconvenience. It’s best to rest and allow your body to do its thing, while keeping an eye on the process.

Chronic inflammation is something totally different. For a start, it doesn’t go away. And it tends to worsen over time. However, there is still a valuable message there, one which you should heed. Just as with acute inflammation, chronic inflammation is a healthy response by your body with the means at its disposal.

The fact that this problem won’t go away indicates that you are either chronically toxic or chronically nutrient deficient. Probably both.

Why chronically toxic? In the last century, something like seven million new chemicals have been created. At a rough estimate, most humans test positive to 275 of these. So you have 275 chemicals in your body, that it doesn’t know how to deal with because they are not part of our evolutionary history.

Why chronically nutrient deficient? Because our food has become less and less nutritious as the farms become more like industries. Family farms of the past cared for the land and their animals. Now the only thing the owners of factory farms care about is their profit.

Processed food carries even less nutrition. Tins, cans, junk, fast, packet, even frozen food is all for convenience, but are chronically deficient in nutrition. And it’s only good nutrition that can support a healthy body, that can help your body expel toxins, that can prevent or reverse a chronic inflammatory disease.

However, if you don’t heed this message from your body, if you continue to do what you always do, then this can lead to cancer. So chronic inflammation is the messenger boy, that you heed or ignore. Ignoring it and you can see the link between cancer and inflammation, because it is likely to progress to that. Cancer doesn’t suddenly happen. And there is always a reason.

So if you have chronic inflammation, which could be body pain, joint pain, gum infection, digestive problems, etc, then you need to change your diet at the very least.

Foods which lead to chronic inflammation and cancer include all the animal proteins, fast/junk food, processed foods such as white sugar, white flour, preservatives, synthetic nutrients and other acid forming foods.

Medications, which are mostly chemicals, are also acid forming, so will push your body further towards cancer.

Foods which help your body reverse inflammation are fresh fruit and vegetables, seeds and nuts, especially when raw. These are alkalising foods.

Important though a good diet is, you may still need extra help. Hereditary traits can be difficult to shift with diet alone. This is where the energetic healing power of homeopathy comes in. Good, effective homeopathic treatment can help you de-tox and to restore health, even when the problem was inherited or there is an inability to, say, process food properly.

Chronic inflammation and cancer are bed fellows in a way, as cancer frequently follows chronic inflammation if you don’t heed the message. You are the only one in charge of your body. Make the right decisions, get the right help. Don’t go for quick fixes. Take responsibility and go for long term healing. You can’t put a price on good health.

Causes of Constant Headaches and Their Natural Solutions

What causes constant headaches? If you have them, how can you manage them effectively? Better still, how can you get rid of them? Preferably without causing any other problem.

constant headachesMost people who suffer with a constant headache keep taking pain killers. But these have a deleterious effect, especially with constant and continuous use. At the very least, your liver will be affected and your immune system compromised. Instead of treating the effect, look for the cause and get that mended.

So let’s look at the types and causes of constant headaches and how to fix them gently, effectively, without invasive or expensive procedures, without causing further problems or harm.

Probably the most common cause is from a head injury or concussion. Other common causes can be from badly infected or blocked sinuses, eye strain, a low grade fever, tension (from stress or anxiety), damage to the nervous system, chronic dehydration or any other of a hundred other causes.

You may be able to remember when they started and what happened prior to that. In any event, any form of headaches, whether constant or not, are a way your body is communicating with you that something is wrong and needs attention. And with constant headaches, this means something is seriously wrong. Popping a pill and carrying on as normal is not recommended.

Many sports people suffer repeated head injury and don’t think anything of it, often to their peril.

Symptoms will vary with each individual, too. For some it can be a constant dull headache, for others the pain can vary in intensity and character. The location of the pain can remain static or move around. Time of day, season or weather can affect the pain either way. Sleep may or may not be affected.

Additional symptoms may accompany the pain. For example some may experience constant headaches and dizziness others constant headaches and tiredness. When the headaches cease, so does the dizziness or fatigue.

It is important to understand two significances from these personal symptoms. One is that your body is wise and intelligent and is doing its best to get your attention. And the other is that your individual expression of the malady indicate that you also need individual treatment to solve the problem.

So what’s the solution?

Homeopathy, an holistic and complete form of medicine, works not by masking over the symptoms, which suppresses the effect. Instead, it works by targeting the underlying cause and mending that. Once the cause is fixed, the effect disappears. Easily, without any fanfare.

This means someone whose problem started from a head injury will get a different treatment from someone whose sinus’ are badly infected, will get a different treatment from someone who suffers eye strain, will get a different treatment from someone whose pain is worse on the right side, and so on. I hope you get my drift.

In other words, homeopathy works by treating you as the individual you are. No malady can be mended by treating everyone the same. We are all unique beings and all of us have unique expressions of disease, which is an internal imbalance.

If you suffer with constant headaches, you need to get them mended soon, preferably with an energetic medicine such as homeopathy. Leaving them will lower your immunity, giving rise to more problems.

How to Detox The Body The Holistic Way

Becoming aware of how to detox the body could be a life saver. It most certainly will make your life easier, brighter, happier and more energetic which will probably mean you are more creative or productive. This is likely to extend your life span.

how to detox the body

There are many ways to detox your body. There are many companies that promote their way of detoxing your body, some of them excellent, some not so.

Why do you need to consider a body detox anyway?

Most people are well aware that we live in a very toxic environment:

  • the air we breathe is seriously toxic from the fumes of motor vehicles and factory effluent
  • the food we eat is commonly laced with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and synthetic fertilisers, even when we try to eat well
  • furnishing in houses and buildings often contain toxins such as fire retardant and formaldehyde
  • even our clothing and bedding can be toxic because of the added chemicals, because they are made from petroleum products, because the plant (such as cotton) is genetically modified
  • mainstream medications are all toxic as they are all made with chemicals
  • personal care and cleaning products can be highly toxic
  • most municipal water is toxic
  • mercury is still being used in tooth fillings and in vaccines

The list is endless. Bad enough for people to throw their arms up in the air and say it’s all too much. What can they do?

The fact is, the more toxic you are, the lower your energy will be, the more ailments you will get. It is considered by some that cancer is not a disease, it is a toxic overload of your body, throwing it into confusion about how to function.

And so most people add more toxins in their ‘treatment’ just to make it worse, to ensure they die. And the cancer gets the blame.

How upside down our world has become.

What many people don’t realise is that toxins are also passed down in families. From generation to generation. For example, if your great grandmother used the face powder which contained lead, or your great grandfather was a printer (so was exposed to lead), successive generations will be affected.

Your great grandmother or father would perhaps have had the direct poisoning symptom of wrist drop. The next generation may have had arm drop. The third generation may develop a neurological disorder such as parkinson’s disease. And so on.

War can leave a terrible scar on a family. Soldiers often have to do such terrible things, they can never integrate back into society. Their children may inherit a highly aggressive trait. The third generation maybe too scared to be visible (get killed), so do badly at school.

Religious extremism has caused a massive amount of trauma to families. Much of it is in the past, but in some areas, it is still continuing. Torture was the order of the day. The effects are always passed down through the successive generations.

So when considering the best ways to detox your body, think big. Think beyond the physical aspects. Consider also the psychological effects. Think beyond this lifetime. Think of what is being passed down.

This means that the liver detox or the colon cleanse, although helpful, may be just the tip of the iceberg.

Deciding how to detox the body, you really need to think about a full body detox, a full inherited detox.

I only know of one such health care system that is capable of this. And it’s homeopathy. A good homeopath will search your past, and your family’s past, for areas that could have affected you to the extent of your current problem. Then they will prescribe remedies that will undo this damage, freeing you of the deleterious affect in the process.

This will take time, but along the way, your health will improve. The way it improves is two fold: the toxins are being released and your immune system is returning to proper function.

Yes, it’s a good idea to eat organic food, to buy non-toxic clothing and furniture, to deal with emotional issues as they arise, to prevent further problems. Some say they can’t afford it. Have your priced cancer treatment lately?

Choose homeopathy and a healthy lifestyle when considering how to detox the body.

Cyst Treatment Needs To Consider the Cause First

Cause and effect are the basis of everything in life. Therefore before any cyst treatment is considered (or any treatment for any condition), the cause should first be examined.

cyst treatmentDoctors don’t do this. Medical school doesn’t equip them with the ability to find causes or with any treatment based on the cause. They are only taught to connect particular drugs, or a selection of drugs, with a medical diagnosis. This is why diagnosis is so important to doctors.

However, it isn’t that important to holistic practitioners, who consider the whole of you, the causes of problems and your coping mechanisms. All this will differ from person to person, so their treatment should also differ. One size most definitely does not fit all.

So in any successful cyst treatment, regardless of the type of cyst, it is important to establish what the cause is. The cause of any ailment can be difficult to pinpoint unless you are aware of them. Effects don’t always show up immediately. For example, a dietary insufficiency can take years to show up. As can cancer. Causes of cancer are usually 5 – 10 years prior to the appearance of a tumour.

This means there is no urgency in treatment. You have plenty of time to consider what your best course of action is.

Cysts, polyps, tumours, nodules and cancers can all show up in similar ways; as an enlarged, contained area or mass. It really makes little difference to the location, although this can create different symptoms. Common growths are thyroid cysts, breast cysts, ovarian cysts, prostate cysts as well as many other others. The type can also vary, such as fibroid cysts or polycysts.

These four common areas are also the common areas for cancer. Cysts can be a precursor to cancer.

So what triggers the formation of cysts?

One big cause is the lack of iodine in your diet. The vast majority of people have an iodine deficiency. This wasn’t always so, when people consumed more salt than they do today, and the common salts contained iodine.

Iodine is found in seaweed. Any seaweed or any sea vegetable. Which means that most Japanese people are not deficient in iodine. Iodine is also found in most sea fish, along with all the toxins humans are trashing into the oceans.

The plants that are naturally rich in iodine are cranberries, beans (especially navy beans) and strawberries, but this will vary depending on whether they are organically grown as well as the natural balance of the soil they are grown in.

Iodine supplements may have their place if you are chronically low in iodine, but they are synthetic so are not easily assimilated by your body. You can overdose on synthetic supplements which causes problems. This is impossible with natural supplementation, as any excess is naturally excreted. So regular use of them is not recommended.

When you remain chronically deficient in iodine, a cyst can develop into a tumour. The doctors will then try to coerce you into chemo, radiation and surgery, when all you really need is iodine.

A lack of iodine is not the only cause of cysts, but is a large one. This should always be addressed before considering other options, because it is so common.

Other cysts can simply mean a personal disposition towards them. For example, some woman have what is termed ‘lumpy breasts’ which simply means they have a lot of little cysts. These usually only become troublesome around the time of the period. They aren’t there or troublesome all the time. They tend not to be a precursor to cancer.

These cysts can be effectively treated with homeopathy. Homeopathy is a natural and complete form of medicine which works by supporting what your body is already trying to do. It supports and enhances your body’s best attempts to restore order and balance. Once this is restored, physical, emotional and mental problems dissipate and eventually vanish.

Homeopathy offers you a great natural cyst treatment, just as it is for all health problems.