Abdominal Cramping – Causes And Natural Ways to Heal

Abdominal cramping can have a large number of causes. A few of them include a digestive disturbance, period pain, an injury, a problem in one of the organs (liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, appendix) and so on. Digestive disturbances can be from the stomach, the intestines or the digestive organs and there are a variety of different reasons.

abdominal crampsDiagnosing or pinpointing the exact reason is largely a medical issue, which people have become so used to, they repeat it themselves. But knowing you have a stomach ulcer, a gall stone, colitis or any other disease doesn’t always help a homeopath treat you successfully.

Homeopathy is a natural and specialised modality of medicine which works by honouring what the intelligence of your body is already trying to do. A healthy immune system is able to restore order quite quickly. Sadly, most people today have a poor immune system, so the body struggles to restore order and more often than not requires some help.

The beauty of homeopathy is that by supporting your body’s best efforts at trying to heal itself, it also improves your immune system. So the next time something happens, you are a little more able to heal yourself.

What helps a homeopath far more than a medical diagnosis is your individual symptoms and the modalities that are unique to you, not necessarily the disease. These symptoms may even be common to many of the diseases.

For example, one homeopathic remedy may be able to resolve even severe abdominal cramps, if the symptoms of the remedy match your symptoms.

Let’s look at a few different scenarios to show you what I mean.

Suppose your abdominal cramping felt some improvement by the application of heat (such as hot showers, a hot wheat bag/water bottle, etc) and pressure (you push your fist into the offending area to gain some relief, or you bend over double).

The remedy which covers these symptoms could restore order to the medical diagnoses of period pain, stomach cancer, gastroenteritis, kidney stones, IBS, cholecystitis, appendicitis and probably a few more.

All this could be healed by a single homeopathic remedy, as long as your symptoms match those of the healing remedy. Of course the potency and frequency of doses are also important considerations.

Let’s look at another homeopathic remedy which also has the ability to heal an abdominal cramp. Suppose your personal symptoms included feeling worse after eating especially spicy or rich food and your abdomen was sensitive to pressure (ie worse) so arching the back gives some relief. Applied heat or hot showers helps to some extent.

This remedy has the potential to heal medically classified diseases such as constipation, diarrhoea, dysentery, dyspepsia, hernias, gastrodynia, liver problems, kidney stones, pylorus diseases, period pain and many more, all of which can have colic or abdominal pain.

Another remedy that can dissolve upper abdominal cramps, lower, central or wherever may have indescribable pain with nausea and vomiting and a total thirstlessness, even thinking about it makes you gag.

This single remedy has the potential to heal the medically termed diseases of gallstone colic, dysentery, gastric ulcer, enetric fever, cholera, hematemesis, menstrual problems, miscarriage and other pregnancy problems, yellow fever and many more.

severe abdominal cramps

We don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, so homeopaths do like to know what you have been diagnosed with, but it is your personal symptoms which are of the greatest value to finding the best remedy to help you.

Homeopathy is a form of medicine that is totally different to any other. It needs a quantum shift in your consciousness to begin to appreciate the scope it has. Like many things in life, the proof is in the pudding. If you ever experience the pain of abdominal cramping, a homeopath may be able to help heal the cause of the problem better than anyone else.

The Best Parasite Cleanse May Not Be What You Think

It seems to be the flavour of the month to find the best parasite cleanse. Parasites are coming in for a lot of bad press, as the reason for multiple problems in humans and animals alike. However, all is not as it seems. So if a company, or a practitioner, advocates a parasitic cleanse, then they have little understanding of the true nature of health and ill health.

parasite cleanse

True, that’s not uncommon today!

So what’s this new boy on the block all about?

Let’s first define parasites. They are organisms that live in or on another organism, its host. There are huge numbers of them in existence and live either on the surface, the skin, or internally, such as the gut or tissues. In modern language the name has a derogatory meaning.

Common skin parasites include ticks, fleas, mites, and common internal parasites include worms. Bacteria exist on and in every organism and are parasites, although they are often considered separately.

On the surface, it certainly seems that parasites are unpleasant and unwanted and should be expelled in the fastest way. But, as in all of Nature, there is a purpose and reason for everything.

Parasites exist in every living being to some extent. Humans are no exception. No-one’s digestive tract could exist without them. So in small numbers, they are beneficial. However, when they proliferate it is showing there is a problem. If you like, they are messengers.

So why do they proliferate?

Everyone has an immune system. When it is working well, it keeps you in balance, rebuffing invading the constant barrage of pathogens and keeping the parasites at optimum numbers for your greatest good.

However, when your immunity is in poor shape, everything can, and does, go wrong. You get any and every passing pathogen. And your parasite numbers explode – as they are opportunists. Your skin will become attractive to those who like to live on it. Your internal parasites increase in numbers to the point they become obvious.

Since this parasitic explosion occurs at the same time as your health deteriorates, they can seem to be THE problem. But they aren’t. They are the EFFECT of the problem, not the cause. The problem is deeper.

This means a parasite cleanse is not the solution. And often, because of their harsh nature, they can make things a lot worse.

Something happened BEFORE, that had a deep effect on your being, knocking you off balance. Often this was a sudden happening, perhaps emotional, such as a deep grief, shock or fright. Perhaps it was physical as in a serious accident, which would also have an emotional component. Perhaps it was the effect of a drug or vaccine.

Or it could have been happening slowly over time. Things that contribute to a slow effect include non-nutritional diets or lack of food, poor living conditions, unhealthy relationships and/or work, continuous medication (including water fluoridation), etc. It’s hard to put a finger on when it started, as the effects are slow, but things get to a point when it can be hard to function normally.

The best parasite cleanse is to raise the immune system back up. To resolve the shock or fright, to start eating nutritional and species-specific food, to replace the medication with something that HEALS the problem, rather than suppressing it. I suggest that the best way to resolve deep seated hurts is with homeopathy. I suggest the best way to prevent disease is with homeopathy. I suggest the best parasite cleansing is with homeopathy.

Don’t get caught into thinking the effects of disease are the cause, that is so common today. This attitude is shooting the messenger. Go deeper. What happened BEFORE, is the cause.

I suggest that the best parasite cleanse, the best health immunisation, the best resolver of health issues (be they physical, emotional or mental) is homeopathy. Homeopathy and a healthy diet can resolve almost every health issue. It can certainly cleanse parasites from your system. Medical, herbal or nutritional anti-parasitics are not necessary and can be harmful.

This applies across the board – to humans and animals alike. Look for the cause, rather than shooting the messenger.

Auto Immune Deficiency, Causes and Natural Solutions

Auto immune deficiency has become increasing common and perplexing. The list of autoimmune diseases is extensive and includes disorders such as addison’s disease, celiac disease, fibromyalgia, lupus, lyme’s disease, sarcoidosis, uveitis, type 1 diabetes with about 80 or so in total.

auto immune deficiency

How is an autoimmune disease classified? What are autoimmune diseases?

An autoimmune disease is diagnosed, or classified, when your immune system no longer works as it should. Instead of dealing with foreign invaders and dispatching them, it goes to work on your healthy cells, those that are part of you.

This means, that whatever the disease is called, whatever part of the body is affected, it is actually your immune system that is badly compromised, rather than the organ or part itself. The area affected merely indicates your weakness, your Achilles heel, as it were.

Any part of the body can be affected. Symptoms may come and go or remain permanently.

An autoimmune deficiency is a deficiency of your immune system to act naturally and normally.

So, with that firmly established, the causes are going to be those that adversely effect the immune system. These are likely to be new in the lives of people, that is new since just before these diseases became common. These appeared around 50 years ago.

About 50 years ago three important areas in the lives of people (and domestic animals) changed.

One was that food became increasingly de-natured. Instead of eating real food, people started to eat processed and packaged food. Real food is rich in the nutrients which support a healthy immunity. By consuming more de-natured ‘food’, which is inherently devoid of nutrition, with the best will in the world, your immune system cannot function normally. Nutrition and health are inextricably linked.

The second reason was agriculture, which became agribusiness. No longer did farmers nurture the soil, rotate crops and spread manure on their land. Instead they started to use chemical fertilisers, which actually aren’t fertilisers at all – they are plant stimulants. These chemicals ensure the crop grows and looks good, but they are devoid of nutrition.

So even when you eat what appears to be healthy food, you may still be deficient in the essential nutrition that supports a healthy immune system. It is not possible to separate diet and health.

The third reason may be the most important when searching for the causes of an auto immune deficiency. And it’s the medicines themselves. All doctors medicines are chemicals that are designed to suppress your body symptoms. They don’t cure the underlying cause of the problem. And suppression comes at a high cost. If you are lucky, the problem returns. If you are unlucky, the body seeks out other ways to try to re-instate balance – usually by affecting a more important organ. For example, the cause behind a skin disease which is suppressed can manifest in your lungs and cause asthma.

And so a declining spiral results.

Perhaps vaccines are the most severe cause of any immune system deficiency. immune deficiencyWith ingredients such as mercury, formaldehyde and aluminium, all known neurotoxins, how can it be otherwise? The amount doesn’t matter. The effect does. These are directly injected into the body, by-passing the usual ways of ingestion (nose, mouth) which have ways of throwing out harmful substances.

The medical solution is more suppression, more toxic chemicals.

A far better way to treat your health problems, whatever they are, is to use natural and holistic health care. Homeopathy is probably the best and is certainly the deepest acting. There is no condition that a good homeopath cannot treat (although there may be people).

Certainly you should put your diet in order. And the right diet can often turn your health around. Possibly less likely when you are dealing with an immune deficiency syndrome, but it may start the process.

Probably there is nothing else that can reverse an auto immune deficiency, other than the very powerful but gentle modality of homeopathy.

Facts About Cancer and How to Rise Above It

The word cancer tends to strike terror into the heart of most people. When you appreciate the facts about cancer, then you can let that terror go. Fear comes from a lack of knowledge, rendering you helpless. Become informed and not only can you be healthy, you can be free from the fear.

facts about cancer

Cancer is a man made disease. It results from a disconnection with Nature. When we disconnect from a natural way of life, everything goes wrong. This is how the majority of the people in the world today live. No wonder cancer is occurring in more and more people (and domestic animals).

When we disconnect from Nature, we turn everything upside down. The Truth is denied. We devalue our own inner intuition and awareness. We rely on ‘experts’ to tell us what to do, who invariably have another agenda (either ego or financial), that is not usually in our best interest. We become frightened of everything; of poverty, of our failing health and of death. In effect, we become trapped in a prison of our own making and are blissfully unaware of this.

Becoming informed about cancer facts may mean that you have to change; change your way of life, but especially the way you think. This is normally hard to do, often too hard for the majority of people. However, it is the only way to free yourself from the fear.

The one biggest area of self empowerment for anyone is to reconnect with Nature; to appreciate the natural world, to stop and stare, to smell the roses, to become enraptured with the small (and not so small) daily miracles that occur everywhere, but are unseen by most. To be happy with what is. That doesn’t mean you don’t want to change what is, but you come from a place of peace to achieve this, rather than a place of war.

Then everything else can fall into place. Why? Because now you are listening to your very wise inner voice, that has your best interest at heart.

What goes wrong when we disconnect from the perfection of Nature? We start to eat cancer causing foods because we are told they are healthy by those who sell them. Common foods that cause cancer include all processed foods (such as those with white sugar or flour, packet food, junk food, soft drinks, artificial additives, etc), GM food and animal protein.

It doesn’t end there as how food is cooked can also cause cancer. BBQs, fried food (especially in canola oil which is often sold as vegetable oil), food cooked in a microwave or non-stick utensil all contribute.

Where you carry your mobile phone/cellphone can contribute to cancer. For example, holding the phone close to your ear and talking a lot can cause brain tumours. Strapping it onto your belt can cause bone abnormalities that lead to cancer.

A regular lack of sleep, sleeping with a light or the TV on or watching horror movies do nothing to support your natural immunity. How healthy your immune system is key to your health.

Chemical use in the house and garden contribute to cancer. Avoid these and use the many natural cleaners now available. Garden organically and be a partner rather than a dominator. Talk to your plants, to the animals.

Chemicals are everywhere and are extremely damaging and toxic. Tobacco farmer Percy Weston found that lung cancer did not result in smokers until chemical fertilisers and pesticides were used on the crops.

The facts about cancer are endless, but all start with your disconnection from Nature. Fear follows. Stress ensues. Rushing mindlessly from one disaster to another becomes normal. Within this turmoil, you become anxious, depressed (hardly surprising), withdrawn, focussing only on yourself and your misery, with scant regard for what your actions have on others (people, animals, the environment, the world). You spiral downwards into cancer.

Lets look at natural cancer cures. Talking about cancer cures is taboo, as there are no such cures in the pharmaceutical world. They don’t want there to be and as they rule the world through the politicians, they have made this law, in most western countries. The pharmaceutical industry want people to get cancer as they make obscene amounts of money from their ‘treatments’.

So to be politically correct, I have to talk about avoiding cancer or managing cancer.

Talking of the pharmaceutical world, lets apportion blame to their part in all this. Medical drugs and vaccines are all chemicals. None support what the body is trying to do, which is to heal you. None deal with the cause of the problem. All suppress the symptoms, which leads to suppression of the immune system. This means your body’s natural ability to deal with the problem, to keep you as healthy as your living conditions allow it to, are denied.

Is there any one cause of cancer? Probably not. The well known facts about cancer tend to show that there are multiple causes. One may be responsible for tipping you into cancer itself, but if your lifestyle shows a lack of awareness, then they were all responsible.

As already mentioned, change is not easy. Changing the way you eat, the way you think and the way you live may be your best way to live a healthy life, devoid of fear. But how can you achieve this quickly enough to turn your health around?

My suggestions include:

  • learn to meditate
  • take walks in nature, connect with nature, talk to plants and animals
  • slow down
  • eat healthy whole food, preferably organic and raw
  • eliminate chemicals from your life as much as possible
  • use holistic health, especially homeopathy, for your health needs and to help you achieve this

The rest will follow.

Healthy and Natural Ways of Dealing With Anger

Learning the best ways of dealing with anger tends to point you towards anger management courses. And these courses can be tremendously helpful. They can help you understand why you may be angry and they can give you strategies that you can use to prevent the anger getting out of hand.

how to deal with anger

However, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you found a way to completely dissolve your anger altogether? So that the emotion just didn’t arise despite the normal triggers?

When you are learning about the various ways to deal with anger, first it is best to explore why you feel anger in the first place.

Anger is always a reaction to fear. In a way, it is a more healthy reaction to the fear itself (such as succumbing to the fear), as now you are attempting to do something about it, rather than passively accepting it.

But anger rarely makes a situation better, as it can stir up anger in others. A full scale shouting match invariably creates the exact opposite of what you would like to achieve. And, let’s face it, uncontrolled anger is rather childish, even though it can be understandable.

If you go back to the source of your original anger, before things got out of control, you can sometimes see the reason. Try not to intellectualise this, but rather simply get a feeling. If you allow that feeling, you may be able to trace it further back. For example, you may never have been allowed to express your fears as a child, so this created frustration, then anger in you.

It is different for everyone.

First, learning how to deal with anger issues can be helpful.
Time is a wonderful tool! It can give you the breathing space to cool down after an initial reaction and to try to understand the other’s point of view. Without knowing they come from fear, it can be difficult sometimes to see where they are coming from. This is the best way to deal with an angry letter, SMS or other message. Be the adult in the situation!

If the angry outburst is from someone in front of you, again, time is helpful. Focus a little apart from the person and breath deep and slow a few times. Then focus on your heart, allowing compassion. Don’t try to answer any points. Just allow them to vent. If it becomes totally unreasonable and out of hand, it may be best to simply walk away.

Usually, it is best to try to address some of the major points, but do so very calmly. Don’t allow it to become a win or lose situation. The other person needs space to see what they did, on their own, without you ramming it down their throats.

Dealing with anger issues over an occasion or situation, it is helpful to know that on an energetic level, anger feeds it. Yes, you may be justified in feeling the anger as it may be unjust, unfair or even cruel. But, to really help the situation, it is best to realise that anger will keep it going; the last thing you want.

anger issues

On a physical level, someone who tends to feel a lot of anger, will create liver pathology. The metaphysical (in this case an emotion) always precedes the physical. So these people are prone to any of the liver problems, from hepatitis to liver cancer.

Even our language shows us the reality of this – a liverish person is a bad tempered person.

However understanding, though helpful, is not enough. You are still caught in the endless cycle.

Amazingly, there is a modality of natural health care that can effortlessly and quickly balance out this emotion and the pathology which comes with it. Homeopathy works at an energetic level, bringing you back into natural balance so you can be without anger even when the triggers remain the same.

Any problem, whether it is emotion or physical, shows we are out of natural balance. To re-balance ourselves, there is nothing as effective, as dramatic or as fast as homeopathy.

If you are having trouble dealing with anger, it is a helpful message that you should do something about it. Choose homeopathy!

What Causes Heart Disease?

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the western world. When you understand what causes heart disease, you can take avoiding action. Knowledge is power!

heart disease

Medicine likes to label all the different types of heart disease, but to a homeopath, this has little relevance. That may sound strange to those new to the idea of homeopathy, but when you look at life in an energetic way, it can all make so much sense.

We live in a three dimensional world so tend to think this is all there is. But thoughts, ideas, emotions, love and dreams cannot be explained by a three dimensional model. These are all more easily explained in terms of energy. They are metaphysical. They transcend the physical.

And every creation starts as a thought. When someone wants to build a bridge or an electronic gadget, it starts out as an idea or a thought. So the metaphysical always precedes the physical.

This is true in everything, your health included. So let’s explore this idea.

Your body is already perfect. It has the potential to live well beyond a century, in a very healthy way. Undisturbed traditional people do this regularly. So what has gone wrong with people today?

I believe there are multiple factors that create disease, that lead to the common causes of heart disease.

The obvious ones, that most people know about are diet, obesity and exercise, so I don’t really need to go there except to say these are REALLY important areas. The wrong diet, so common today, makes your body work so much harder to stay vaguely healthy. They are deficient in the vital nutrients for survival and many are toxic.

Deficiency and toxicity are two of the most common causes of health problems on the physical side. And you can clearly see that the lack of nutrition or the intake of toxins precedes any health issues.

The less obvious heart disease causes are metaphysical. Few people, including your doctor, know anything about this vital area.

When I talk about Love, I don’t mean the love you feel for a partner or other loved member of the family. I mean the Love that in unconditional. The Love that doesn’t need anything in return. This sort of Love can only come about if you feel it for yourself first.

Most of us are brought up to be self critical. That’s OK as long as you criticise your actions, rather than your being. You are already perfect. But your actions may not be. You may act in a way that is so distant from your heart, your true self, that you attack yourself. Guess what, you then suffer a heart attack!

When you connect with your true, authentic self, you act out of compassion and Love for yourself and for those around you. Do you see much of that in our present, highly stressed world? Could that be why we so easily succumb to heart disease?

Undisturbed traditional people live more authentically, in touch with their inner self, with Nature, with compassion for those around them. No wonder they don’t suffer from the cause of heart disease and so live longer and healthier lives.

Our self judgement is expressed as judgement of others. It’s so much easier to judge and blame others than to look within to find our own problems and sort them out.

Another way of looking at what causes heart disease, which comes to the same thing, is to see which side of the brain we use most. The western world is dominated by the left brain. This is all about ego, profit, greed, trying to understand everything, knowledge (usually yesterday’s and someone else’s) and intellect (which can be rigid).

Some of these aspects are necessary, but not to the exclusion of the right brain, which is all about going with the flow, knowing (which happens now and is your own), feeling, intelligence (which is flexible and open to the change of what is), connecting with your heart, compassion.

You need to use your whole brain for a healthy body.

This is why meditation is so important. Or yoga or any of the other eastern forms of exercise. Or homeopathy. All help you connect with your authentic self, your heart.

Homeopathy is wonderful at bringing you back to your heart centred being, to unravel past hurts, to de-tox your body, so you can live the life you chose when you came into the world.

Look beyond the physical side of what causes heart disease and see the metaphysical. Living a life detached from your heart may be common, but you don’t have to buy into it. Homeopathy can help you rediscover the connection.