Clean Drinking Water, Fluoride and More

Water is essential to our ongoing health. Clean drinking water is the only way to benefit. Every health therapist tells us to drink more water. Sadly, most drinking water is polluted. Pollution of water comes from heavy metals, from all the chemicals used in farming, gardening, industry and chemtrails.. Not only that, but toxic chemicals are actually added to our water, in the misguided notion that it benefits us, or at least our children.

structured water

Of course, I am talking about fluoride. Fluoride as a treatment on teeth can be beneficial. But fluoride taken in our water creates so many health problems. In many countries in Europe, water fluoridation has been stopped. It seems Australia, along with some other countries, lag behind in their approach to making things safe for the people. At least, the politicians do.

This chart shows that 80% of Australians consume fluoride in their water. In the UK, it’s only 11%.

The fluoride that is added to water supplies is not even a safe one, derived from natural rocks, such as sodium fluoride. Sodium fluoride is used in dental preparations. The one used to fluoridate water is derived from the waste from agricultural pesticide production – fluorosilicic acid or sodium fluorosilicate. These are toxic to life forms, including us.

Paul Connett is probably the world’s leading expert on the dangers of fluoridated water. In this article he lists 50 reasons to oppose fluoridation.

One of the most concerning aspects of water fluoridation is that this toxic chemical is cumulative. It accumulates in the bones and the pineal gland, leading to health issues in these areas, and others that depend on their healthy operation.

So what can you do if you are one of the unfortunates, who have fluoridated water? There are two areas you need to consider. One is to stop drinking fluoridated water and the other is to undo the harm already done, to eliminate the accumulated fluoride in your body.

How to Eliminate Fluoride From the Body
The Borax Conspiracy by Walter Last
This is a long article, but one well worth reading if you are interested in any health issue. As far as fluoridation is concerned, it suggests taking borax. Although this is available in some countries (typically in the laundry section of supermarkets) it is not available in all.

What can you do if you can’t find it? Here is my story.
I have lived in Australia for over 20 years. I emigrated from the UK in 1994. Over that time period, I noticed a definite decline in my energy. Some might call it ageing, but that is something I don’t adhere to. I did feel it was something about Australia, but what? Was it the higher temperatures? That didn’t ring true as even in the winter I struggled to get things done. My well-being homeopathic remedy was doing a lot for me, but still my energy was low.

After I read the above article by Walter Last, I decided to take borax in homeopathic form. I couldn’t get hold of the 6x potency, so took a single dose of 6c, one weekend evening.

The effect was nothing short of startling. The following day, a Sunday, I achieved more than I would normally achieve in several days. This was hard, physical work in the garden. By the evening, I was still ready for more.

I experimented with dosing over the coming weeks. More didn’t help. So now I take a weekly dose of Borax 6c and it keeps my energy levels good. This will vary for everyone, but this potency (6c) or the 6x, are the best ones to take. Homeopathic pharmacies will have this, as well as some homeopaths.

How to Eliminate Fluoride From Your Water
So the next question is how to source clean drinking water? Or how to clean water? Charcoal filters do nothing to eliminate the fluoride. Reverse osmosis or distilling water can eliminate everything, I believe, but this can be costly in either monetary terms or water used. Rain water is a good source, depending on the area you live in (industrial pollution in the air) and the storage containers. Bottled water is normally filtered tap water, so just the same as yours, but a lot more expensive.

This is where structured water comes in. Most people know of Masaru Emoto’s work on the images formed in water crystals, which vary depending on the consciousness of the person who influenced the crystals. (If you don’t, this is a great video to start your journey with – Water, Consciousness and Intent

This concept has been taken much further, by what I term ‘real scientists’, ie those who are curious to see what they find, rather than those whose have already decided what they want to find. Perhaps Gerald Pollack is one of the main leading scientists in this field. Read about it here Dr. Gerald Pollack and Structured Water Science

And finally, how to put this into practice, how to obtain clean drinking water, whatever your supply. Structuring water seems to be the way forward to clean water solutions. Greenfield Naturals is a US website, but their prices are better than most. They have many videos and articles on how their Harmonizers are effective in cleaning water. These are once in a lifetime purchase, without costly renewals. (At the time of going to print, I am awaiting the arrival of my Harmonizer, so as yet have no personal experience.)

Sorry for so many links, but I do think this is a very important subject, that most people should spend time considering, even if not fully understanding.

The Importance of Doctor Patient Relationship – It’s All About Respect

The importance of doctor patient relationship is, I believe, fundamental to your well being as well your health care. I use the term ‘doctor’ loosely here, to cover all health professionals, holistic or mainstream. Chiropractors, naturopaths and veterinarians are given this title in some countries, as are homeopaths. So, for the purposes of this article, a doctor is any health professional offering you ways out of suffering.

doctor patient relationship

First and foremost, you need to FEEL that this person is right for you, regardless of the disciple of health care. You can sometimes get this feeling by looking at their website, their photo, their articles. Or you may need to visit them a few times before you get this sense.

We have an extremely well developed intuition. Many of us have forgotton how to use it, but once we have fired it up and got in some practice, it will always serve us. Us. Not anyone else. The fact that you like or dislike a particular doctor may not have anything to do with their ability, their qualifications or their experience. But just because they have helped your great aunt Susie, you dog and your boss, doesn’t mean they will be able to help you.

Respect should be paramount in all and every relationship. When there is no respect, it is unlikely there will be any honesty, truth, compassion or help.

One of the areas that is often most blatantly disregarded is patient time. Doctor time is deemed more important. Certainly it makes sense to organise your day efficiently, but not at the expense of the patient.

To give you an example, many years ago, I consulted a medical specialist (long before I knew anything about homeopathy). There were about 12 of us in the waiting room. After about half an hour, when no one had been called, we got a bit restless and started comparing notes. We had all been booked in at the same time… Gasp.

The specialist didn’t arrive until an hour after the appointed time. That meant some of those waiting would have been kept there upwards of two hours. The funny thing is, no-one left. Including me.

The consultation certainly gave me no hint of a caring specialist and did nothing to create a doctor patient relationship that I wanted to repeat.

A few years later, and I was kept waiting 20 minutes for a health appointment, with no apology, no explanation. Again, I remained, but the ensuing consultation did nothing to nurture a patient doctor relationship. I didn’t return.

Maybe I’m a slow learner, but the third time I was kept waiting, this time over 20 minutes with no apology, no explanation, I walked out. Never to go back.

patient doctor relationship

Of course things happen that are outside the doctor’s control. That’s where explanations come in. And what’s wrong with an apology? As far as I know, it has never hurt anyone. Apologies aren’t just about being sorry, it’s about showing care, consideration, respect.

Sometimes, when a patient is truthful to the doctor, and says they won’t be coming back, for whatever reason, they are told that they won’t get better. This honesty is obviously a shock to the doctor’s ego, or perhaps wallet, so they reply in a childish manner. As there are many other doctors out there as well as many other disciplines of health care, their reaction is obviously untrue. To me, this is the epitome of a very poor doctor and patient relationship.

Taking any phone calls during a consultation disrupts the train of thought of the doctor, automatically reducing your chances of a helpful outcome. Personal phone calls definitely erode your value for money and show a high level of disrespect for you, the patient. (The opposite also applies, to keep your doctor waiting while you receive a phone call.) Outside emergencies, phone calls especially personal ones, during a consultation are a sign of disrespect.

Many doctors feel superior to ordinary people. This is an illusion. No-one is superior or inferior to anyone else. The doctor of your choice may know a little more about that discipline than you do (hopefully), but that gives no excuse for superiority.

If you can’t contact your doctor between consultations, this can be an exercise in controlling you. Few doctors are so busy they can’t find the time for the occasional phone call, email or SMS, as long as it isn’t abused, as long as the receptionist can’t answer the query. It should be part and parcel of the deal.

On the flip side of this argument, you may be persuaded against your instincts by well meaning friends or family who disapprove of your choice of health care. You may already have developed a good doctor patient relationship many are envious of, but are swayed by others. Don’t be. They are perfectly entitled to their opinion, but they are not entitled to interfere with your choice of health care for you. Or for your dependents.

Sometimes you have to be strong to stand up for yourself. If they truly loved you, they would not try to interfere. They would stand beside you through thick and thin, respecting your choices. That’s what real love is. Unconditional.

Nothing is ever guaranteed in health care. A strong and respectful patient and doctor relationship doesn’t guarantee you will recover or improve. But it will make the contact meaningful and something will always come of this.

All relationships should be based on respect. Respect for another being, their differences, their preferences. There is a (maybe more) native American tribe who allows a long pause after anyone speaks, to allow the information to soak in. To me, this conveys so much respect.

It is common for people to be seeing doctors of different disciples of health care. If each doctor does not support your choice, or worse ridicules it, then I suggest that they are showing you a high level of disrespect; for you, for your personal choices, for the profession they probably know nothing about.

If you don’t yet have a good doctor patient relationship, keep looking! No one is perfect. You may not like everything your doctor does or represents, but you should always feel honoured and respected.

Being Lonely and Depressed is Not About Company

People who are lonely and depressed often feel that this is because they don’t have company around them. This is a misguided impression, which is not addressed by partying or joining groups. There is a well known expression that people in the city can be far more lonely than those in the country. Certainly city people are a bit more distant to strangers than country people, but there’s more to it.

lonely and depressed

The loss of a close partner can lead to loneliness and depression when you get stuck in the grieving process.

Immigrants often feel great loneliness and depression even though they wanted to come to their new country. But they have left what was familiar behind them. Familiarity tends to make one feel secure. You know where you fit in, what you can do, where you can go. You know how the system works, however distasteful or frightening it is.

This is false security based on outside influences. It can also be limiting. Real security is based on your core, your inner self and how healthy that is. It doesn’t have limits. And you grow, you evolve.

Feeling lonely and depressed comes from a deep sense within and has nothing to do with being alone. Often it begins in early life with a lack of connection with the mother. The mother is key to the first experiences of a newborn. Mother’s milk helps the child to incarnate into the physical form. Most mothers are fierce in their protection of the child, even laying down their own lives.

Within this protective aura of a mother’s love, a child can develop naturally. Not physical development, which depends more on good nutrition. This is emotional and spiritual development, although all are linked. A loving mother encourages a child to explore their feelings, to trust their instincts.

I love to use the example of animals when trying to make my point. A mare will allow her foal to do anything in the first six months after birth. She will not chastise them as she is aware that the little horse must find themselves. At around six months of age, she now begins the task of discipline, to show the young horse how they must now fit into the herd.

loneliness and depression

This only ever comes after the young horse has found himself and is secure in this finding.

Finding yourself is about finding who you are, but with a connection with where you came from. It is heart felt. You look around at the trees and the plants, at other people and at animals and you know that you all belong together. It has nothing to do with intellect and learned knowledge, but everything to do with intelligence and knowing. Learned knowledge comes from left brain activity. Knowing comes from the right brain. You feel. You know. You are content. Which doesn’t mean you aren’t active.

In an ideal world, all children would grow up in this nurturing aura of mother’s (as well as father’s, family’s and community’s) love. But we know this doesn’t happen in our current world.

Those who are depressed and lonely can feel overwhelmed, confused and frightened by the technical medical jargon, a diagnosis, the tests as well as the medical personnel. You are already feeling weak, defenceless and vulnerable and can easily be pushed into doing something you don’t want to do.

The best approach for anyone, but especially for value driven and independent thinkers is to press the pause button. Look around for alternatives and try to feel what the best option is for you. The restoration of vibrant health can only come from an ethical and accepting discipline of health care.

Depression and loneliness is common today, because we feel the separation from our source. However the medical treatment of antidepressants can be so damaging to your overall health, does nothing to effect a change in the cause and does enormous environmental damage.

The homeopathic way of treating those who feel lonely and depressed is to look at that part of your life where you were not allowed to be yourself. How you coped with that and the resulting problems that ensued is simply your compensating mechanism doing a great job.

My own approach deals with you as an individual, uses an ethical and accepting form of health care, restores order at the best rate you are comfortable with and is holistic. This means the whole of you benefits.


As many of you know, I have been a bit absent from my weekly articles. It became rather overwhelming in addition to the consultations. Since I would much rather do the consultations, I let the writing drift.

I am on a personal (metaphysical, spiritual, evolutionary, call it what you will) journey myself and felt what I was doing was not taking either me, or my followers, where we need to be. Or even want to be. I need to do something different. I need to be inspired by what I do, as well as to inspire others.

At this stage, I am unsure how to be inspirational as I have a varying readership. Some are only here for their animals, some have no interest in animals, requiring help only for themselves or family members, some both. So I am going to follow my instinct and write about what feels right, at the right time. This will simplify my eletter to you.

I have no desire to be all things to all people. That has never worked for anyone. Instead, my aim is to support those who ask for my help, to support those who trust in me enough to take the plunge. Return to good health does not come overnight. It takes time.

For this reason, I have made some changes to my consultation rates. I have offered both 3 month and 6 month packages for some time, which give you a discount over the monthly visits. Now, I am increasing this offer, to unlimited consultations within the time period.

So far, this has worked really well for both those involved and myself. I love to help, but also need to live. It became embarrassing for me to ask people to come for weekly (or frequent) visits, but sometimes that is necessary to reach a target.

Here are the consultation details.

On another tack, the world is going through some major changes at the moment. On the one hand it can be very depressing when you see what corporations and governments are doing. Both seem to be out of control. On the other hand, there are probably more truly inspirational and dedicated people about than have ever been.

It isn’t healthy to dwell on the negatives, but it is a good idea to be aware. So, sometimes, I may share what appears negative, but is aimed at showing those of you who don’t know, what is really going on.

As usual, I’d love to hear your thoughts. You can leave a comment below.

How To Avoid Heart Disease Naturally

Searching for ways on how to avoid heart disease shows a strong desire to either help yourself, or someone near to you. To search for natural ways to avoid heart disease shows a willingness to take responsibility for your life and to put in the necessary steps to ensure good health.

how to avoid heart disease

The heart is a very important organ of the body, not least because it acts alone. It has no other back up source, as the lungs or kidneys have. The heart is not simply a physical organ responsible for pumping blood around your body, important though this is. The heart is a complex physical organ and metaphysical ‘organ’ rolled into one.

The heart chakra is where we feel love. Real love is not an emotion. Real love is not dependent on what others do for us. It is an expression of purity, of seeing the beauty in others, perhaps in spite of their actions. Real love has no judgement. Real love takes us beyond the three dimensions we currently call life.

This means that as a physical organ, non-physical events affect the health of the heart.

First, lets look at the physical things that affect the heart, as these are areas most people have control over, so can improve.

Diet is one of the most potent areas to affect the heart. Processed food, fast food, junk food, diets high in animal protein, diets low in fresh produce all spell death to the heart. These diets and foods are nutrient deficient and/or destructive to health. The heart works hard. It needs proper nutrition for its work.

Weight is important for the amount of work the heart does. The more weight you carry, the more work your heart has to perform. ALL THE TIME. This means your life expectancy can be lower than optimal.

Exercise is necessary to ensure all the workings of your body are in fine fettle. Increasing the blood flow, flexing the muscles and increasing the heart’s rate for short periods in effect ‘oils the wheels’. It keeps everything in working order.

If you simply improved on these three important physical areas, the chances of a chronic heart disease would be greatly diminished. Not only would you be more likely to live longer, but your overall health is likely to be much better.

Different heart diseases can have different effects on us, but it still comes down to the health of the heart. If your life style choices show little regard for your overall health, then it is unlikely that you will have a healthy heart, whatever the doctors label it. Whatever your family history.

Apart from the physical improvements you can make, what other areas can you do to avoid heart disease?

There are two important non-physical (or meta-physical) areas that contribute to diseases of the heart, about which most people are blissfully ignorant.

The first is judgement. Most people are involved in some sort of judgement of others. This judgement has its cause in our own lack of self-worth. When we are judging others, we are placing blame on them. This means we are not looking within, which is where all our problems reside.

Judging and blaming others is the antithesis of compassion. It lacks love. If we lack love for others (I’m not referring to their actions, just their core identity), then we lack self-love. Of cause this affects the heart. Of course this can lead to any disease of the heart.

When we stop judging and blaming others, we can feel it affect the heart. There is a blossoming of a feeling that can bring deep joy.

The second metaphysical cause of heart disease is suppression. Suppression occurs when our body, our mind, our spirit and/or our emotions are not allowed to develop to their natural abilities.

  • This can come from medicine which denies the body proper expression of a problem.
  • It can come from excessive control of parents/society/religion/culture which can crush our spirit.
  • It can come from approbation, or a lack of encouragement or praise.
  • All this is especially true in children, which can prevent their natural development. In effect, they remain stuck in that scenario their whole life.

When you are suppressed, you cannot function to your potential. This can lead to frustration, depression or mental illness as there is an inner conflict with what you want against what you are permitted.

Whilst the three main physical ways to avoid heart disease are within your hands to act upon or not, the metaphysical ways are much harder for you to implement. Past suppression, whether physical or emotional are much harder for you to undo. This is where the wonderful natural discipline of health care, homeopathy, comes in.

Good homeopathic treatment works at an energetic level, not just undoing past hurts or freeing the suppression. It works by supporting the natural abilities of the body so that it is now back into full strength. This natural ability of the body to heal is formidable and restoring it to its full capacity can have a life changing healing affect.

I hope I have given you new ideas on how to avoid heart disease, which will not just benefit your heart, but your whole health, your whole life. I hope that some scales may have fallen from your eyes, opening up new possibilities you never knew were there.

What Causes Cancer and How To Prevent or Heal It

What causes cancer and what are your best options to prevent it or to heal it? People who get any ailment should want to know what causes it. Sadly, few really do. Instead they trot along to their doctor and believe every word that is spoken. Yet, in other areas of their life, they can be very discerning, wanting to know reasons and different options.

causes of cancer

Why is it different in health care?

Perhaps for two reasons.
1 – Your health determines your life or the quality of your life. This makes it a highly emotional and subjective area, not unreasonably.
2 – Fear is used shamelessly by the medical industry. You would think that they, alone, know how health and disease work, that they have a monopoly on what happens to you.

If you buy into this fear, then what they predict will probably come true. However, as in everything, there are always other ways.

Firstly, why shouldn’t you believe doctors? I will list the areas that I consider important for you to know about.

1 – The medical industry is now big business. VERY big business. In many areas, the best options for the patient comes second.
2 – Medical schools are now dominated by support from the pharmaceutical companies, increasing their influence on the gullible students.
3 – Doctors, for the most part, are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies. Instead of considering the best treatment for the individual patient, they simply match a drug to the condition, as per training.
4 – Doctors are never taught about causes of diseases, so they don’t for the most part, ever consider this. The effect is of paramount consideration, as this sells drugs.
5 – Diet is not taught at medical school, or is given scant attention.

It is heartening to see some doctors are doing their own research and coming to the same conclusion that holistic therapists always knew.

So let’s get back to what causes cancer. Really, it’s the same as what causes any disease, but cancer tends to be the final kick in the pants that still only some people finally get.

I doubt if there is any single factor that causes any disease, although one can tip the balance making it look like the cause. It is much more likely to be a combination of factors. At its heart are three factors – high levels of toxins, low nutrition and the inability to evolve, to flow, to effortlessly deal with life’s ongoing dramas. Let’s look at these one at a time.

We have never lived in such a toxic world. When a body is toxic, it tries hard to eliminate these. But this can only be done at a safe level. If that body is consuming or ingesting toxins regularly, the body becomes overloaded. The liver is the main organ to filter out toxins, so this is put under constant stress. Excess toxins are stored, relatively safely, in fat cells, making obesity common in toxic people.

The air we breathe, especially in the cities and near highways, is toxic.

The water we drink, even filtered or rain water can be toxic. It is very difficult to filter out fluoride and this can lead to health problems especially with joints. Heavy metals can even be found in rain water.

The common agricultural ways of using hormones, pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, herbicides and now GM all add up in even the healthiest food, which is passed on to the end consumer.

Perhaps the biggest source of toxins come from medical drugs. All medicines are chemical. All chemicals are toxic to the body. By regularly ingesting medical drugs, you are loading your body with toxins.

Without adequate nutrition, your body can never do its job of keeping you healthy. If you put the wrong fuel in your car, it won’t run, or won’t run efficiently. The same applies to your diet. A lack of nutritious foods means your health will deteriorate. food causing cancer

Without doubt, there are cancer causing foods. These foods are difficult to digest, cause digestive problems and do nothing for your energy. Such foods are processed foods, most packaged foods, fast food and animal protein. The standard diet for everyone in the west.

Nutrition can only be found in fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grain, all organically grown.

How we cope with life.
Everyone is stuck in a particular difficult time of their life. For many, this is a childhood event. For others it could be a traumatic event later in their lives. This leads us to forming limitations on ourselves. We should be able to easily deal with every situation that comes up, then to let it go and happily move on. This rarely, if ever, happens.

Suppression of our emotional growth, especially in childhood, can be one of the major causes of cancer. The inability to deal with the death or desertion of a loved one can lead to one of the hormonal cancer types, such as breast, prostate or ovarian cancer.

In conclusion
What can cause cancer is probably a combination of unhealthy factors. This means the cause of cancer, or any disease, may have no single contributing reason. Each factor simply adds to the others, until your cup runneth over, as the saying goes.

Suppression of disease (medical drugs) is a major contributing cause of cancer as the immune system is constantly under attack, preventing its proper use.

Toxicity is at the highest level it has ever been and shows little sign of abating.

Poor nutrition is endemic.

Emotional suppression can badly interfere with our expression of life and can come from parents, school, society or government.

What can you do?

happyStart by changing your diet and eliminating as many of the toxins in your life that you can – medication, cleaning products, garden products, furnishings that emit toxins, etc.

You may not be able to stop all medication immediately, and it could be unsafe to do so. So look for alternative ways to support the return to good health. Under good homeopathic treatment, you are often able to gradually reduce medical drugs. They simply become unnecessary. Good homeopathic treatment can also help you move past those limiting factors that so mess with your life, such as past suppression. Good homeopathic treatment automatically helps your body efficiently and quickly eliminate toxins.