How Homoeopathic Medicines Can Help You

How can homoeopathic medicines help you? I do get a lot of enquiries about this, so I thought I would try to answer this at length.

homoeopathic medicines

Because medicine currently dominates the western world’s view of health, this is how everyone thinks. But does it serve us? Giving a label to your ailment doesn’t help you understand the cause or how to address it. The label is only useful for doctors, who are then able to prescribe one of a small number of drugs. It makes life easier for them.

For you, the patient, and for holistic therapists, this label is mostly of little value. Certainly it is useful to know the area concerned, such as your heart, your liver, your joints, your thyroid, your nose. But not the type of infection or the minute details of the test results, clever though this may be.

Instead, a homoeopath will focus on what happened to you before the ailment started, how you cope with your present life, your very personal symptoms of the ailments, including what naturally makes it worse or better. Any ailment is a reaction of your body in how best to cope with the situation you are in. It serves you.

Homoeopaths understand that all life is already in perfect balance (or potentially so) and we have all the tools necessary to restore balance should we be knocked off course, for whatever reason. However, humanity is badly out of alignment at a deep level, and has been for centuries. Some of the reasons include:

  • we live an illusion of separation (from everything else)
  • we live a synthetic lifestyle
  • we only focus on the materialistic, left brained aspects of life
  • we consider ourselves to be better than other life forms

This has lead us to be separate from Nature, to be easily manipulated by those with an ego or financial motive, to disconnect from our own inner wisdom. And so most humans eat badly, live badly and then wonder why they are sick.

Most ailments are caused by toxicity plus by a lack of nutrition.

Toxicity can come from the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and especially from the chemical medical drugs and vaccines.

A lack of nutrition comes from the poor food choices many make today, but can also come from the poor farming practices which tend to leave food looking good, but with little nutritional content.

A toxic body without adequate nutrition is going to present with some ailments. Interestingly, not all of these ailments are ‘bad’. Immediately after the intake of a toxin, such as a vaccine, a reasonably healthy body will react, trying to throw out the toxins. This can be a swelling, a fever, a discharge. They are all perfectly normal and healthy reactions. Doctors have no awareness of this, as homoeopaths do, so will come in with their suppressive chemical drugs, compounding the problem.

Toxicity and nutrition aside, there are two other areas that can affect us. We can inherit an energetic footprint of a problem our parents had. Or we can inherit a genetic defect. The former is more common than the later.

When someone has a health problem and doesn’t treat it energetically, as with homoeopathic medicines say, an energetic footprint can remain even if the problem is considered to be solved. We are energy beings, so not everything about us can be identified with our five senses.

When homoeopathic remedies are prescribed by a competent homoeopath, a natural balance is restored, which tends to have a deep effect on you. Once balance has been restored, not only will your presenting ailment diminish and disappear, so will all the other problems you forgot to mention. And this includes any genetic tendencies.

This does take time and more than one homoeopathic medicine may be needed. But along your journey you will notice you feel increasingly better, more energetic and healthier.

Homoeopathic treatment can be done alongside any other treatment, and often is in the early stages. But as your health improves, the other treatments often fall by the wayside as they because less useful.

Homoeopathy is very much the medicine for the 21st century, as this age is also more focussed on energy and on self empowerment. It’s a time to move away from authority and manipulation and into responsibility and independence.

Choosing homoeopathic medicines to treat the physical, emotional or mental areas you need help with can have a profound effect on your life. The idea for us all is to evolve in this life, and homoeopathic treatment supports this as no other discipline of health care can.

What is The Cause of Autism and What is the Best Treatment?

Understanding what is the cause of autism may be the first step for parents to appreciate that real help is available. By real, I mean a complete turn around. A reversal, a return to normality, a true healing.

cause of autism

There are a variety of helpful measures around that have had success with the partial healing of autism, such as chelation, but most cannot reach a 100% reversal.

Many doctors will tell you that as autism is a genetic disease, it cannot be successfully treated. But is autism genetic? A genetic disease will typically worsen by only around 3% in a generation, considered to be 30 years. As autism has exploded by around 150% in just a few years, this clearly is inaccurate information.

So what causes autism, really? Tinus Smits was a Dutch homeopath who treated over 300 autistic children successfully, with a success rate of up to 100%. His clinical research was extensive and he was able to pinpoint just exactly what can cause autism.

This does vary in each individual, but the dominant factor is toxicity. A toxicity in the diet, in the environment and especially in medical drugs, which all contribute to a final tipping point into autism. His findings suggest that there is no one single factor that causes autism. It is an accumulation of more and more toxicity until that tipping point is reached.

As a result of his enormous success rate, he developed a structured protocol that homeopathic practitioners can learn to use, with equal success. He called this therapy CEASE, standing for Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression.

CEASE therapy employs a combination of treatments which include homeopathic treatment, dietary supplements, but most importantly, the detoxification of various vaccines and other causative factors which have contributed to the child’s toxic load.

This successful detoxification uses the homeopathic preparations of the causative factor in a variety of potencies, or strengths. This allows the body to unravel the harm caused.

Autism causes are many and varied. For example:

  • any medical drugs the mother takes during pregnancy can have an impact on the brain of the child
  • medical drugs taken before conception, by either parent, can influence the brain of the child
  • a diet deficient in nutrients can prevent the development of a healthy child (such as the consumption of sugar, fast food, or an inadequate consumption of omega 3 or vitamin and mineral rich fruit and vegetables)
  • vaccines and medical drugs given to a child under two years of age damages the developing immune system and overloads their nervous system
  • bottle-fed babies where the milk is warmed in a microwave can be a contributing factor
  • smoking and alcohol in either parent before conception, and in the mother during pregnancy can adversely influence the growing child

Many people consider vaccines to be the main autism cause. However Tinus Smits explains that they are simple one factor (albeit a major factor because of their highly toxic ingredients) in a whole host of poor choices in health care and dietary choices. They all add up and eventually the cup runs over.

Medical research will never discover what is the cause of autism, because they don’t recognise that their own drugs can cause so much harm. Neither do they recognise the symptoms of the body that is trying its best to eliminate toxins.

Discharges are an important way the body eliminates toxins. A nasal discharge is particularly important as this is the organ of choice to rid the brain of toxins. Instead, repeated courses of antibiotics are given, which not only prevent the release of the toxins, but lower an already badly damaged immune system.

How is autism caused? What causes autism? The simple answer is too much toxicity and not enough quality nutrition. This is so typical of today’s way of life. But there are more complexities and individual sensitivities, that also have to be explored.

This means that autism is not a permanent problem. That it can be reversed. In either a child or an adult. Homeopathy treats the individual, detoxifies and restores the immune system to that of natural balance.

Tinus Smits excellent book – Autism – Beyond Despair is an excellent read for parents who want to get to the bottom of their child’s problem.

Fed Up With Suffering? Natural Migraine Relief Can Be Permanent

People searching for natural migraine relief can be a bit desperate. They’ve had enough of the constant pain which comes periodically and almost always brings about debilitation. Bed rest is almost a given, which is all very well when you don’t have commitments or dependents.

migraine relief

The medical treatment for migraines may (or not) take away the pain, but does nothing to resolve the cause, the reason why you have them. Not only that, but the chemical toxicity of the treatment gradually builds up, causing your organs, especially your liver, to become diseased and start to fail. Your immunity drops with each treatment.

What else can you do? Are there really any natural remedies for migraines that will not only ease the pain to bearable levels, but ultimately heal them completely?

The answer to that is, yes of course there are. There are always many answers to every situation. The natural or alternatives approaches to anything are always the best, the deepest, the most long lasting. Why? Because this approach brings in the whys, the hows, the whats. In other words, the practitioner is a critical thinker. It’s not enough to treat the effect.

Deep acting natural migraine treatments always begins with a search for the cause, if known. How did they start? A bang on the head? After a vaccine or medical drug? After starting a stressful job? A deep grief? After an acute disease? Perhaps a genetic problem?

Does anything trigger them? Things like menstruation, being out in the sun, movement, a particular food or drink, noise, fluorescent lighting, being cold?

When do they only occur? Is there a particular time of year, month or day when they are at their worse or when they start? Do you wake with one? Are they one sided or on one area of the head only?

What natural things improve them, even if only slight? Things like moving around, pressing the pain spots or binding something around the head, going to sleep, putting a cold, wet flannel on the pain, and so forth.

All this information is highly relevant to a homeopath if that is your choice of natural migraine relief. As is the character of the pain, such as dull, constant, pounding, hammering, contracting, shooting.

Is the migraine accompanied by other symptoms, (the common ones are dizziness or light bursts), such as a nasal discharge, a cough, nausea or vomiting, a pain elsewhere?

To bring all this together, to make sense of the most appropriate treatment, does take skill. A skill that a newbie to homeopathy will lack. It’s not just the selection of the most appropriate homeopathic remedy that is vital to your healing. The selection of the appropriate potency (or strength) is important, as is the frequency of the dose.

And finally, the natural treatment for migraines involves watching your healing process. You may only want the migraines to stop. But true healing doesn’t always bring about what you want when you want it! There is a natural process that has to occur for deep healing to happen. Unless you are aware of this natural process, which is a universal law, you may feel that not much is happening, when in fact, a lot is happening.

migraineNatural migraine relief comes from energetic health care such as homeopathy. Health challenges can help us move to areas that help us the most, areas we might otherwise never have explored.

Holistic Health Care With Homeopathy

Holistic health care is currently enjoying a surge in popularity. Doubtless, this is because it is safe, effective, without side effects (because it is not toxic), and deals with the whole person.

holistic health careSo what does this really mean?

The holistic approach, or the holistic definition if your like, to health care means that the whole of you is taken into consideration, in deciding on the best course of treatment for you.

In medicine, only isolated parts of you are considered. Strange though this may seem, drugs are given that could well interfere (and often do) with each other, yet because different specialists prescribed them for you, no one considers this interaction. Except perhaps a switched-on pharmacist.

Holistic medicine, especially homeopathy, never does this. In fact, it is rare to come across a homeopath, or any other holistic practitioner, who specialises in any particular area, unless they have a personal interest. For example, some may prefer to work with children, or women.

However, since the whole of the patient is considered, you don’t get holistic treatment focussed on any particular disease.

The whole of the patient means that everything is considered, such as your:

  • past illnesses and their treatments
  • current life style
  • diet
  • relationships
  • work ethic
  • what creates stress for you
  • how your chief complaint started
  • other current health issues
  • current medication
  • common emotional or mental symptoms
  • dreams

You are unique, as is everyone. Good holistic health care focusses on you, not your disease or ailment. Your life story gives valuable information about your journey and where the triggers were that upset your balance.

All living beings have the potential capacity to heal themselves from anything that affects them deeply enough to cause a health problem. The only reason they can’t is when their immune system, their ability, is compromised. Restore that to its former glory, and you heal yourself.

Physical health problems always follows the metaphysical loss of natural balance. For example, depression can follow an extended period of time when you were never allowed to be yourself. Panic attacks can follow after an emotional fright. Physical conditions often follow suppressive treatment, such as chemical drugs. Causes of conditions can be endless.

Holistic treatments normally include medicines, but they may also include you getting involved in your own healing. For example, a diet change may offer you a greater potential to restore order to your economy. Perhaps some sort of activity, whether physical or mental, may improve your life. Some people even need permission to end an abusive relationship. As well as much needed support through the break up.

Holistic health and wellness considers you as the energetic being you are. As a living, energy being, your medicines and your holistic care, combine the best to take you back to better health, as quickly as possible.

Everyone is different and needs to go at their own pace. You can’t hurry someone who needs to take one important step at a time. Neither can you slow down an impatient person. Again, this is considered with the best holistic medicine.

Because homeopathic treatment is particularly tailor made to you, your triggers, your life journey, your current health issues, I consider it to be the best in holistic health care, the deepest, with the best potential for complete healing. It can swiftly help you. It can help you turn the tide, taking you from the slippery slope of decline and ageing, to vibrancy and fitness.

Book a complimentary 15 minute consultation with me today, to see if I can help you, if you feel comfortable working with me.


Homeopathic Treatment – Holistic, Natural, Gentle, Effective

To realise the potential of homeopathic treatment, one of the best of the holistic treatments, you need to experience it first hand. This is partly because mediocrity and mundane are normal. People have become accustomed to being underwhelmed. People don’t expect much from life; yet there is much on offer.

homeopathic treatment

Life can be rich and rewarding, but often we don’t even know there are doors that can open for us. Or even that there is a wall, with doors in it. So we remain imprisoned by this invisible wall.

Life is a journey. When we are confronted by something that challenges us, it means we need to think about our current lifestyle. Usually it means we are going in the wrong direction from that which we are meant to be going and life has given us a proverbial kick up the backside to get us to see we need to change.

Humans are a strange lot. It is often only when we are very near a metaphorical precipice that we will wake up and do something constructive. Even that doesn’t stir up some people, who prefer to be pushed over the edge.

Health is a really good example. When someone is suffering from any physical or emotional problem, patching things up with chemical drugs is not going to help you get the message. Instead, it is much more likely to make your health much worse, in the long run. A bigger message, a harder kick, but still many remain blissfully unaware.

Many people are lured by attractive products that promise to set your health right, that promise lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol readings, lower chronic inflammation. Many are pseudo although there are also many that DO have beneficial effects.

However, what if the health problem you have is a direct result of something you are doing? Surely, then the best action would be to stop doing it, rather than to take an attractive product that maybe good or otherwise?

Suppose that the test result you had from your doctor was wrong? Suppose the whole idea was wrong? What then? Do you keep taking a chemical drug the rest of your life, based on a faulty idea?

Sadly, most doctors are now committed bed fellows to the pharmaceutical industry. Can you rely on their opinions? Does this industry care more about its profits than about your health? Most medical schools have strong ties to this industry, which obviously wants rewards for its support.

In stark contrast, homeopaths are trained by completely independent schools. There are no ties to any organisations. The training also involves being completely open to the cause of any problem, including any past inappropriate use of our own homeopathic medicines (negligible but not outside the bounds of possibility).

So homeopathic treatment involves understanding all the problems that may have affected your health and then addressing them. Not necessarily with a homeopathic medicine!

For example, suppose a homeopath can see that you have a magnesium deficiency, from the problems you experience. And that you have told them your diet, which they can see is deficient in the foods which contain magnesium. Wouldn’t the most sensible idea then be to advice you to add these magnesium rich foods to your diet? Wouldn’t that also be better than a chemical drug your doctor would prescribe?

Health is complicated, so the story doesn’t end there.

Suppose that diet change doesn’t help? I suggest it will for most people, but some people have a problem assimilating healthy foods. Their body just can’t absorb the nutrients even from healthy food. What then?

Then, your homeopathic treatment will definitely involve prescribing a supportive medicine to heal this problem.

Suppose the problem is felt to be a genetic one, a familial one? What then? Again, your homeopathic treatment will definitely involve prescribing a homeopathic medicine that aims to address this shortfall.

Homeopathic treatment involves looking at you as a whole person and offering you a helpful prescription and/or helpful advice. It involves supporting you, wherever you are in your journey through life. Then you can move forward on your evolutionary journey rather than simply marking time or even moving backwards. You need to look at your whole self, not just at your parts.

Online homeopathic treatment is a realistic and viable option, as a homeopath doesn’t need to make a physical assessment, in most cases.

Homeopathic Remedies For Allergies Aim To Eliminate The Problem

There are probably as many homeopathic remedies for allergies as there are people who suffer with allergies. Although this may be a slight exaggeration, it does show you that there is no single remedy, or even small selection, of homeopathic allergy relief medicines.

homeopathic remedies for allergies

Why do I say this, especially when you can buy over-the-counter homeopathic allergy remedies?

These over-the-counter homeopathic remedies are what we call complexes. A complex is a mixture of various remedies in the hope that one will help. The remedies chosen do have an affinity with the common symptoms of the problem they are trying to help. But there is a wide variety of different people all with different (even slightly) symptoms, expressions and causes.

For example, one allergy sufferer may have intensely itchy eyes, perhaps that only occur at a particular time of day. Another may have copious nasal discharge which is difficult to stop. Another may sneeze a lot, possibly even in breathless spasms. Another may come out in skin blotches. Someone else may have an itchy palate. Someone else may have a mixture of symptoms.

Common causes of, or should I say things that exacerbate, allergies include various pollens, dust, animal fur, various foods, various smells especially chemical ones, etc.

Allergic reactions can vary from mild, to annoying, to serious, to life threatening. Anaphylactic shock can be a life threatening allergic reaction.

Certainly I am all in favour of people taking control of their health. And I am all in favour of people looking for natural solutions to their health issues. So these over-the-counter natural allergy remedies are great. And they can help enormously.

However, all complexes must be made in very low potencies, or strengths. You can’t mix a lot of powerful strengths into a single medicine as you have no idea what effect this will have. The low potencies, while they can be hugely helpful, do have a limited range of action. Although you may need a higher potency of one of the remedies in the complex, you would have no idea which one.

Some people are just relieved to find something natural that helps their symptoms. Relying on chemical drugs leads you down a slippery slope. So if that is all you want, these complexes may serve you very well. But you can aim for the stars, as it were. You can look for permanent solutions to your health issues.

For that, you would need to consult with a professional homeopath. Most of us aim to find not just a single homeopathic remedy for allergies that would suit you the best, although this is never ruled out. Instead, we aim to find the most suitable homeopathic remedy to support your ongoing good health, a remedy that will re-balance you, letting go of any and every health problem. Including your allergies.

Homeopathy is very person friendly. It is also very powerful, very gentle, deep acting, highly effective and wonderful to use. You can use the common homeopathic remedies for allergies either as single remedies or in complexes, to treat yourself. Or you can get professional help to treat all your health issues, including your allergies.

Searching for the most appropriate homeopathic medicine for allergies may provide you with more than you were aiming for. It may start you on a wonderful journey to better health through holistic means. Enjoy the journey!