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On-Line Course
Homeopathic Home Prescribing Course
This starts at the very beginning. You will learn about the philosophy of homeopathy and the materia medica (the remedies) in easy-to-understand layman’s terms. You can contact me during the course, for any difficulties you are experiencing.

Natural Flu Remedies and Solutions

Natural Flu Remedies and Solutions
Flu is so widespread, practically everyone succumbs to a bout at some time in their lives. Many are affected by a bout or more every winter. Some get it in the summer months too. In this detailed downloadable work, you can learn to treat your own colds and flus in much less time than is common. You can literally bounce back in hours.

Natural Treatment of Injuries

The Natural Treatment of Injuries – with Homeopathy
Injuries are common to everyone. Yet they are rarely treated successfully. Years later, they can come back to haunt you. The long term effect of injury can be chronic pain. Treat the cause and the effect will disappear. This comprehensive guide is instantly downloadable.

Babies and Young Children

Babies and Young Children – Homeopathic Home Remedies
Babies and young children love their homeopathic medicines! This is such a wonderful way to start them on a healthy journey of life. You can learn to treat many of the acute maladies common in children, in this instantly downloadable work. Homeopathy supports the growth of a healthy immune system, so critical for future health.

Heathy Eating For Weight Loss

Healthy Eating For Weight Loss
This comprehensive, downloadable work covers all the healthy (and unhealthy) foods so you can make the best choices. Alternatives to your current unhealthy foods are suggested.
Although the title of this work suggest it is only for those people who want to lose weight, because it focuses on healthy foods, it BALANCES your weight rather than drops the pounds. This means you will achieve a healthy weight, whether that means decreasing your current weight or increasing it.