The natural treatments for constipation means looking at the whole reason for this very common problem, before deciding on a particular course of action.Free Digital Photos

Constipation can take many forms. You can have a single acute form that may have been caused by a dietary indiscretion, such as binging on junk food at a party. This will probably resolve quite quickly on its own, with minimum discomfort.

You can have chronic constipation which may be caused by a poor diet in general. This can easily be overcome by changing your diet to healthy food. More on this shortly.

Constipation can result from a disturbance of the natural balance of gut flora. The most common cause of this is antibiotics and other medical drugs, especially over a prolonged period.

You can also suffer with constipation, on its own or with other problems, because you are out of natural balance with yourself.

The most common form of chronic constipation is caused by diet. The world at large seems to be labouring under the misunderstanding that humans need animal protein, often in large amounts. This is where one of the biggest problems lie. The increasing use of processed foods, is another serious factor.

Animal protein, especially when cooked, rots and ferments in the gut. It cannot pass through easily in those who are susceptible and sensitive. The resulting odour of the gas expelled confirms the fermentation.

A permanent blockage may result, which causes pain, often severe.

A simple change of diet, eliminating animal protein and processed food can quickly resolve the problem. Fresh fruit and veggies are high in fibre and are easily and efficiently dealt with by the body. It is impossible to have too much of either. A green smoothie can have an immediate effect (see below).

With the more serious forms of constipation that is either drug induced or because you are out of natural balance with yourself, then you may need some professional help. One of the best natural treatments for constipation includes homeopathy.

Homeopathy works by looking at the cause of the problem. So if the cause is from prolonged use of drugs, the treatment will not only deal with the resulting constipation, it will also deal with the need for the drugs in the first place.

Good homeopathic treatment looks for your individual sensitivities, how you react to stresses, who you are as an individual. It is very personal, and the process is often time consuming. But the results can be magical.

Homeopathy can be used in several different ways. You can learn to use some of the common remedies yourself, so important in any household. You can use the services of a professional homeopath. But the combination of both gives you the best of both worlds.

When looking for natural treatments for constipation, consider homeopathy. It is doubtful you will need anything else.

Green Smoothie Recipe
In a good quality blender, add 1 banana, any other fresh fruit of your choice and about the same quantity of any fresh leafy green (spinach, silver beet, kale, etc) and water. Blend until smooth.
This almost invariably stimulates a bowel movement, often quite quickly.

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