Understanding anxiety is key to dealing with it at a deep level. Anxiety is an outcome of an event or events so distressing that were not dealt with effectively at the time. Anxiety does not stand on its own. It’s a result of consequences.

Anxiety is one of the most common ailments in our modern world. It is also perhaps one of the most misunderstood.

It’s helpful to know when the anxiety started. For example, anyone who has been in an acutely distressing situation, such as in a bad accident, held at gun point or personally attacked is likely to suffer with anxiety after the event. This is normal.

However, it should fade with time. When it doesn’t it shows they haven’t properly (energetically or dynamically) dealt with it.

Some are born with anxiety and that can often be because the mother was very anxious during her pregnancy. Mother and foetus are one being in many ways.

Some grow up in a dysfunctional household and, being sensitive, they are perpetually anxious.

Drugs Are Not The Answer

Taking any form of suppressive measure, be they drugs (medical or social), alcohol or smoking, may mask the current anxiety, but won’t do anything to heal it. And the trouble with suppressing symptoms is that they get progressively worse often without your knowledge.

When emotional pain is not dealt with at a dynamic level, it will inevitably lead to physical problems, to pathology. That may take months or even years, but it is inevitable. The body always seeks an outlet, in whatever way it can.

Understanding Anxiety - With Holistic Healing

By Madeleine Innocent

In addition, the masking measures will always have a deleterious effect on your long term health. Drugs and alcohol adversely affect the liver. Smoking affects the lungs.

Talking about the event can always be cathartic. However, that benefit tends to weaken the further away from the event you are. And talking about it endlessly just tends to keep it alive.

It’s not so much answers that are needed as allowing the mind to feel where in the body the pain is focused. Then you can breathe into that area and allow the emotions to arise. This is best carried out in a supportive environment.

In essence, what you’re doing is allowing rather than avoiding. And that’s a big deal.

Understanding Anxiety At A Deep Level 

An easier, and faster, way to deal with anxiety is to use the services of a professional homeopath.

Every individual has a different cause of the anxiety, has a different duration of it, has dealt with it in different ways and experiences it in different ways. It’s not possible to give a blanket treatment that is the same for everyone. There are far too many variations and differences.

An experienced homeopath will be able to select the appropriate homeopathic remedy that will allow the cause of the anxiety to heal.

The way homeopathy works is to restore the balance that a traumatic event knocked out. As we are energetic (dynamic) beings, we need the same in our healing modalities.

Understanding anxiety, understanding how to restore health at an energetic level in a safe, effective, gentle and permanent way is how homeopathy works.

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