What Can Homeopathy Treat?

What can homeopathy treat? Probably every homeopath is asked this question many times in their lifetime! This article aims at helping you understand the nature of health and disease.

So what can homeopathy treat? The short answer is, everything and nothing.

Let’s try to explain this unusual idea.

Diagnosing an illness is the province of medical doctors. They do this because this shows them what the treatment is. Doctors have a protocol – disease X has treatment Y. But this is medical treatment, not homeopathic. This means a medical diagnosis has little value for a homeopath.

That doesn’t mean a homeopath will not consider your medical diagnosis. Obviously, the aim is to relieve you of your discomfort and problem. But, in prescribing a curative homeopathic remedy, the medical diagnosis is not necessarily considered.

Instead, successful homeopathic treatment relies on your unique and personal symptoms, your life experiences and how you overcome problems. In other words, homeopathic treatment targets you, rather than your disease diagnosis.

Homeopathy Works From The Terrain Theory,
Rather Than The Germ Theory

Ill health is mostly, if not totally, man made. Ill health does not happen in a balanced, harmonious world of no fear. Fear sets up a multitude of pathology, as can anger, grief, shock and so forth. The problem starts off as an emotional one. If this is ignored, then pathology sets in.

Most people have some imbalance, are not at one with the world and have fear, to a greater or lesser extent.

There are people who are balanced, harmonious and without fear, who are healthy. There may not be many, but there are a few. Mostly these are mountain or forest dwellers, indigenous people who live healthy, active lives well past a hundred years. One such group is known as the Huron tribe.

The Vedic culture was another such group, although this group of people has almost disappeared. They live well past 200 and 300 years, in perfect health. The Celts are another group.

Causative Factors To Poor Health
Are Often At A Mental Level

Fear is one of the most common triggers of pathology. It doesn’t happen immediately, but the more fearful you are, the more ill health you are likely to have.

Inhibiting thought patterns, often set up in childhood as a coping mechanism in a less than healthy environment, can rule a person’s life. Even when the need has long gone, the habit can remain.

This is a more helpful way of interpreting inherited tendencies, as it means you have control, rather than being helpless.

These coping mechanisms develop a life of their own. For example, supposing a child was ignored by the parents. Let’s say a little girl, whose parents really wanted a boy. This little girl was a disappointment to her parents who could not stop themselves showing it.

A little boy, born to them a few years later, has their full attention.

Simply to get her basic needs met, the little girl develops strategies that get their attention. She might throw tantrums. She might sulk for days. She will find something that works, at least in some way.

When she grows up and leaves home, these strategies are no longer needed, but there remains a strong fear of letting them go. If she lets them go, the fear is that her needs will not be met. This may not be conscious, as the reason for the coping mechanism has long since been buried.

So this woman now uses the same strategies to control her partner and children. Letting them go is inconceivable. So she does not want to be cured. She needs to keep the pathology, whatever it is that is linked to her coping mechanism, to survive.

Unconsciously, she will resist any help to cure her condition. In a homeopathic consultation, she will not want to touch the fear and pain of the past. A highly experienced homeopath may be able to see through the mask and prescribe well enough to remove the core of the pain and fear. With time.

This means that it’s as much the patient who wants to be treated and cured as it is the training and experience of the homeopath who can help.

Diet Is Another Leading Cause of Poor Health

womens health

Of course, this is only one scenario. A poor diet, that is endemic in the western world, is another trigger for pathology. For example, people who have diabetes type 2 can kiss goodbye to this problem in 30 days by a total change of diet. People with type 1 are seeing dramatic improvement in the same time period. Cancer is being fully reversed by a total change in diet, as well as other supportive measures in a couple of years, in various clinics. With no remission well past the five year mark.

Yet most MDs are in complete denial that diet plays a role in health care.

So what can homeopathy treat? Everything and nothing. Apart from the willingness of the person to open up to the homeopath and the training and skill of the homeopath, there are a multitude of complexities around health.

No one can guarantee anything about health. Except you. You alone are in control of your life. You alone have the power to make radical changes. You alone have the power to bring your control back to you, where it belongs. And homeopathy offers you help and support in a way few other health modalities can.

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