homeopathic remediesWhat is homeopathy? There is much confusion about it. Often people confuse it with naturopathy or herbalism.

Homeopathy is a natural, highly effective and complete system of medicine that treats the whole person. It has a 200 year clinical history with documented evidence to its efficacy.

However, the philosophy goes back much further than that, to around 2,000 years ago.

Homeopathy is an energy based system of health care. This means it works on your psyche rather than on your physical body. As we are energy beings, we have a life force, and it is this life force that is responsible for our health. So homeopathic treatment aims at influencing this life force, to allow it to work as it was meant to.

Another way of putting it is that homeopathic treatment increases your immunity or your healthy immune response to triggers of ill health. It works by reducing your tendency to become sick. This means, as time marches on, as you get older, you become healthier. This is contrary to what is currently thought as normal.

There are two significant ways to use homeopathy and I encourage both for an all round balance.

1 – get your serious and chronic conditions dealt with by a professional homeopath. See my consultations details.

2 – learn to use the common remedies at home. This enables you to treat problems such as injuries, colds and other acute ailments quickly, efficiently and without drama even if you are in the middle of nowhere or it is 2 am on Sunday morning.
See my Resources for home prescribing packs.
Home prescribing is empowering and both time and cost effective.