Womens Health

Simply from the physiology of reproduction, women tend to experience more problems with their health than do men. From puberty to menopause, womens health can be challenging; so much more can go wrong or become an issue.

The physical symptoms of the body are wonderful indicators that all is not well. A healthy body is in a state of ease and doesn’t experience discomfort. An unhealthy body is in a state of dis-ease, or is out of natural harmony, with themselves as well as with the greater world. This is sadly normal in today’s women.

So, instead of looking on your physical symptoms as problems that you want to be rid of by any means, look upon them as signals, a wake up call, that you have strayed from the path of truth.

We can all change the way we look at things and that can open doors to new ways we never knew existed.

womens health
womens health

Puberty, Menstruation

Let’s start with puberty. Strong physical symptoms at this time, such as period pain or moodiness at ovulation or menstruation, indicate that there is something out of balance. Pimples or acne can cause a lot of anxiety issues. The medical cure-all is to put you on the contraceptive pill. However, this does not help the situation, rather it simply masks the problem. A problem that will only get worse.

It doesn’t mean you have a hormonal problem because you experience symptoms around the time of menstruation, so to flood your body with crude, synthetic hormones can only greater dis-ease.

Puberty is an ideal time to take control of your health and set things right. Supporting good health at this time paves the way for more important things that will come later in your life.

Then there can be issues with birth control and falling pregnant. Synthetic birth control, so common today, can badly affect womens health as well as their fertility.

Pregnancy, Childbirth

Pregnancy is a time where the symptoms show your level of health. This is a wonderful time to relax, to eat right, to become peaceful. Not only will you benefit, so will your child. Your birthing experience will also be much improved.

A problematic, difficult or painful birthing is not normal or natural. Giving birth is not a malady. It should be a joyful and enriching experience. And it can be. When it is, post natal depression fades into obscurity.

For many women, their health suffered from having children. Whether from medical intervention (chronic problems after an epidural, for example, are not uncommon) or not (such as weight gain), there are natural solutions that can reverse these symptoms.

womens health
womens health

Breast Feeding

Many women face problems with breast feeding. From milk supply to inverted nipples, to latching on, to pain. 

Breast feeding should be a joyful and bonding experience for both mother and child. It helps the child incarnate.

These problems are not natural and don’t have to be. There are natural solutions


Problems with menopause can affect the whole family, with hot flushes/flashes and moodiness. Again, the medical idea of flooding your body with horse hormones (premarin which is collected using highly questionable ethical procedures) or synthetic hormones, does nothing to cure the problem.

Symptoms are there because there is a CAUSE. Look for the cause, rather than mask the symptoms.

womens health

General Health

There are many reasons why womens health is poor. Here are some common causes:

  • diet – the typical western diet is nothing short of a health disaster
  • medication – doctors are only trained to manage disease; they know little about health so the meds suppress the symptoms
  • sleep – few people get the required sleep they need, which varies a little with everyone
  • environment – most people don’t take their environment seriously and use toxic personal care products, household cleaners and garden products, but all impact on your health, some badly so
  • go-go-go – we are human beings not human doings, so stopping to ‘smell the roses’ (being in the moment) should be part of everyone’s day, but rarely is
  • relationships – a toxic relationship doesn’t serve anyone and your health will suffer
  • work – if you are unhappy with your work, you may be able to get help to deal with the issues that confront you, or you may be in the wrong job that just doesn’t fulfil you, which will affect your health
  • exercise – we all need exercise, which keeps the flow of energy going, but it doesn’t have to be hard
  • nature – if you don’t spend time in nature, you become more and more disconnected and so unhealthy

There is no substitute for eating healthy food and connecting with nature. But there is an alternative to your normal health care. An alternative that is not only safe and effective, but which supports the body’s efforts, that improves your overall immunity. And that alternative is homeopathy.

  • Homeopathy works by raising your level of health naturally.
  • By improving your immune system. By raising your vibration.
  • By increasing your pH levels, to alkalinity. 

With good homeopathic treatment, the untreatable problems disappear. Not only do the so called ‘hormonal problems’ vanish, your general level of health, whether on the physical, emotional or mental planes, improve, often dramatically so.

Whether you have period pain, are looking for alternatives to HRT, have breast cancer, or suffer with any other ailment, there is no need to suffer. Don’t be a martyr. I would love to help. 

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