Your Homeopathic
Consultation - What to Expect

By Madeleine Innocent

Many people have no idea what homeopathy is, let alone what it can do for them, So it’s understandable to be sceptical. My aim here is to help you understand what to expect from your homeopathic consultation.

One of the first things you’ll notice, is that homeopaths work hard for you! Most of us ask you to fill out quite a lengthy intake form, or questionnaire. The idea behind that is two fold: it gives us a bit of knowledge about you before we start, and you get used to the type of questions we may ask.

Your homeopathic consultation does take time - mostly one or two hours.

When we’re just treating an acute condition, that can take less time, perhaps half a hour. Especially if this is experienced while using a remedy for a chronic condition.

The focus of our questions are always around what you’re experiencing. For example the type of pain (there are so many such as aching, shooting, pinching and so on), what naturally relieves the pain (perhaps a position of your body, the time of day, temperature, etc) and what exacerbates the pain.

Being very open and candid about your troubles tend to bring your problems alive, not unlike a story. And that makes our job a lot easier.. When someone is coy or shy about their troubles, it’s like putting a veil over you; we just can’t see you clearly.

In addition to any problem you consult us for, we need to understand what troubles you, what stresses you, what keeps you awake at night as well as how you deal with it.

In addition we want to know what you want from life. And your ability to achieve it. You could say that all this is the tune you dance to. It’s your vibration. It’s your energetic footprint.

Homeopathy is Energy Based 

Why do we need all this, what some would consider totally irrelevent information?

Dis-ease is the absence of ease. In other words, you’re out of balance. It’s impossible to be sick unless you’re out of balance energetically. To put it another way, your immune system is not working as it should, as it is capable.

There are many reasons for this. They can be physical, or emotional. Most are set up in childhood by ‘the system’ - family, friends, culture, school, religion, etc. Children are good at adapting to the conditions they live in, to survive. However, if they’re not nurturing, that's when the imbalances start. The negative energies become trapped. Survival techniques become a habit which continue into adulthood, where they could be released as no longer necessary, but seldom are.

The Prescription 

When your homeopathic consultation flows easily, the homeopath may recognise your ‘vibrational tune’ quickly and prescribe immediately. However, it is not unusual for us to want more time after the consultation to verify signs and symptoms and/or to consider.

Most homeopaths do try our very best to find a matching remedy for you from the very beginning. However, life tends to be complicated and people often come with multiple problems.

So sometimes it’s a question of starting with the most recent problem, healing that, then working down through the rest. It can be like a zig zag approach.

Of course, this can take time. But the end result can still be the same.

What To Expect After Your Homeopathic Consultation

This varies with individuals. No-one is exactly the same. There is no fixed time period. Very often, the results are so subtle, people don’t see them. However, at the first followup, we homeopaths can. That’s when we can see whether we’re heading in the right direction, or we’ve not made any impact. Or, often, somewhere in between and we have to wait a bit more to see how it develops.

Homeopathic treatment can be a bit of a waiting game when we’re treating a chronic condition. It took years to manifest. It’s not going to vanish quickly. Being impatient is understandable, not not helpful!

I want to share an experience of a man who consulted me recently. He came about his extreme anxiety. The consultation flowed easily and it was a joy to engage with him.

Within the first few weeks, his anxiety lessened. His physical condition remained unchanged. However, his confidence dramatically improved. He was now able to make decisions, major decisions, that before would leave him so worried. He became more assertive. His energy improved. For the first time, he was able to release guilt over past errors of judgements, that troubled him.

And his sexual experience improved.

In the coming months, I expect to see his physical condition improve and his anxiety to diminish further and eventually disappear.

It may take a year or more before he can let the remedy go, but ultimately, he’ll be fine ‘swimming on his own’.

It’s best not to be too fixed on what to expect from your homeopathic consultation. Your focus is on what you want healed. Our focus is more on healing all of you, including what you want fixed. We want to see you back in balance energetically speaking.

Maybe we're too ambitious, but we know its possible.

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