Adverse vaccine reactions abound. Vaccines are not harmless and the effects of them are currently creating a heated global discussion. This is excellent news, as progress will only ever be made when there is open and frank discussion.

adverse vaccine reaction

This article is not about to discuss why vaccines are being pushed so hard by governments around the world, as there are already far more eloquent authors than I doing this. It is also not about the harmful ingredients in vaccines, for the same reason. Or the lack of scientific research that has gone into vaccines.

Although these points are very important, this article is about what you can do when you have an adverse vaccine reaction. Many parents of affected children (or adults or animals) are left feeling hopeless, but they need not be.

Adverse vaccine reactions come in all shapes and sizes, but for the most part they involve fever, pain, destruction of the immune system, serious organ dysfunction or break down, seizures and neurological disorders. Death can occur, sometimes in days.

Contrary to medical opinion, the adverse effect of vaccines has no time period. Reactions can be immediately after a vaccine or years later.

The pharmaceutical companies have ensured they have no liability to adverse drug or vaccine reactions (if this doesn’t worry you, it should as no one else has protection against the manufacture of faulty goods). So it is the governments who pay out compensation.

However, you need to prove that your child has 80% (may differ in different countries) or more dysfunction. Anything less than that and you may feel you are left with two options; care for your child as best you can yourself or consider a care facility. Either way tends to rip families apart.

Many people are suggesting that the effects of the viruses that vaccines purport to prevent, have a less damaging effect than the vaccines themselves. This will depend on the overall health of the person. One thing is certain though, is that vaccines cause viruses to mutate, usually to a more deadly condition.

Right from the very first vaccine over 130 years ago, homeopaths have been able to see adverse vaccine reactions. Of course, this fact does not make us very popular amongst those who so vehemently support them!

It was an eminent medical doctor turned homeopath, Dr James Compton Burnett, who discovered this link and he called this condition vaccinosis. He was able to determine various homeopathic remedies that could reverse the adverse effects of vaccines.

Since his time, homeopaths have greatly added to this knowledge, as sadly, we have not been short of those seeking help for this distressing condition.

While many people (and animals) go untreated from adverse vaccine reactions, as there is little other modalities can offer, homeopathy can help. How it can help and to what extent, will depend on many factors in any individual case, but it is probably the only modality of health care, natural or otherwise, which does have the potential and ability to reverse the effects of any adverse drug reaction.

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