Water is essential to our ongoing health. Clean drinking water is the only way to benefit. Every health therapist tells us to drink more water. Sadly, most drinking water is polluted. Pollution of water comes from heavy metals, from all the chemicals used in farming, gardening, industry and chemtrails.. Not only that, but toxic chemicals are actually added to our water, in the misguided notion that it benefits us, or at least our children.

structured water

Of course, I am talking about fluoride. Fluoride as a treatment on teeth can be beneficial. But fluoride taken in our water creates so many health problems. In many countries in Europe, water fluoridation has been stopped. It seems Australia, along with some other countries, lag behind in their approach to making things safe for the people. At least, the politicians do.

This chart shows that 80% of Australians consume fluoride in their water. In the UK, it’s only 11%.

The fluoride that is added to water supplies is not even a safe one, derived from natural rocks, such as sodium fluoride. Sodium fluoride is used in dental preparations. The one used to fluoridate water is derived from the waste from agricultural pesticide production – fluorosilicic acid or sodium fluorosilicate. These are toxic to life forms, including us.

Paul Connett is probably the world’s leading expert on the dangers of fluoridated water. In this article he lists 50 reasons to oppose fluoridation.

One of the most concerning aspects of water fluoridation is that this toxic chemical is cumulative. It accumulates in the bones and the pineal gland, leading to health issues in these areas, and others that depend on their healthy operation.

So what can you do if you are one of the unfortunates, who have fluoridated water? There are two areas you need to consider. One is to stop drinking fluoridated water and the other is to undo the harm already done, to eliminate the accumulated fluoride in your body.

How to Eliminate Fluoride From the Body
The Borax Conspiracy by Walter Last
This is a long article, but one well worth reading if you are interested in any health issue. As far as fluoridation is concerned, it suggests taking borax. Although this is available in some countries (typically in the laundry section of supermarkets) it is not available in all.

What can you do if you can’t find it? Here is my story.
I have lived in Australia for over 20 years. I emigrated from the UK in 1994. Over that time period, I noticed a definite decline in my energy. Some might call it ageing, but that is something I don’t adhere to. I did feel it was something about Australia, but what? Was it the higher temperatures? That didn’t ring true as even in the winter I struggled to get things done. My well-being homeopathic remedy was doing a lot for me, but still my energy was low.

After I read the above article by Walter Last, I decided to take borax in homeopathic form. I couldn’t get hold of the 6x potency, so took a single dose of 6c, one weekend evening.

The effect was nothing short of startling. The following day, a Sunday, I achieved more than I would normally achieve in several days. This was hard, physical work in the garden. By the evening, I was still ready for more.

I experimented with dosing over the coming weeks. More didn’t help. So now I take a weekly dose of Borax 6c and it keeps my energy levels good. This will vary for everyone, but this potency (6c) or the 6x, are the best ones to take. Homeopathic pharmacies will have this, as well as some homeopaths.

How to Eliminate Fluoride From Your Water
So the next question is how to source clean drinking water? Or how to clean water? Charcoal filters do nothing to eliminate the fluoride. Reverse osmosis or distilling water can eliminate everything, I believe, but this can be costly in either monetary terms or water used. Rain water is a good source, depending on the area you live in (industrial pollution in the air) and the storage containers. Bottled water is normally filtered tap water, so just the same as yours, but a lot more expensive.

This is where structured water comes in. Most people know of Masaru Emoto’s work on the images formed in water crystals, which vary depending on the consciousness of the person who influenced the crystals. (If you don’t, this is a great video to start your journey with – Water, Consciousness and Intent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAvzsjcBtx8).

This concept has been taken much further, by what I term ‘real scientists’, ie those who are curious to see what they find, rather than those whose have already decided what they want to find. Perhaps Gerald Pollack is one of the main leading scientists in this field. Read about it here Dr. Gerald Pollack and Structured Water Science

And finally, how to put this into practice, how to obtain clean drinking water, whatever your supply. Structuring water seems to be the way forward to clean water solutions. Greenfield Naturals is a US website, but their prices are better than most. They have many videos and articles on how their Harmonizers are effective in cleaning water. These are once in a lifetime purchase, without costly renewals. (At the time of going to print, I am awaiting the arrival of my Harmonizer, so as yet have no personal experience.)

Sorry for so many links, but I do think this is a very important subject, that most people should spend time considering, even if not fully understanding.

Madeleine Innocent

You know how often people struggle with their health? They want to know WHY they suffer with health issues, often serious, and all their GP can offer is drugs and surgery? They feel helpless and at the mercy of another. Well, what I do is to help you pinpoint WHY you’re getting sick and implement a strategy that takes you to a feeling of empowerment, of being in control of your life. A strategy that restores your health and allows you to enjoy life.

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    • Hamish Bartholomaeus

      A few months ago we purchased the inline and waterline harmoniser from Greenfield Naturals, soon to be streamlined into one unit, I see.

      Before I talk about the health and bodily changes I will go into the factual nuts and bolts of it; our house is 5 years old and we have the whole house plumbed up to rain water that we collect from the roof. We live remotely, so the only thing that gets into the tanks is a bit of dust off the roof with the first bit of rain.
      I have seen the bottom of rainwater tanks in this area after 25 years and the still did not have 15mm of dirt in the bottom, so a first flush system was overkill, in my opinion.

      After hooking up the canisters, I went back in and turned on the kitchen tap. After about a minute it started to run chocolate brown, thick dark water!! So I turned on all the taps in the house to clear all the lines,( after I got over my initial shock 🙂 ) and it took a full 15 minutes before the water was clear enough to see through in a glass!!!
      I could only imagine what an older house would be like…..

      The quality of the water is that it somehow seems ‘lighter’ and easier to drink. The rest of my family were not great water drinkers, but they consistently need no prompting to drink now, and when we go away there is much moaning when our 15Lts of ‘Home’ water runs out.
      I think a travel unit is on the shopping list. 😉

      Internally, all of us in the family noticed a cleansing situating regarding toileting within the first 3 weeks, and I would guess that this went on, in stages, for around 60-90 days. Also, after going away for 3 weeks, within a week of coming home we had all had some level of ‘cleanse and flush’!
      As I said, the travel unit is looking good.

      Our water also seems to clean things better. Dishes and windows, but that is not really and objective observation.
      The only true observation I made was to fill a bowl of water before I hooked them up, and then fill one once it was running clean, and then get one of my children to put the two bowls down for the dog and cat while I was not looking.( Double blind! 😉 )
      They both went for the harmonised water, and will not drink our dam water now if given the choice!

      I did quite a bit of research around water for some time before coming across Greenfields water conditioners, and I think it is one of the most, if not the most important, physical health tools in our household.

      I don’t know if anyone else makes similar products around the world, or indeed in Australia, but I couldn’t find them if the do.

      I hope this has been helpful.

      Kind regards,

      Hamish Bartholomaeus

    • Madeleine Innocent

      Thanks Cory for showing us how traditional Chinese medicine works. In homeopathy, we do have a different viewpoint. We don’t try to analyse what’s going on, we simply take the patients symptoms. There are quite a few remedies which have a strong desire for cold water, even icy water. We are fine with this. It’s an indication of the curative remedy, which may or may not relieve the desire for the cold water. Many people are aware of what is considered healthy, such as a desire for sweets, but can’t control this. The right homeopathic remedy takes away the desire, replacing it with desires for healthy foods. We are fortunate to have such a powerful modality as homeopathy to work with!

    • cory croymans-plaghki

      Cold drinks and your health…
      by Cory Croymans-Plaghki http://www.asianhealingartscenter.com
      I have not taken any cold drinks for many years because I know now that according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), taking cold drinks (especially with your food) is the worst thing you can do for your digestion and for your health. Why ?
      Because it will cool down your stomach and spleen (and pancreas) which are located just behind your stomach.
      You do not have to be a great physicist to understand the effect of cold on a warm body.
      What is your body temperature?
      And what is the temperature of ice or an ice-cold drink?
      Let’s see what cold can or cannot do for your body.

      1. When stomach and spleen are cold, the blood vessels around these organs shrink and they do not get enough power to pre-digest your food and drinks.
      This un-predigested food will proceed to the Small Intestine (SI), which has to work over-time, requiring more energy and making the food stay too long in the SI.
      This putrified food mass will move too slowly to the Large Intestine (LI) where it will also stay too long.
      This may lead to irritation of the intestinal lining and cause gas (wind), and result in asthma or LI lesions which may look like cancerous growths.

      2. In TCM, the spleen (and Pancreas) are located behind your stomach and responsible for :
      – making Blood and Insulin (to regulate your blood sugar)
      – for extracting the nutrients from your food,
      – for transforming these nutrients into energy and for
      transporting this energy to your lungs, where it is mixed with
      the air you breathe, to become your Vital Life Force (VLF). The lungs will send this VLF to your heart to be mixed with your blood and supply the necessary energy (+oxygen), to nourish and clean your organs, your skin, etc. Whatever Vital Life Force is left over, is sent down to the kidneys to store as spare energy in your Kidney savings account.

      If the Spleen cannot work well because you take cold drinks, or MSG loaded foods, or too much alcohol, sweets or raw food, you:
      – may feel tired, bloated (especially after eating), and have
      – difficulty to concentrate and remember things
      (especially short term) and feel depressed and anxious;
      – you may have eye and sleeping problems and feel dead-tired
      when you wake up.
      – You may notice undigested food in your stool or experience early morning (explosive) diarrheas, muscle strains and sprains and you may notice that small wounds do not heal well.
      And these are just the milder symptoms.

      If your spleen cannot work well because it is too cold, it can also not make enough Blood (together with the bone marrow) and you become anemic and get skin problems.
      If your spleen cannot make enough energy, your body will borrow working energy from your Kidney savings account and when the capital in your savings account is getting lower, you end-up with an account deficit which results in Kidney problems which actually originated in the Spleen and your cold drinks. Usually, you will first notice pain in the joints (knees, shoulders, fingers, ankles), or the lower back.

      -If the Spleen cannot work well, this will affect your eyes which are the windows of your Liver where the Blood is stored.
      -If your Spleen cannot work well, you may get Diabetes because together with the pancreas, it cannot make enough insulin to remove sugar from your blood.
      -If you eat a lot of fried or deepfried food and take cold drinks, those oils will harden (coagulate) in your stomach and make food more difficult to digest before moving to the Small Intestine. They will therefore stay there too long and cause heat, lesions and gas.
      -If you take meat and cold drinks, it gets even worse as meat takes more time to digest than vegetables and it will often be fried with oil which becomes hard and more difficult to process
      -If you take sweetened cold drinks, the spleen and pancreas have to work over-time again to remove the extra sugar from your blood even though the spleen is already weakened by the cold drinks you took.

      -If on top of all that, you take soda-based sweetened cold drinks, they contain diuretics (deplete your body fluids) and often caffeine (like airplane fuel for your own little diesel engine). This is where those “highs” come from…
      -If you take ice-cold alcohol (like beer or wine), this will heat up and dry your blood, make it thicker and therefore more difficult to move around your body ( stroke)..

      Lastly, taking food with MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate or Pong Churot or Lotdee in Thai) which is widely used in restaurants and food processing worldwide, this will weaken your Spleen tremendously. Now, go back to the beginning of this article and see again what a weakened spleen cannot do for your body… Just pay attention to what and where you eat, and order your food without MSG and without cold drinks. You will get used to it…
      MSG is added to many foods (especially processed foods), to drinks (even coffee), to sauces and those stock cubes (Knorr, Liebig, Lotdee) to increase flavor and make you come back for more. It is also disguised in different, natural sounding names (like papaya or natural food extract, or Lot Dee in Thailand).
      And all this just because you like to take cold drinks?
      Are they really worth it?
      How much pleasure do they really give you (in your mouth)? For how many seconds? How much trouble and pain can this really cause you for months and years?

      If you can just make this small adjustment of not taking cold drinks, you will find that your quality of life will improve considerably with better sleep, more energy, better concentration and memory. And frankly speaking, if I can do it in this hot weather in Chiangmai (Thailand), so can you.

      Lastly, if you start to take your drinks “not cold”, you will actually discover the real taste of what you are drinking and learn to savour it more.
      You will notice that some drinking waters are heavily chlorinated (similar to swimming pool water) and … last but not least, you can enjoy your glass of wine more because you can taste it better.
      The least you can do, is to wait a few minutes after you have taken your cold drink out of the fridge.

      Don’t take my word for it.
      Just try it out and see how you feel.
      It will not cost you anything, except for saying “no” to yourself when the waiter brings you a cold drink. The least you can do is wait a few minutes to let it reach room temperature after you have removed the ice cubes…
      Have a great and healthy day.

    • Chrissie

      Yes, it’s about being in tune with Nature. Try both Victor Schauberger and Alick Bartholomew. In Nature, Living Water flows in spirals.

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