One  main reason for ill health in people is because we tend to resist what’s happening in our lives. This is a very adult problem. Children, especially small ones, are disarming in their acceptance of what is, as are animals.

That doesn’t mean they don’t try to improve their lot if this is needed. But they do it from a stand point of acceptance, rather than of resistance.

Let me explain more fully.

When you get angry with someone, this can be a very natural and healthy response to an unacceptable situation. A healthy child may throw a bit of a tantrum for a few minutes, then suddenly drop it and move on. They accept the situation and get on with the serious business of enjoying life.

An adult has a much greater tendency to dwell on the argument, often for days, reliving aspects of it, who was right, who was wrong. This is resistance, or denial or focussing on the past, however you like to see it. But it isn’t healthy. By living in the past (or the future), you can create health problems.

One or two incidents aren’t going to make you unwell, but these tendencies do accumulate with repeated occurrences. You end up becoming toxic by your resistance, by your thoughts.

Although it appears you have no choice, you do. You think you don’t because you automatically slip into the habit of a lifetime. But if you become very aware, you can see a microsecond, or perhaps a nanosecond, of an opportunity where you have a choice – to engage in a fruitless angry argument where you know you will suffer, or not.

When you choose not to, it’s as if a tense balloon has burst – all the tension is released. I know, because I have had the opportunity to do this, and it really is a remarkable experience. Just as you are getting worked up to argue your point, it vanishes.

Repeated anger is highly toxic to you. Over time, your liver will suffer as much as that of an alcoholic’s.

If you choose not to get involved in the angry argument, you can still see that perhaps you need to change something in your life, to get away from this angry person or situation. Maybe you need to change your job or your partner. But you realise this change is needed from a state of acceptance.

It has a totally different energy about it.

Instead of being in denial of the situation, which comes from focussing on the rights and wrongs of the argument, you move beyond it to the bigger picture. You, in effect, can see a problem (if there is one). And make the necessary changes. You admit rather than deny. You come from a healthy standpoint of acceptance rather than resistance.

Let me give you another example, one that is perhaps more extreme and so more difficult for you to control and where homeopathic help can do so much for you.

Let’s say you are involved in a shocking event – such as a bad accident, a bank robbery, an earthquake, anything. Your natural inclination is to flee or fight for your life. So your heart starts to beat faster in preparation, your blood pressure goes up, you become super aware of your surroundings, you become very anxious, or fearful.

If you do end up fighting of fleeing with a good end result, then all this preparation was worth it. And all the symptoms will probably be dissipated. But mostly, you don’t. Mostly you become paralysed with fear or rooted to the spot.

This means the symptoms becomes engrafted on you. You remain in a state of shock, all be it more mildly, permanently. You have permanent high blood pressure, you have permanent heart palpitations, you sweat more or you have panic attacks frequently. Or you have all the symptoms.

When the shock is treated on an energetic level (ie in effect, wiping the slate clean, such as with good homeopathic treatment), then the resulting symptoms disappear, too. Your heart palpitations, hypertension, sweating and fear are no longer needed, so go.

Sometimes people know exactly when their symptoms started. More often than not, they are buried in the mists of time, and it takes skill and persistence over time to discover more about the possible causes.

When using homeopathy, it’s rather like having one foot in psychology and the other in personal development. Happily, you don’t have to have all the counselling or heart ache to achieve the same results. The treatment does it for you. Subtly and effortlessly. And QUICKLY.

But you do need to change your mindset, to get started. Seeing ailments as faulty spare parts that simply need fixing is a thought process that won’t get you anywhere. Instead you need to look at your ailments as a reminder that you haven’t been listening to what your inner wisdom or your body has been trying to tell you.

Don’t think physical. Think bigger. Look at the whole picture of you, who you are, what you have experienced, what has shaped your life, who you think you are.

Only then can you experience deep, natural and lasting good health. The key is by naturally releasing old and harmful patterns that may once have served you, but do so no longer.

Nothing, no ailment, is beyond the scope of homeopathy. This is because homeopathy treats you, not your ailments.

Madeleine Innocent

You know how often people struggle with their health? They want to know WHY they suffer with health issues, often serious, and all their GP can offer is drugs and surgery? They feel helpless and at the mercy of another. Well, what I do is to help you pinpoint WHY you’re getting sick and implement a strategy that takes you to a feeling of empowerment, of being in control of your life. A strategy that restores your health and allows you to enjoy life.

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