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Starting A New Year With Different Intents

By Madeleine Innocent

Starting a new year is traditionally when people make new year resolutions. Mostly, these fizzle out by the end of January. Partly this may be because it’s not taken seriously, partly because it’s something you do, without a great deal of passion. It’s more a fun thing. And maybe they can be too ambitious in a too short a time frame.

However, at this time of year, most people have time to reflect, even in spite of the often frantic bustle of family gatherings.

The Closure of One Year 

The closure of one year is rather like a death. You’re leaving behind a part of your life. So reflecting on how that was for you is important. Growth is part of life and when you can evaluate the consequences of your actions, it gives you the knowledge to move forward to better things.

It’s important to look back and ask yourself what worked not only for you, but for the greater good, too. This is not about doing what others want. It’s much deeper. It’s about not harming others, not taking away their freedom to choose, to be.

There can be inevitable hurt if someone depends on you too heavily, in an unhealthy way, and you choose to walk your own path. However, if walking your own path is what you have to do (and we all do), you can disentangle yourself from the dependant one gently.

Starting A New Year 

Once you have evaluated what worked for you last year and what didn’t, you are in the powerful position of taking that to heart and expanding it. This is growth. All of us are growing, maturing on all levels, some faster than others. Change is the one fixture, the one certainty in life!

Many people are frightened of change. However, as we are all changing all the time, a different perspective may be needed.

Change doesn’t have to be about moving. It doesn’t have to be about changing jobs. Although some can be invigorated by constant physical changes, this isn’t what change is all about. After all, you’re taking you with you when you move. That means you’re taking all the old habits and beliefs with you.

Change comes down to changing INTERNALLY.

  • Do your belief system benefit you?
  • Are your habits based on a traumatic childhood or just repeating your parents habits?
  • Do they serve you?
  • Are they harming others?
  • Are they keeping you stuck?

An example of this could be the belief that everything your government tells you is fact and for your own security and safety.

That might be quite a big step to change, but a good step would be to disengage from what is keeping you stuck there. And to talk to others, or perhaps listen, who have a different view point.

That’s not to say they are right and you are wrong. It’s about being open to other’s points of view and considering why they feel that way.

Yes, it may be scary to contemplate how others see the world. That doesn’t mean you should reject it. Allow it to percolate down through your consciousness. In time, you may be able to see their point of view. It may, or may not be suitable for you. However, it will have broadened your mindset. You’ve become a little wiser.

Starting a new year with the simple and single desire to be more open to other’s point of view will, collectively and in time, bring peace and end war. It’s division that creates conflict, as the saying goes ‘divide and conquer’.

Old habits and beliefs can be dogmatic. Being dogmatic doesn’t serve you. Dogma usually stems from others being successful in manipulating you to their point of view.

What about your point of view?

What resonates with your inner core?

Take time to reflect on that. It may be well hidden and suppressed from the years of old habits and beliefs. Bring in a fresh perspective. A refreshing perspective.

Be assured that it’s the old habits and beliefs that are not yours, that don’t resonate with you, that are one of the main causes of dis-ease. There is a lack of ease within you, recognised or not, which allows disease to invade.

Nature and animals all adapt to change easily. They don’t suffer from dogma. They offer us an excellent example to live by.

Starting a new year can be viewed as having a spring clean of the mind. Some old habits are like old friends you may be reluctant to part with. However, if they no longer serve you, then allow them to go. You probably don’t keep old clothes that no longer fit or wear.

Look upon old habits and beliefs system in the same way.

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