You might be confused! What does it matter – the germ theory vs the terrain theory? Why should you care? Most people have never heard of the germ theory or the terrain theory let alone the difference between the two.


However, it IS important to not only understand what they are, but to evaluate which you’d prefer to use to keep your health in tact. Perhaps this has never been as important for you as it is this year, 2020.

The Germ Theory

The germ theory is all about making the germ (ie the virus, the parasite, the bacteria, the fungus, you name it!) the reason for someone’s poor health. So the practitioners of this theory set about killing off the germs.

In the process, they also kill off rather important parts of the host of the germ, you! You can’t truly separate your cells or the way your body functions, from the so called ‘invasion’.

Louis Pasteur is responsible for the germ theory, but he later retracted the idea. By that time, it had gained in popularity and his retraction made little or no difference.

Modern medicine thoroughly embraced this theory and has managed to convince almost the entire global population that this is the best way to fight disease – with the antibiotics, the antivirals, the vaccinations. It’s a curious idea, since we managed to survive extremely well before the advent of this idea.

However, there remains a widespread concerted effort to eradicate disease, by killing off every pathogen it can find.

This is not only a dangerous idea, it is an impossible idea.

When supporters of this theory can’t help, they tend to blame you – you’re too emotional, it’s your age, you just want attention, it’s your genes. What they should be looking at is that their theory does not support health.

The Terrain Theory

Antoine Bechamp and Claude Bernard in the 1800s, discarded the germ theory in favour of the health of the internal terrain, ie the health of the patient. They felt that if the patient was generally healthy, they wouldn’t be invaded by pathogens.

To explain this further, analogies can be used.

Imagine a fish living in a dirty tank. When the fish becomes ill, do you vaccinate the fish against a pathogen that has resulted, or do you clean the tank out?

What about a young baby who has been taken from his mother too soon, causing tremendous separation anxiety for both, at the very least. If the baby becomes ill, do you look for the pathogen and kill that or do you re-unite the pair?

What about living in a damp environment? This was very common amongst the poor not that long ago, in northern Europe. No amount of treatment will help those who are susceptible to the damp environment. They have to be moved to a dry environment.

If you have frost bite, you need to get out of the icy conditions.
If you’re dehydrated, you need to drink.
If you burn yourself, you need to get away from the heat.
The examples are endless and everyone agrees with them. If you don’t take the necessary action that is required, then problems WILL set in, often infections.
So why does the germ theory still gain favour? Could it be the billions made because of it?

Another way of referring to this idea is your immune system. If you have a healthy immune system, pathogens will have a hard time gaining entry.

Or cause and effect. To eliminate the effect, the germ, you address the cause. If someone is dying of starvation, you feed them.

Epigenetics is a relatively new science and has taken this idea further. Whilst they support the general idea that your genes are certainly responsible for you as a being, they do not govern your state of health.

They ascertain that it is your environment that is largely responsible for your state of health, even though your genes decide the condition. And that if you keep your environmental factors in your favour, you can turn off your genetic susceptibility.

Comparing the germ theory vs the terrain theory, understanding what a healthy immune system is, discovering the new science of epigenetics all say the same thing – it’s not the germ that you need to worry about. It’s the state of your health, your natural immunity..

Homeopathy is one of the most effective health modalities that is fully on board with the terrain theory. Before any effective homeopathic treatment is considered, the causes must be examined and evaluated.

How To Stay Healthy, or Become Healthy

The environment is the key to your health. What does that consist of?

  • your diet
  • your lifestyle (eg living in constant fear, anger, stress, etc)
  • your living conditions (sanitary, over crowding, privacy, sleep, etc)
  • toxins (in food, EMF exposure, garden and household chemicals, etc)
  • past causative factors

Any of these conditions can adversely affect your health, lowering your immunity, making you an easy target for a pathogen. So, in a nutshell, it’s not the pathogen, the germ, that determines your state of health. The germ is simply the outcome, the effect. You have to address the cause of your lack of health.

Everyone’s diet is important. You can’t expect to remain healthy if your diet is wrong for you.
You can’t expect to be healthy if you’re living in constant stress, which is so common today. And this year in particular, many have become very fearful.
If your living conditions are not harmonious to your health, how can that not have an impact on your health?
Toxins are increasing in numbers and usage. Many are in food. Even modern medicine’s drugs are toxic.

Past causative factors, such as your mother facing famine which she was pregnant with you, or a fright 20 years ago that resulted in PTSD, are outside your immediate control. But by using a health modality that is firmly entrenched in the terrain theory, homeopathy, you can eliminate those effects.

Understand the differences between the germ theory vs the terrain theory,. It isn’t difficult and it will empower you to make the right decisions for you. Don’t be frightened of germs. They’re everywhere. You’re breathing in millions every breathe. Instead focus on the state of your immune system.

Madeleine Innocent

You know how often people struggle with their health? They want to know WHY they suffer with health issues, often serious, and all their GP can offer is drugs and surgery? They feel helpless and at the mercy of another. Well, what I do is to help you pinpoint WHY you’re getting sick and implement a strategy that takes you to a feeling of empowerment, of being in control of your life. A strategy that restores your health and allows you to enjoy life.

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