The cause of aggression should always be the target of anyone trying to deal with this strong, and normally heart-felt emotion. Here, the focus is not about the aggression that is trained into people, such as the military or police. These people believe that in order to carry out their duty, rightly or wrongly, they need to be aggressive on occasion.

The aggression that is the target of this article is that free-floating aggression, that doesn’t always seem to have a cause. Of course it always does, but it may not be obvious. So many emotions are suppressed in our mind centred, masculine world. Suppression is very unhealthy as it tends to fester and simmer away, waiting for an opportunity to surface.

Reacting with aggression is never ideal, even with a known cause, but if that is short lived, the damage is limited. In the aftermath, the aggressor has time to consider better ways for any similar future triggers. And opportunities to heal it altogether.

Acting with free floating aggression shows that the aggressor is feeling powerless, frustrated, intimidated, even trapped or all of them, and doesn’t know how to extract themselves. There is a desperate need to free themselves from this feeling. This can be directed at others, especially family members (they’re safer) or themselves, leading to self harm.

It’s important to appreciate that unresolved emotional problems always manifest in the physical body when they’re not energetically resolved.

The Physical Manifestation of Aggression

Our languages have evolved over thousands of years and often have poignant appreciation for underlying problems. Here are a couple of common sayings in the context of this article:

  • liverish – can indicate a liver coloured skin such as the face when expressing anger, or can indicate someone who’s disagreeable
  • chopped liver – a semi serious expression of frustration, anger or indignation at having been overlooked or regarded as inferior

The more unhealthy our liver is, the more anger we tend to express.

The liver is an incredibly important organ of the body. It filters out all impurities in the blood, all the toxins, all the debris that the body deems as unhealthy. This includes toxins from:

  • the diet – from pesticides, hormones, etc that were used to grow the food
  • heating the food – mostly from cooking meat especially BBQs
  • processing food – which tend not to be listed in the ingredients but are still there
  • excessive alcohol
  • all medical drugs and vaccines

When the liver is overwhelmed by so much to filter out, it can’t manage. It stops working properly, allowing toxins to build up in the body. It really isn’t any wonder that this is a major cause of aggression.

Another factor that is rarely considered is the life of the animal that produces the food. If the animals don’t outwardly express anger, they surely must feel it, along with grief and frustration. This must have an impact on the consumer.

Examples include the desperate and chronic grief cows feel when their newly born calves are taken away, making dairy a big contributor of free floating grief, depression and anger. Feed lot cattle who have few natural ways to express their instincts, and are fed GM fodder which they never choose to eat when given the choice.

What you put into your body has a profound impact on the health of your liver, that wonderful filtering organ.

Emotional Causes of Free Floating Aggression

Children are very vulnerable and very sensitive. Many parents don’t appreciate this and allow their young children to watch aggression and violence on TV and computer games. This tends to make the child feel that this sort of behaviour is normal and OK.

Some households have a violent or aggressive pulse to them, making them unsuitable nurseries for these young, vulnerable minds.

Schools used to use violence as a way to punish children. This has improved over the years, but is still present to some extent. Punishment seems to be preferred to looking for causes.

Religions often use fear, with a violent or aggressive theme, to ensure young children remain in the fold.

Whatever the cause may be, if a young child grows up in an environment that fosters violence and aggression, they learn that this is the normal and accepted way of life. Children aren’t naturally this way. They learn it from their environment. It would be impossible for a child surrounded by love, understanding, appreciation and respect to act out in an aggressive way.

This underlying learned behaviour doesn’t sit well with the growing child, but with no other teachers who understand them, they grow into adults with free floating aggression and it may not take much to trigger its expression.

It’s important to appreciate that if aggression is not healed energetically, more health problems will inevitably follow, often those that are common in your family. Physical disorders always stem from an unbalanced, unhealthy mind.

The cause of aggression can be multiple. Two of the best ways to heal it are diet and homeopathic treatment.

Choosing a diet that is free from processed foods and animal proteins have a profoundly beneficial affect on your overall health, not just that of your liver.

Consulting a professional homeopath for all your health needs is true healing at its best. There is no suppression. It simply supports your innate healing capacities that come from a healthy immune system.

Madeleine Innocent

You know how often people struggle with their health? They want to know WHY they suffer with health issues, often serious, and all their GP can offer is drugs and surgery? They feel helpless and at the mercy of another. Well, what I do is to help you pinpoint WHY you’re getting sick and implement a strategy that takes you to a feeling of empowerment, of being in control of your life. A strategy that restores your health and allows you to enjoy life.

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